Top 20 ImPRESS Tips From IG/FB

Top 20 ImPRESS Tips From IG/FB


Top 20 imPRESS Tips from IGFB

Using Instagram and Facebook to promote your brand can be a great way to reach your customers. But the key to making these social media sites work for you is knowing what to do and how to use them. Here are some top tips for using these social media sites to improve your brand's imPRESS.


Whether you are an individual or a business, building a huge following on Instagram and Facebook is a top priority. Using these ImPRESS tips can help you increase your reach and generate new followers.

Use hashtags to reach the right audience. This will increase your conversion rate and attract new followers. However, using hashtags too frequently can get boring and become a distraction. You want to use hashtags in a strategy that is well thought out.

Create a profile photo that fits your brand's style. There are many different photo editing tools available, including third-party apps. If you are using an iPhone, you can use the slider to adjust the exposure and brightness. Also, be sure to include a link to your website in your bio.

Use hashtags to organize your content. This will help you reach the right audience and deliver content to the people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can also create a theme for your account. For example, if you run a veterinary clinic, your account might be all about animals. You might also want to create a different theme for each of your posts.

To stand out on Instagram, you want to create unique pictures. Typically, great photos are created using natural lighting and light photo editing. You can also use depth of field to make your pictures stand out. Using the focus features on your camera will help you achieve this effect.

Playing with angles can also make a big difference in how people view your post. For example, if you want to capture a picture of the Space Needle, you can angle your camera upside down to create a foreground element. You also want to make sure there is plenty of white space around your photo. This will help create a visual pattern for your customers and allow them to associate your business with that pattern.

Make sure your photos are unique, especially if you are targeting a certain demographic. You also want to take time to read comments on your posts.


Using Twitter is a great way to engage with your audience and increase your brand exposure. While you want to make sure your tweets are relevant, it's also important to remember that people are looking for in-the-moment content. You can use Twitter's scheduling tools to stay organized and collect data on your audience's engagement.

Using a scheduling platform can also be helpful for your team. By setting up tweets ahead of time, you can make sure your team is organized and ready to respond to tweets. This can also help you seed your profile with new content. Using a scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Meltwater's social management tools can help you gather data and analyze engagement.

Another thing to remember is to create a descriptive company description. Twitter allows 160 characters for a company description, so it's wise to create an interesting one. You should also consider using a logo from your company as your profile picture.

Finally, don't forget to use Twitter's analytics tools to see how your followers are interacting with your tweets. These tools can help you understand which tweets have the most engagement and which tweets you should follow up on. You can also download a full report to help you compare your results. This can help you make better decisions about your strategy.

Use these tips to ensure your Twitter account is a valuable part of your marketing strategy. Make sure your Twitter profile is a true representation of your brand, and you will enjoy more success on the social networking site.

Balenciaga and Kim Kardashian West 'Saturday Night Live' Outfits

Kim Kardashian West Saturday Night Live Outfits  WWD

'Saturday Night Live' is set to air this weekend, and it looks like Kim Kardashian West has a lot of fun designing her outfits. The reality star showed off some new designs on the show, as well as some of her favorite looks from previous seasons. You can get a look at some of the pieces she's wearing below.


Despite being known as a reality star, Kim Kardashian West's hosting of "Saturday Night Live" in October was a major event. She made a surprising impression with her natural charm and charisma. She also used SNL to highlight some of Balenciaga's silhouettes and fashions.

Kim Kardashian's opening monologue was buzzy. She riffed on her own sex tape, Kanye West's failed presidential run, and O.J. Simpson. She also dipped into her upcoming show on Hulu. She also cracked a few jokes about her pending divorce with Kanye West. She was a savvy businesswoman who knows how to use fashion to her advantage.

Kardashian West is a fashion editor at heart, and she used her role as host of "Saturday Night Live" to spotlight some of Balenciaga's designs and silhouettes. She wore a long pink anorak coat, which oozed glam, sporty pieces and technical detail. She paired it with chunky black shades and a glittery handbag.

She also wore a metallic sequined turtleneck top, which is a great example of the "MerchTainment" she's known for. She also wore Balenciaga's signature hourglass tote and sock stilettos.

Balenciaga is one of Kim's go-to designers, and she wore their outfits throughout the rehearsal process for the show. She also wore Balenciaga to her White House Correspondents' Dinner. She even wore Balenciaga clothing during rehearsals and cast dinners.

The brand is also a sponsor of her show. The Kardashians includes behind-the-scenes footage of her hosting the show in October.

The brand also stepped in to provide wardrobe for her Donda promotion. She wore a custom Balenciaga outfit to the Met Gala last year. She also wore Balenciaga at the Met Gala this year.

Aidy Bryant

'Saturday Night Live' Outfits are always a highlight of the show, and the "Bachelorette" episode featured a number of new skits and cameos. Among these was Kim Kardashian's appearance as Glitter Revolution, an all-pink pop group starring Kim and actor Bowen Yang.

Kim Kardashian is an actress and standup comedian. She has been a regular SNL target for years. She's known for her comical shots at famous family members, including Kanye West, Travis Barker, O.J. Simpson, and others. She has also been a regular on Instagram, showcasing multiple ensembles for photoshoots.

In this week's "Bachelorette" parody, Kanye West and Kris Jenner were both portrayed as themselves. Aidy Bryant and Sarah Sherman were also part of the cast. Other cameos included Maya Rudolph, Tyler Cameron, Kacey Musgraves, Halsey, and Cecily Strong.

