Typeracer is a typing game that gets people typing on their keyboards. It is the perfect tool for writing practice, training, or building teams that work well together. You can either play single games in a private environment, or test your typing skill against a real user in any of our public games.


Already know how to type? Then just have fun! TypeRacer is one of the best free online games, so why play any other addicting games which don't improve your typing speed in the process? You can quit those other computer games, flash games, facebook games, and kids games, and get focused on TypeRacer: the game that is actually good for you! (Source:

Virtual Gold Medals: If you score more than 80 words per minute, you will get three virtual gold medals which is the highest rank in this game. If you are winning three virtual gold medals every time, you surely have professional typing skill which is a desired skill for many people. But you get two virtual gold medals if score between 61 and 80. Finally, you get only one gold medal for scoring between 46 and 60. (Source: typingtestnow.com)


In this age of technology, computers are an integral part of our lives, and typing is a basic skill that we all need to learn and improve. TypeRacer is a game that helps you improve your typing skills. It puts you up against other typers in a race. But instead of maneuvering a car or an avatar across a track or maze, you will need to type words to get your car from point A to point B. Not only do you get to practice typing fast and accurately, but you will learn while playing a fun racing game.

TypeRacer allows people to race each other by typing quotes from movies, books, and songs. You can join races against random people or your friends in competitions online, or you can send an invite to your friends. At the start of the game, you will see a racetrack with little cars positioned on the left side of the dotted lines. The goal of the game is to send your car from the left side of the track to the other end by typing the words provided below the racetrack. (Source: typeracer.en.softonic.com)


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