Tokyo Revengers Characters:

Tokyo Revengers Characters:

Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tokyo Revengers Characters is a new japanese manga series created by Takuma Morishige. It is produced by publisher Square Enix and written by Takashi Shiina. In this series, the protagonist Akira Sakazaki must take command of the Tokyo Revengers to fight against a government which has waged a war on individuals with superhuman powers. Tokyo Revengers Characters is a work of science fiction taking place in future Tokyo if the 2024 Olympic Games happen to be successful.


Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old freeter, learns one day that his middle school ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, as well as her younger brother Naoto, have been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. When Takemichi is pushed in front of a train, he teleports exactly 12 years into the past to 2005. While reliving his middle school years, Takemichi meets with Naoto and divulges the exact date he and Hinata will die. When they shake hands, Takemichi is suddenly transported back to the present, creating a time paradox where Naoto survives and is now a detective. Naoto deduces that every time they hold hands, Takemichi is transported 12 years into the past. Using his knowledge from the future, Takemichi vows to save Hinata.In the past, Takemichi's friends are forced into underground matches led by Kiyomasa, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi's determination to protect them gains the respect of the gang's leader, Mikey. Takemichi discovers that his new friendship with Mikey prevented one of his friends, Akkun, from going to jail in the present; however, after Akkun commits suicide out of fear, Takemichi realizes the Tokyo Manji Gang presents a stronger threat to his friends than he initially thought.Takemichi resolves Mikey and Draken's dispute; however, on August 3, 2005, the Tokyo Manji Gang are attacked by a group of Moebius members, who are led by Valhalla member Shūji Hanma. Takemichi learns that Peh-yan colluded with them out of anger for Mikey and Draken letting Pah-chin be arrested, while Kiyomasa had stabbed Draken for humiliating him and causing him to be exiled from the Tokyo Manji Gang. The Tokyo Manji Gang wins the fight and Draken recovers from his injuries.

Takemichi returns to the present, only to find out that Hinata and his friends still die in the current timeline. With only the clue that Tetta Kisaki transformed the Tokyo Manji Gang into a violent organization, Takemichi returns to the past to find that Kisaki has recently joined the gang, using Pah-chin's absence to become his division's new captain. Moreover, first division captain Keisuke Baji is leaving to join Valhalla, after being recruited by Kazutora Hanemiya, a former co-founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mikey promises Takemichi that he will remove Kisaki from the gang if he is able to bring Baji back. With that, Takemichi is officially made a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang under Takashi Mitsuya's division. After returning to the present, Takemichi once again discovers that the Tokyo Manji Gang has grown into a large-scale crime organization after absorbing the Black Dragons, and his friends still die. When he travels back to the past, he learns that Hakkai Shiba is forced to leave the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragons under the orders of his abusive older brother and the Black Dragons' current leader, Taiju, an event that affects the Tokyo Manji Gang's merge with the Black Dragons. Mitsuya makes a deal with Taiju that he will allow Hakkai to join on the condition that Yuzuha, the Shiba brothers' sister, no longer works for the Black Dragons, nor will Taiju be allowed to assault her. Before bidding them farewell, Hakkai tells Takemichi and Chifuyu in secret that Taiju has no intention of keeping his promise and that he plans to kill him soon to free himself and Yuzuha. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Izana ordered Kisaki to murder Mikey’s half-sister and his blood-sister Emma Sano because of his jealousy towards Mikey where Shinchiro wanted Mikey to inherit his gang, not Izana. He is rumored to have god-like senses that made him the strongest member of the Tenjiku gang. When Izana and Mikey fought he was able to keep up but lost after a considerable amount of time. Manjiro Sano led the Kantou Manji Gang as their president during the Era of the 3 Deities (Chapter 208). 2 years after Toman disbanded, the world of delinquency was in chaos and every single gang fought to take control of Tokyo. This was called Tokyo’s Sengoku Period. Manjiro Sano was one of the 3 beasts that brought balance to the area and looked to be invincible once more (Chapter 208).

Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, is an original member and the leader who created the Tokyo Manji Gang. A charming person, he has a carefree attitude to life and spends a lot of his time joking around and pulling pranks on his close friends. Very loyal to his friends, he deeply adores them and would go to any lengths to protect them. Mikey rarely shows signs of weakness because he considers himself to be Toman’s foundation and support, because he knows that if the pillar were to show signs of weakness, Toman would be weakened as well. (Source: otakukart.com)



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