Kim Kardashian wore an exaggerated shaggy coat. Her hair was styled in thick strands that framed her face. She wore oversized dazzling earrings and a statement-making ring. She finished off her outfit with a sleek spandex bodysuit.

Kim Kardashian's character was named Rochelle. She shifted through a number of handsome A-Listers, including Chase Crawford, John Cena, Chris Rock, and more.

Kim also performed as herself, as part of Glitter Revolution. The trio performed songs about Costco. Eventually, Costco offered them a $25 million contract.

In addition to Kim and Bowen Yang, Aidy Bryant also joined Kim as Glitter Revolution. They coordinated in all-pink outfits. They also performed songs about Costco deals and their food court.

Kanye West also performed in several skits. He gave Kim advice on her monologue. He also wore a metallic sequined turtleneck top and a pink velvet bodysuit.

Demna Gvasali

Throughout the week, Kim Kardashian wore multiple outfits by Demna Gvasalia to events. She even hosted Saturday Night Live. However, she also wore Balenciaga to the show. Her outfits ranged from a pink catsuit to a metallic coat.

Gvasalia outfitted Kardashian for her Met Gala last year. The outfit featured a form-fitting pink catsuit and a train. The designer also designed a white dress for her at a wedding ceremony recreation. She then preserved the outfit in her archive.

Last month, Kardashian became the face of Balenciaga's summer 2022 campaign. She has since worn the outfit several times, including a similar look to her Met Gala appearance.

Gvasalia and Kardashian are continuing to build a new style and culture that combines elements of pop art and popular icons from both the past and present. This holistic approach to creating fashion is a new way of redefining the way icons are used in mass media.

Demna Gvasalia has also dressed Kim Kardashian for other occasions, including the upcoming Donda tour and Kanye's second Donda listening party. She is also the star of Balenciaga's summer 2020 campaign.

On Saturday Night Live, Kardashian wore a bright pink Balenciaga coat. She accessorized with silver boots and chunky shades. The coat was decorated with silver tinsel, making it a standout look.

Kardashian also wore a white Balenciaga gown to the Met Gala last year. The dress was decorated with lace and a mock-neck bodysuit. The gown featured a large crystal earring and a feathered stole.

This week, Kardashian is scheduled to guest star on Saturday Night Live. She will also be front and center for Balenciaga's fall 2020 campaign.

The People's Kourt

During her Saturday Night Live debut, former reality star Kim Kardashian showed off her playful and natural style. She also made a few cameos, including her sister Khloe. Her performance was mostly average, though.

One of the more impressive moments was her opening monologue. She wore a hot pink velvet catsuit by Balenciaga. She said she wanted to show the audience more than just a beautiful face. She also made a few digs at herself and Kanye West.

She also showed off her rhinestone catsuit, which reminded her of her party days on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She paired the outfit with statement-making earrings and a chunky silver chain necklace. She finished the look off with a sleek spandex bodysuit.

Another sketch involved Kim Kardashian's character swapping lives with Aidy Bryant. She played the part of Jasmine. It seemed like a bit of a letdown for the episode, but it did very well on YouTube.

Kim Kardashian's performance was a bit flat. She struggled to hold her own with other women. She also said it was nerve-wracking to work with a new production team.

However, there were still some sketches to enjoy. Her character, Rochelle, shifted through a mix of handsome A-Listers. She also argued that she needed a make-up artist today.

She also played a part in the "Jasmine and Aladdin" sketch, in which she played Jasmine. She also wore a replica of her Met Gala bodysuit. She paired it with matching gloves and pants in black. She also wore a rhinestone bracelet, a statement-making ring, and a chunky silver chain necklace.

In addition to her performance, Kris Jenner made a cameo. She played her own version of Kourtney, and she also made several skits.

The Dream Guy

During Saturday Night Live, Kim Kardashian West wore Balenciaga catsuits. In addition to her appearance on the show, she also attended an after-party. This season's episode focuses on a variety of topics: family, reality TV, and Kardashian West's sex tape.

Balenciaga is one of Kim Kardashian's favorite designers. She wears Balenciaga's signature pieces often. She also wore the brand's pink velvet bodysuit on the show. The Balenciaga designer, Demna Gvasali, made several appearances during Kim Kardashian's monologue and sketches.

Kardashian West's performance was better than expected. She had a knack for comedy, and her pre-taped sketches hit several themes. She also had some funny moments with other family members. For example, she played a friend who falls asleep in a club. She also had a few laughs with political commentator Van Jones.

The episode also featured a skit based on ABC's The Bachelorette. Kardashian West played a character called Rochelle. She shifted through a mix of A-Listers, including Jessie Williams, John Cena, Chris Rock, and Chase Crawford.

Another skit, "Jasmine and Aladdin," was a fun one. It was a bit of a letdown, however, as the skit relied on sex jokes that didn't have much of a point.

"The Dream Guy" was another skit that was predictable. Kim Kardashian's character was named Rochelle, and she was love-seeking bachelorette. Her character shifted through a variety of handsome A-Listers. The only surprise was that Kyle Mooney was a character in the sketch.

The episode ended with a musical guest, Halsey. It was a fun bit, but it didn't make much of an impact on the episode. The other major feature was Punkie Johnson.

Kardashian West is a savvy businesswoman. She made a statement with her outfits, and her style was a highlight of Balenciaga's Spring 2021 line.

Did Kim Kardashian Wear Mirrored Sunglasses at a Poker Event?

Did Kim Kardashian Wear Mirrored Sunglasses at a Poker

Regardless of what you think about the fact that Kim Kardashian did wear mirrored sunglasses at a poker event, they're a trend that is definitely here to stay. These sunglasses are a great way to change your image and make yourself look a bit less trustworthy and a bit more deceptive.

