thunbergia grandiflora blue sky flower

thunbergia grandiflora blue sky flower

Sky Blue Flowers

Often, when I look up into the sky, I see a vast expanse of blues. I've always loved a sky full of blues. In Northern New Mexico, I can look out over the desert, see a road snaking its way towards silver mountains against the deep blue sky, and feel a certain wonderment that we'll all breathe air.The sky may no longer seem blue to the wearer of this tailored suit, but the costly modal fiber that composes the suit's intricately structured fabric is what gives it a powerful sense of blue. Combined with a bright-colored button-down shirt and some classic Chuck Taylors, the ensemble is as handsome as it is sustainable.


Photo Credit: Empire Blue’ Butterfly Bush via Ptelea, Oxford Blue via Magnus Manske, Periwinkle via Ryan Kaldari, Forget-Me-Nots via Rude, Brunnera via Kor!An (Андрей Корзун), Bluestar via Topjabot, Blue False Indigo via Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, Harvestbells via Yel D’ohan, Georgia Blue via TeunSpaans, The Blue Mist Shrub via CTHOE, Himalayan Blue Poppy via Pimpinellus, Love in Mist via LoopZilla, Lungwart via Hectonichus, Siberian Squill via Pudelek, Flax via Magnus Manske, Glory-of-the-snow via Audrey, Poorman’s Weatherglass via Hans Hillewaert, Birdbill Dayflower via peganum, Mountain Larkspur via S. Zenner, Bluecrown Passionflower via Petar Milošević, Desert Bluebells via Miwasatoshi, Stiff Blue-eyed Grass via Dcrjsr, Scabiosa via Leonora (Ellie) Enking.

This flower, also known as Buddleia, is very aromatic and this is one of the main reasons why it attracts many butterflies and hummingbirds, making it a real treasure for your garden. It has lance-shaped leaves with blooming branches covered in little blue flowers.I was traveling the Highway in an area of the Western United States and looking down below me at a home in the desert (to my Ohioan eyes) on to a patch of shimmering blue shining from a circle in the yard. This oasis of blue sky hue was not the result of a reflecting pool of water, but of what I am convinced was a stand of blue flax. I have grown just such a patch of blue in my own very green June garden. Perhaps my yard did not yield quite so startling an effect as the bare beige, gray, and pale browns of land of that sunny day, as my car whizzed by to the next destination. It reminds me of how gardeners love certain color -and blue is a certain favorite. (Source: www.ilonasgarden.com)




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