Chloe Kardashian wore mirrored sunglasses at a poker event

Throughout the recent years, there have been many celebrities, actors, musicians, and other people who have been spotted wearing mirrored sunglasses. Some poker pros have even been photographed wearing similar eyewear. However, a recent picture of Kim Kardashian wearing mirrored sunglasses at a poker table has caused a lot of controversy.

Kim Kardashian wore mirrored sunglasses at a poker event in Texas, where she was part of a charity poker tournament. She was accompanied by her mother, Kris Jenner, and sisters Khloe and Kendall. After winning the tournament, she threw her hands up in the air and proclaimed her victory. This image has been repeatedly shared on social media, with many negative comments about her intelligence.

Mirrored sunglasses are a common accessory at poker tournaments, but they may not be considered appropriate by many. While bluffing requires some body movement control, it also requires a lot of eye control. Mirrored sunglasses, however, allow your opponent to see your card in the reflection.

Many poker players wear a variety of outrageous clothing and outfits to get attention. They wear this for a variety of reasons, but they may be prohibited by house rules. Some wear these outfits after they have lost a bet or just for fun. Other poker players wear these outfits for luck.

The image of Kim Kardashian wearing mirrored sunglasses at he poker table has caused a lot of controversy, but the fact remains that it is a genuine photograph. There is a debate about whether the glasses provide an advantage in poker, but the fact remains that they have been spotted on many professional poker players.

However, it is unlikely that sunglasses will be banned in poker. The fact remains that they provide a practical and psychological advantage in the game. In addition, wearing sunglasses can give you an edge in bluffing, because you can shield your eyes from bright lights, which can limit the effects. While this may seem counterintuitive, the reality is that it is actually a very effective technique.

Despite the controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian's mirrored sunglasses, they are not likely to be banned from the game, as they are not considered a major distraction.

The Kim Kardashian Boob Tape Bra Trick Is Really That Good

The Kim Kardashian Boob Tape Bra Trick Is Really That Good

Having a chest size that can't fit in a normal bra is a problem for women all over the world. Thankfully, there is a simple trick that is gentler than gaffer's tape and will work on any woman's chest size.

It works on all women's chest sizes

Using the Kim Kardashian Boob Tape Bra Trick is an easy way to enhance your cleavage. The trick is simple, and works on women of all shapes and sizes. The trick involves taping your breasts to create a makeshift bra.

This method can be used with either gaffer tape or body tape. You'll need to use a piece of tape that's at least 12 inches long, depending on your bust size. You should apply the tape from the bottom of your breast to the nipple. Once you have taped your breasts, you should then pull the tape upward, creating cleavage. You can also add extra strips of tape to help you achieve an upright position.

This method works on all types of chest sizes, but you should be careful to apply the tape evenly. You should not use any tape that sticks to the back of your neck. You should also be careful to lift your breasts to the same level. If your breasts are very large, you might find the tape trick uncomfortable.

If you're not sure how to apply this trick, check out some of the tutorials on YouTube. These tutorials are very easy to follow, and you'll learn how to apply the tape in a variety of ways. You'll also find videos of women of all sizes wearing the tape.

The boob tape method can be used on any dress or outfit. It can also be used to hide your bra straps. It's also a great way to create a fuller looking bust without revealing too much. You can also find instructions on Pinterest boards.

If you're looking for a comfortable and convenient way to enhance your cleavage, you may want to consider a push-up bra. This type of bra has different levels of padding, and can be worn with several different styles. You can also get a nipple cover if you're wearing a dress that's too thin for your bust size.

Another way to boost your cleavage is to use adhesive bras. These bras are designed specifically for delicate skin and have multiple styles to choose from.

It's gentler than duct tape

Using tape to lift your boobs isn't as new as you might think. Transgender men and women have been using it for years. But what is the best type of tape to use? There are several options to choose from, ranging from a simple, inexpensive duct tape to a nifty little gaffer's tape. Using the right type of tape will ensure that you get a good hold on your chest and cleavage.

To get the best results, use a tape with a good adhesive. A good choice is cloth tape. While it may not be as stretchy as duct tape, it is very strong. Also, be careful when removing tape, as water may make it stick to your skin. It is also important to avoid lotion before you begin taping your boobs. This will ensure that the adhesive isn't weakened.

Another nifty little tape trick is to use a gaffer's tape to lift your boobs. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Just make sure you use a strong glue that won't break.

It's also a good idea to use a tape that is wide and adjustable. This is the best way to achieve the look you want. You want to make sure that you get a good hold on your boobs, but not have them stretch or fold over.

The Kim Kardashian boob tape trick is a bit more complicated than the gaffer's tape trick. You need to build up enough heft to get a decent hold. It's also a good idea to do the technique from the outside, rather than the inside. This will ensure that you don't end up with a bra that looks like it's glued on.

You may also want to consider using sports tape. While this doesn't provide the best hold, it can also be used to fix a nip rip. Sports tape is designed for direct application to the skin, and it is also breathable. But it's not as strong as a good boob tape. You also need to be careful when removing tape, as it can be painful.

It won't rip off your nipples

Whether you are interested in the Kim Kardashian boob tape bra trick or just want to use a bra that will not tear off your nipples, there are a few important things to know before you start. Taping your boobs is the best way to create a bra that will fit under a low-cut top, but it can also be painful.

Before you begin, you will want to measure your breasts and get the right length of tape. You will need at least 13 inches of tape. This is the ideal length to give you good coverage without hurting you. The tape should be about an inch thick, and you should apply it from the outside of your breasts towards the back of your shoulder.

After you have gotten the tape to the right length, you will want to start sculpting it to the right shape. This is important because if you start too close to your breasts, it won't offer you enough coverage. You will also want to apply the tape at least two inches above your breasts. You will want to use tape that is stretchy, but not too stretchy. This will allow the tape to stay on while you are moving, but not too flexible.

Another key to this trick is to remove the tape after it has been applied. You can do this by using body oil to help you get the tape off. You can also use a cotton pad to help you remove the tape.

You will also want to be careful around the neckline when removing the tape. You can use your fingers to help you remove the tape. The tape should not be glued to the neckline.

You can also buy adhesive bras if you want to skip the DIY process. The SKIMS line of shapewear offers nipple covers and other accessories that claim to be waterproof. They are made of stretchy cotton material that claims to be sweatproof. They also come in the same three colors as the body tape.

Whether you are looking for a new bra or just want to have a little fun with your boobs, the Kim Kardashian boob tape bra trick is an easy way to create a bra that will not tear off your neckline.

It's kinder than gaffer's tape

Throughout the years, Kim Kardashian has used tape to lift her boobs, but her latest tape solution is much kinder than its predecessors. Her new tape is made of comfortable stretch cotton and is designed to help you feel more feminine and lifted. She's also shown you how to remove it without hurting yourself.

Kim Kardashian has been lifting her boobs with tape for years, but has found it difficult to find a bra that fits under her low-cut dresses. She has tried everything from duct tape to packing tape to masking tape. She eventually settled on gaffer's tape, which is commonly used on photoshoot sets. Unlike duct tape, gaffer's tape is not designed to be used on the skin and can tear out chunks of skin. Instead, it provides a firm hold and helps flatten the center portion of the boob.

The secret to her new tape is that it's not too stretchy. It also has enough heft to provide a firm hold while still being kinder to your skin than other tapes. It's also easy to remove, and Kim Kardashian says that the process is not painful. She shows you how to remove the tape using a product called Skims Pasties.

Whether or not you're ready to try this boob tape technique, you'll want to make sure to keep the chest area clean and free of oils. She also recommends using a bra that has an adjustable strap. If you want to lift your cleavage in a more gentle way, she also recommends using a product called Nueboo. It's a gentler solution for lifting cleavage and also has an adjustable strap. If you want to try this boob tape technique, start by taping from the outside and work your way in until you're satisfied with the result. You can then secure the tape with duct tape.

Chicago's Free Gas Card Program Could Launch Wednesday

Chicagos Free Gas Card Program Could Launch Wednesday

Currently, the state of Illinois is the most expensive state for gas in the United States. The average Illinois driver pays approximately 4.5% of his or her annual income on gas. That's the cost of about five full-fare round-trips.

Illinois has the highest gas prices in the U.S.

Despite the fact that Illinois has not had this high a gas price since 2008, it's not a happy time for consumers in the state. The state has the second highest motor fuel tax in the nation.

The cost of crude oil is the primary driver of the gas prices in Illinois. The price of oil in Illinois hit the $118 mark today. That price is equal to what the average price of a gallon of gasoline would be if it were purchased in any other country.

The cost of crude oil is a concern for both consumers and businesses in Illinois. Many refineries are still not back to pre-pandemic levels. During the warmer months, federal EPA standards require cleaner-burning blends to reduce ozone. But a truck driver shortage and seasonal maintenance are causing temporary production cuts.

With the demand for gasoline increasing, Illinois has seen new gas records set. The state's average price is now $4.69 per gallon, which is a significant increase from one year ago. The price is still higher than the national average of $4.20.

The high prices have caused many drivers to choose to fill up in neighboring states. Illinois gas stations along the border with neighboring states are susceptible to being flooded with people filling up. In fact, Illinois gas prices were tied for the 10th highest nationwide on Monday.

The increase in gas prices has been a major concern for Illinois businesses. Some companies have reduced their operations to reduce costs. Many companies have closed their plants. It has also had a negative impact on the economy.

Gas prices in Illinois have increased by more than 40 cents in the past week. While gas prices vary by city, the average price in the Chicago metropolitan area is $5.76 per gallon. The average price in the Springfield metro area is $4.54 per gallon.

Gas prices are also high in parts of the West. Prices in California, Hawaii, Alaska and Nevada are all higher than the national average. However, gas prices in the Midwest and East are lower than the national average.

Chicagoans pay an average of 4.5% of their annual income at the pump

During a recent survey of 3,000 Chicagoans, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that the average cost of a gallon of gas in the Windy City is $4.84. That's up a full $1.45 from last year, and it's a far cry from the $3.55 that a family of four will spend on gas in Washington DC.

The AAA also reported that the cost of gas in Chicago is about 4.5% of a family's annual income, up from 2.5% in 2006. In response to the cost hike, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has tasked the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) with providing relief to Chicago commuters.

The "Chicago Moves" program aims to combat the cost of gas by providing $12.5 million in relief funding to disadvantaged Chicagoans. It will be distributed through a lottery system in five successive monthly waves of 10,000 residents. Each $150 prepaid gas card will be redeemable at local gas stations in Chicago. The program will also provide $5 million in $50 prepaid transit cards to be distributed through the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) as well as 5,000 bicycles.

In March, prominent Chicago businessman Willie Wilson gave away $1.2 million in free gas. Despite that, Chicagoans continue to spend more on gas than the average American, averaging 4.5% of their annual income.

In addition to free gas, the Chicago Department of Transportation has also announced free bicycles and bike locks. The city is also offering free lights and helmets for the bikes. The "Chicago Moves" program will be the first major city to implement a voucher scheme in the hopes of easing the burden on Chicago commuters. The program will also be the first to use the innovative Onbe Corporation, a corporate disbursement fintech, to provide payment processing and physical prepaid gas cards.

It's no secret that Chicagoans have been coping with soaring gas prices since last year. The AAA estimates that Chicagoans have spent an average of 4.5% of their annual income at the pump, and while that figure is a bit skewed, it still represents a significant increase over last year.

Residents of high mobility hardship community areas will be eligible

Thousands of Chicagoans will receive free gas cards and transit cards through a new program announced Thursday by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The program will be administered through a lottery system. Applicants must live in the City of Chicago and meet a number of eligibility criteria.

The program is designed to help tens of thousands of low-income Chicagoans cover the costs of transportation. The program will distribute about 50,000 gas cards, each with $150 on it, over a one-year period. Applicants can use the cards at any gas station in the city.

The program is part of Lightfoot's "Chicago Moves" initiative. It will use $12.5 million in funding to give away transit cards to low-income Chicagoans. Applicants must meet certain income and age criteria. The program will also be based on geographic data, with the city's lowest-income neighborhoods getting priority.

In addition to giving away transit cards, Lightfoot's program will also distribute 50,000 gas cards for $150. Applicants can apply online or in person at a public library branch. They must be at least 18 years old and Chicago residents. They must also have a city sticker and a valid email address.

The program is targeted at families and individuals earning no more than 140% of the city's median income. A family of four making $91,000 would qualify for the program, according to Lightfoot. The program is expected to help many lower-income Chicagoans who are already using public transportation at a high rate.

The program will begin in May, with 10,000 recipients chosen each month. The next round of recipients will be chosen in the first week of July. Applicants can apply for a card online or in person at a Chicago Public Library branch.

The program was approved by the City Council's Budget Committee last week by a narrow vote of 15-12. It is expected to be approved by the full City Council next week. Some aldermen opposed the program, saying it was unfair to those in need. Others backed the plan reluctantly. But some aldermen raised concerns about the lottery system. Some aldermen said that the program would be a waste of money.

97 Funny Wednesday Memes Of All Time With Images

97 Funny Wednesday Memes Of All Time With Images

97 Funny Wednesday Memes Of All Time With Images - What could be better than a quick read of a humorous article and then a few laughs with your friends? These funny Wednesday memes are not only fun to read, they are also a great way to start the week. These 97 funny Wednesday memes of all time with images include everything from Antoine Dodson and Swaggy P to deep-fried and Dick Butt.

Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson, aka "The Ice Bucket Challenge Guy" has been on the news more than a few times lately. The most recent incident took place in Huntsville, AL, where Dodson was arrested after being pulled over for playing music loudly. Fortunately for Dodson, the incident turned into a viral video that has gone viral, as well.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, while not exactly a scientific study, has had a big impact on millions of people around the world. The viral video, which prompted people to donate $100 million in a month, involved nominating people to fill a bucket with ice water and pour it over their heads. The video has been featured in many news outlets, including CNN and BBC.

While the Ice Bucket Challenge might not be the most scientific study, it did manage to prove that the Internet can be a good thing. Using a clever video, Dodson was able to convince hundreds of thousands of viewers to donate to a charity of his choice. The donation was used to help fund the purchase of a new home for the family. In addition, the family has been able to purchase a safer neighborhood, as well.

Although Dodson is currently out of jail, he's spent most of his time getting punched in the face. He's also promoting his own "memes", as well as the aforementioned video starring the Ice Bucket Challenge Guy. In addition to the video, Dodson has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will raise $38,000 in a matter of weeks. Backers will receive incentives, including a personal video message from Dodson and shoutouts on social media.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is one of the most notable viral videos to have popped up in recent memory. It's no secret that the Internet is awash in jokes, viral videos and viral news clips. However, if the Ice Bucket Challenge is an indicator of what's to come, then we can expect a lot more viral video hits in the coming years.

Honey Badger video

Whether you're struggling through a difficult mid-week or are just looking for some laughs, these funny Wednesday memes can be a great way to give you a little inspiration. They're also a fun way to send your friends some laughs.

The first time I heard about the Honey Badger was during a YouTube comment made by Tyrann Mathieu. The video has become a pop culture reference in many ways. It also inspired an animated series. There's even a book out on Amazon and iTunes.

The video's sassy narration and memorable quotes spawned many tributes and image macros. The video also spawned a cult following on YouTube.

Gordon created the video in 2011 as a birthday gift for a friend. By the end of the year, it had garnered over 40 million views. It even spawned local news coverage. After the video's success, Gordon went to court to try to stop others from capitalizing on its popularity. In addition to fighting others who tried to use the video for profit, Gordon also sold the video.

The Honey Badger video spawned an animated series that will be released in the future. The series will follow Randall as he bonds with his university mascot. It will also feature commentary on the animal kingdom.

In addition to the animated series, Hot Topic has also capitalized on the honey badger's viral status. The store has released merchandise featuring the video's catchphrases and quotes.

In early 2011 the Honey Badger video went viral and sparked a cult following on YouTube. It was also a favorite among fans of MythBusters. Randall's video was featured on the show's promo in July.

Deep-fried memes

Whether you're looking for a good time or a good laugh, you'll find it in these funny Wednesday memes of all time with images. The list is a mixture of classics and newcomers that are sure to entertain. The best part is that these funny Wednesday memes of all time with pictures are free to share. So don't wait for a rainy day to show off your creativity!

A deep-fried meme is a funny picture that has been compressed and processed to make it look like a low-resolution version of itself. This is a particularly popular style of meme on Black Twitter. The effect is meant to emulate the re-sharing of images. Typically, the image is run through dozens of filters to make it look like a grainy pixelated version of itself. Some examples include the Spell ICUP Nigga, the Real Nigga Hour, and the Deep Fried Tumblr.

The internet's favorite cat, Ceiling Cat, has taken on a new meaning in the age of government surveillance. This OG cat is watching over people who illegally download NSA documents. It's the funniest thing imaginable. The real fun comes from its off-beat humor. This ad-hoc homage to a popular '90s cartoon has become a cult classic.

The Crying Michael Jordan, a clever video that features Jordan crying after his Hall of Fame speech, was not only a popular viral video, but it was also a notable reference to the iconic Michael Jordan shot. The video was not only a hit with viewers, but it was even covered by local news stations. The meme spawned countless parodies and sequels.

There are other funny Wednesday memes of all time with images that we've not even mentioned, but the ones we've listed here are sure to get you in the mood.

Dick Butt

97 Funny Wednesday Memes of All Time is a listicle if there ever was one. Whether you're looking for the best ranked or the cheapest, you're bound to find something to your liking. This list is a must read, if not a must see. We've compiled 97 of the best from the top to bottom. From there, we'll cover some of the best of the rest. 97 Funny Wednesday Memes of All Time will be a must read for your next round of cocktails. Best of luck! We hope you enjoyed this list. We'll be back in the coming months with more 97 Funny Wednesday Memes of All Time. You'll find the list at the bottom of the page. We can't wait to see what's in store for us next year! 97 Funny Wednesday Memes of All Time has got to be the best way to start the new year off on a high note.

Swaggy P

97 Funny Wednesday memes of all time with images have sprung up throughout the Internet in recent months. While many of them are jokes, others are serious political statements. Some are just fun and some are designed to go viral. But which ones are worth your time? Here's a look at some of the best.

"All Your Base" was a quote from the Sega Genesis game Zero Wing. The video quickly became a viral hit, spawning numerous remixes. In fact, it was even covered by local news broadcasts. It was a response to the disillusionment that many people felt after 9/11. The meme spread to Something Awful forums, which eventually spawned a number of parodies.

"Numa Numa" originated from a video of New Jersey resident Gary Brolsma dancing to the song. In addition to being a fun and catchy song, it also has lyrics, making it a popular internet anthem. The song's lyric "Numa numa" has become synonymous with pure joy, which is why the phrase has inspired numerous parodies.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, a number of political memes began to crop up. One of the more enduring and persistent macro-memes is Scumbag Steve. He first appeared on the album cover of the Beantown Mafia. He was soon joined by Ryan Reynolds, who donned a Bernie Sanders outfit for inauguration.

Photo memes are another way to represent key moments in the '90s. While smartphones and cameras were still novelties, people began looking for new ways to use them. They also represented a turning point for the Internet as a whole.

While Michael Jordan doesn't make the list of 97 Funny Wednesday memes of all time, his teary face image became a popular sports meme in 2012. It's a simple image, but it quickly spread.

Rupert Grint Says Daughter Wednesday Has Her Own 'Harry'

Rupert Grint Says Daughter Wednesday Has Her Own Harry

During the recent premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Rupert Grint says his daughter, Wednesday, has her own 'Harry.' But is the F-word and sailor's mouth being rubbed off on her?

'Servant' is rubbing off on his daughter

During Rupert Grint's career, he has starred in many projects. Among his most memorable roles was as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. The role earned him numerous awards and nominations. After the franchise was over, Grint has made several TV shows and movies. He has reunited with his Potter cast for a 20th anniversary special. And he recently became a father.

Grint is dating Georgia Groome, and the couple welcomed their first daughter, Wednesday G. Grint, in May of 2020. Grint's daughter is named after the fictional character Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family television series.

Rupert Grint has been seen gush over his daughter on social media. He also occasionally posts photos of her on Instagram. In December, he and Georgia Groome spoke to The Guardian about their daughter.

The couple was photographed with a baby bump in April 2020. The couple announced their pregnancy after the image was released. They are very private about their relationship. They have not publicly revealed their baby's name.

The couple has been together for ten years. They have asked for privacy during their pregnancy. Grint says the fatherhood experience has been "amazing." He also says that he loves spending time with his daughter. He says she is a "Harry Potter fan" and has been exposed to pop culture. He says he would love to share his daughter with her when she grows up.

He also says he's going to get his daughter a wand. Rupert is a fan of miniature pottery. He lists it as one of his cultural must-haves. He recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Grint said his daughter is already a fan of the f-word, which he uses frequently in the Servant series. He said his daughter picked it up from watching the show.

Grint said that he was "locked up" during his pregnancy. He said he's "lived in the United Kingdom" during the pandemic. He opened up to Glamour magazine about the pandemic. He said he was able to purge his mind of the "Servant" world. He says he understands the psychology of Dorothy Ambrose.

He accidentally taught his daughter the F-word

During the aforementioned interview, Fallon asked Grint if the name of his daughter Wednesday popped up in his rolodex. Grint was notably unenthusiastic. The 21-month-old was along for the ride while he shot the breeze with a few choice ladies. The ol' boy has been tasked with keeping his little girl happy, but that's no excuse to not be a social butterfly.

Grint has a penchant for a good selfie and the occasional sexting. He has a slew of photos on his Instagram feed spanning his years in the limelight. He has also decided to keep his daughter's face off-screen - for the most part. As for the name of her name, she's got a mouthful, but she's got the grace of her mother's eyes. This is one lucky dude.

It was a close call between Rupert and his fellow Servant actor, but it was the latter who came out on top. As a matter of fact, the two have been known to spend quite a bit of time together. That's probably why they've managed to produce the aforementioned kool-a-mous-moo. The two have also been known to share a few other secrets, like who they are dating. As a result, they've managed to make a few headlines of their own.

It's not a bad thing to see a celebrity you've been suckered into dating. That's probably why Rupert has opted to keep his daughter's face off-screen for now. It's probably not a bad thing if you can be the first guy in a room, but it's probably not a good thing if the ol' boy is the tycoon.

He pokes fun at himself for taking so long to join social media

Despite being part of one of the most popular franchises of the past century, Rupert Grint has taken his time to join social media. In fact, he joined Instagram in 2020, a decade after the first Harry Potter movie was released. He recently poked fun at himself for taking so long to join the social networking site.

Rupert Grint is the actor behind the Harry Potter character Ron Weasley. He has been part of the successful movie franchise for the past decade. He has won the Oscar, a Grammy and a Pulitzer prize. He also has millions of Instagram followers. He recently joined Instagram to introduce his new daughter.

He has been on social media for a few months, but hasn't posted many photos. He does post videos. In one video, he mouths along to the lyrics of "Lego House" as he plays a guitar. He also wrote lyrics in a notebook. He doesn't plan to become a regular on social media. He says he's afraid to leave Ron behind for good.

Rupert Grint's daughter is named Wednesday. She was born in April. She also has a brother named Abraham Benjamin. Grint and his wife, Georgia Groome, announced their pregnancy in May. They have also been dating for several years.

Grint is currently starring in Crackle's Snatch. He and Tom Felton are collaborating in the show. Grint also plays the sullen wine-fiend Julian in the show. He was also in the film Servant. He is a fan of tactile activities, like knitting. He also likes to crochet.

Rupert Grint joined Instagram in November of 2020. In less than four hours, he became the fastest user to reach one million followers. He beat the previous record set by Sir David Attenborough, who got one million followers in 241 minutes.

Rupert Grint has not been active on Twitter or Instagram. He has shared only a few photos on Instagram. However, he has shared a very rare photo of his daughter. He also posted the first photo of his newborn baby girl.

He has also talked about moving on from the Harry Potter franchise. He has been working hard to change his image. He won a People's Choice Award in 2012 for Best Ensemble Movie Cast.

He accidentally taught his daughter the sailor's mouth

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint admitted that he accidentally taught his daughter the sailor's mouth. The actor explained that his daughter has been exposing herself to pop culture since she was born. She is currently 21 months old. According to Grint, she's already used the F-word multiple times. He said the word sounds funny when his daughter says it. In fact, when he's rehearsing his lines, he says the word multiple times. Grint said he also thinks it's funny when toddlers swear.

Grint's daughter isn't the first child to use the sailor's mouth, but he thinks her use of it is funny. He says his daughter also says words like "Dada" and "Mama" frequently. He also says that he's enjoying his daughter's opinions. He says his daughter is a bit like a little brother, and has a lot of opinions of her own.

Rupert Grint recently became a dad. He shares his daughter with Georgia Groome. Grint played an uncle in the movie Servant, but he's also been acting as a dad for the past two years. Grint's daughter was born in May of 2020. He said that the child's first words were "Mama" and "Dada," and he thinks her opinions are funny. It's great to see that Rupert Grint is a happy dad and has a daughter who's a fan of Harry Potter.

Who Is Wednesday Named For?

Who Is Wednesday Named For  Dictionarycom

Whenever you hear the word "Wednesday", you might wonder who it is named for. It is quite an interesting question. This article will help you to understand the answer to it.

Old English

Until the rebirth of Christianity, the Anglo-Saxons had a pre-Christian religion, and the name Wednesday is derived from their old god Woden. Odin was a combination of the gods of war and wisdom, and was also considered to be the number one Norse god. He was also a god of art, culture, and marriage.

Woden is the Germanic equivalent of the Roman god Mercury. The Germanic people, in a very similar way to the Romans, considered the Roman gods as their own deities. They also regarded the gods of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus as their own.

During the Middle Ages, Roman culture had a very strong influence on the dialects that would eventually form the modern English language. They also influenced the way that English names for days of the week are used.

Wednesday is also called Mercredi in most Romance languages, as well as mercuris in Sardinian, Italian, and Venetian. In Spanish, Wednesday is known as Miercoles. In Catalan, it is known as dimecres. In Corsica, it is known as marcuri. In Japanese, Wednesday is called Shui Yao Ri, which means water day.

Wednesday is the third day of the week, and is the fifth day in countries where Friday is a holiday. It is also the herald of the fast-approaching weekend. It is the fourth day in the Islamic calendar, and the third day in the Jewish calendar.

In the Roman world, Tuesday was known as dies Martis, while Thursday was dies Lunae. Tuesday was also the day of Mars, the Roman god of war. In Germanic and Norse mythology, Tuesday is also associated with Thunor. Thunor is the Norse and Germanic god of thunder. The day is also associated with Frigedaeg, the Anglo-Saxon goddess.


Among the Romans, Wednesday is referred to as dies Mercurii. The name is a shortened version of 'feria quarta', which is a Latin word that means 'the day of the moon'. In the era before the invention of the printing press, the'moon' was a mere eight days long. The modern name for Wednesday, "Monenday", is derived from the Old English monandaeg, a translation of the dies lunae.

Wednesday was also the first day of the week to be observed in the Roman Empire. It was the day of the week in the Germanic era, when the Germanic gods Woden and Tiu were worshiped. However, Wednesday was not officially known as such until the thirteenth century A.D. The aforementioned monenday is credited with the origin of the modern word'monday'.

The'mood' of the day was the most prominent feature. Wednesday is also known as the day of the moon, but its lunar power is not as potent as the rest of the week.

The first two days of the week were named after planets in ancient Roman astrology. Tuesday is derived from the Norse god of war, Tiw. In the aforementioned Roman and Germanic eras, the moon was not assigned a god of its own. In fact, the moon is not mentioned in the Bible, which is odd.

The aforementioned dies enomire may be the most cited, but the Latin name for Wednesday, dies Mercurii, has more merits. The name'mood' is not as common in Old English as the Latin name, but it is still a name that deserves the oomph it deserves.


During Ancient Greece, the days of the week were named after gods. The Greeks named Wednesday after Hermes, a messenger of the gods. The Greeks also named Friday after Aphrodite, the goddess of love. During Roman times, they replaced the Greek god of war, Ares, with their own god, Mercury.

Wednesday is the day in the week between Tuesday and Thursday. The Greek name for Wednesday is Tetarti.

Wednesday is a day of the week in Greece and many other European countries. The day is derived from Old English "wednesday" or from the Proto-West Germanic "Wodanas dag" ("Wednesday"), which is also synchronically an i-mutated form of the attested wodnesdag. In Welsh, the word for Wednesday is Dyd Mercher, while the day is called Budhavara in India. In Portugal, Wednesday is called quarta-feira.

In many European Romance languages, the days of the week are named after gods. For example, the Greek emera Ermou, a synonym of the hemera Hermou, was first attested in Anthologiarum by Vettius Valens in AD 170.

In the Greek-speaking East, Monday was considered the first day of the week. This was because Monday is a day of the moon. In Greek-speaking countries, Monday is called Deutera and Wednesday is called Tetarte. In these countries, Wednesday is pronounced as Wukuada or Tetarti, while Thursday is pronounced as Pempte.

In the Western Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. In most churches, the Anointing of the Sick is also celebrated on this day. This serves as a pre-cursor to Holy Communion.


Whether you are looking for a name for your daughter or son, Wednesday is an English name that has roots in astrology and ancient cultures. The Anglo-Saxons named their days after their own gods, or after the planets and celestial bodies they believed in. This system of naming days has been adopted by the Nordic countries. Some of these names are based on the Latin tradition, while others are imported from the south.

In the Western world, naming days after the sun, moon, and other heavenly bodies was adopted by Greeks, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons. Before the migration of Anglo-Saxons to Britain, the Germanic-speaking people of western Europe had adopted a seven-day week. The Anglo-Saxons brought the gods they had learned from the Romans to Britain and started to change the days of the week to correspond with their gods.

Before the migration, Anglo-Saxons worshipped four gods. Their chief god was Woden. Woden was a Germanic god with many similarities to the Roman god Mercury. The Saxons and Angles called upon Woden for guidance and protection. Woden was also believed to be the creator of the world and the sky. Woden was a one-eyed patriarch.

Wednesday was originally Woden's day. It was known as Wuotan, Wodan, or Wodanaz. In addition to Woden, there are many names for Wednesday. It is also a calque of the Greek emera Ermou. The word is found in several languages, including French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Catalan.


Traditionally, the Quakers used the term "Fourth Day" to describe Wednesday. In fact, Wednesday is also called the Fourth Day, because the Hebrew Bible places the creation of the sun on the fourth day of the divine work week.

The name Wednesday is derived from the Middle English Wednesdei. It is also known as the day of Mercury and the day of Woden, an Anglo-Saxon god. In Scotland, it is known as the first day of fasting.

The name Wednesday is also used for fictional characters, such as those in The Addams Family. It is also referred to as "Hump Day" in the United States. It is also the day of Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Jesus. In India, it is called Budhavara. The name was also given to the Sheffield Wednesday volleyball team.

The Quakers have deep ties to Christianity and the Old Testament. They believe that every person has a relationship with God. Every person is known by God, and every person has a duty to fulfill. The Quakers believe that each person can know God directly by following the principles of the Faith. They believe that God speaks directly to each person, and that every person is loved by God.

The Quakers believe that the Divine Spirit loves each person in a direct relationship. They are of all races, ages, and backgrounds. Their beliefs differ from those of the state-imposed religion.


Among the days of the week, Wednesday is the day between Tuesday and Thursday. It is also known as the day of Mercury and is related to the Roman god of that name.

The names of the days of the week have deep astronomical and mythological roots. This is because the Romans named the days after their gods and the names of their gods are reflected in most of the modern Romance languages.

The Romans inherited a calendar system from the Babylonians, who introduced it to Rome around 2,000 years ago. They also saw a connection between the gods and the changing night sky. These days of the week were also named after the planets and the "wandering stars." The first day was called Sunnon-dagaz in the old Germanic language.

Other Germanic-speaking peoples of western Europe adapted the Roman system and named the days after the closest Roman deities. The Germanic god of war was Tiu, who was equated with Mars. Likewise, the Norse god of war was Tyr.

The Romans named the days of the week after the five known planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. They could see Mercury and Venus. During their time, Romans were also able to see the moon. After they replaced the Greek god of war, Ares, with their own god, Mars, the days of the week were named after Mars and Mercury.

The Romans also named the first day of the week after their god, Solis. This is the day of the sun and the name of the Roman god of daytime.

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