The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks - Neil Patel

The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks - Neil Patel


You can earn a significant income online with affiliate programs and networks if you know how to find them. There are dozens of affiliate programs that allow you to earn a steady stream of income. One of them is Optimus Performance Marketing. With this program, you'll have access to more than 60,000 publishers who will add your affiliate link to their websites and content.

Optimus Performance Marketing

Optimus Performance Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in affiliate marketing. It has clients in many countries and has been in business since 2006. Its team of professional marketers provides a variety of complementary services to help clients maximize their affiliate marketing program profits. These services include the creation of customized affiliate marketing programs with specific financial and target objectives.

The company has been ranked as the UK's Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Agency. It offers custom-tailored affiliate marketing strategies, and boasts a reputation for exceeding clients' goals while delivering a cost-effective return on investment. Its approach has helped one client achieve 188% year-over-year revenue growth, which was more than double what the client expected. The company is currently based in London but plans to expand to the US and Canada in the next few years.

10+ Best Affiliate Networks & Marketing Platforms of 2022

10 Best Affiliate Networks  Marketing Platforms of 2022

Affiliate marketing is the key to making money online. But before you start spending your time and money, it's important to make sure you're working with the best network. If you're not sure where to start, we've got you covered! Reditus is an affiliate network that is growing in the B2B SaaS space. Its marketplace offers businesses the chance to connect with more affiliates, and it makes it easy to manage relationships with them. Reditus also lets you track metrics and initiate payouts.


ShareASale has a diverse merchant base with a mix of big brand merchants and niche retailers. Its merchants include Etsy, Groupon, Buzzfeed, Nectar, Reebok, and others. Its affiliate program is scalable for any type of creator and offers tools to track key metrics.

ShareASale offers a comprehensive catalog of thousands of products and services. This allows users to easily filter products to find products that fit their requirements. In addition, the platform offers competitive commission rates compared to other platforms. In addition, it has similar payment thresholds compared to many other platforms. Moreover, it also has a pleasant user experience.

ShareASale allows affiliates to market thousands of products, ranging from automotive and home products to education. It also allows deep linking and helps affiliates regulate their marketing efforts. Its back-end dashboard allows affiliates to monitor their performance and track metrics. It also offers a deep-link generator bookmarklet. Another large affiliate network, Awin, works with over 15,000 publishers and 15,000 advertisers. Its merchants are mainly European. However, before you can promote an offer with Awin, you must submit an application to the merchant. ShareASale is similar to CJ affiliate but requires individual applications from affiliates. After you've submitted your application, you can begin generating links and tracking metrics.

ShareASale's comprehensive product list includes products across 39 different consumer categories. There are also search tools that help you narrow down the options. You can even filter the affiliate programs by category. The search features let you see key details about each affiliate program.

CJ Affiliate

If you're looking for an affiliate network to promote your website, CJ Affiliate is one of the best options. This company has been around for several years and has remained virtually the same in its user interface. Its dashboard is easy to navigate and offers an overview of your account. You'll need to have a website or a web presence in order to get started, so you'll need to enter some basic information. You'll need to fill out the information and choose a password. The CJ network's Help Center is a good place to start if you have any questions. The support center is easy to access and has a search feature that delivers accurate results. You can also get in touch with human customer service through web chat.

The CJ affiliate program has numerous selectable features. With this network, you can choose where to advertise and what to sell. You'll also have access to over 600 brands to engage with. You can also benefit from premium features and rates.


BeRush offers an affiliate program that will allow you to improve the conversions on your landing pages. Affiliates will earn nearly 50% referral commissions, and you can use their tools to improve your rankings on search engines. They also provide tools to help you optimize your campaigns and increase your revenue. The company is also a top choice for bloggers looking for recurring income opportunities.

BeRush uses the first cookie attribution model and is a great option for email marketers. The affiliate program works on a recurring basis, meaning you earn a percentage of every sale. You can sign up for a free trial and get a 30% commission. You can also earn up to $105 if a referral purchases an account.

Aside from its affiliate program, BeRush has many other features that make it a top choice for marketers. Its Matchmaking AI provides data-driven recommendations for affiliate partners, and it also has a publisher support team that can help you develop your strategy. They also provide help with landing page design and implementation.


FlexOffers is a well-established affiliate marketing network with over 12,000 advertisers. Its affiliate program offers a flexible payout structure, allowing publishers to work with a variety of brands. FlexOffers pays affiliates whenever someone clicks on their links or performs an action defined by the advertiser, such as signing up for emails or using a promo code.

FlexOffers is also home to a number of niche-specific affiliate programs. Its advertisers are diverse, ranging from email marketers to media buyers. This network has been around for decades, and its reputation has not slacked. However, it's lacking in some key areas.

FlexOffers allows affiliates to choose from a variety of affiliate programs and measure their cost per click. FlexOffers also offers customer support through an affiliate manager. While FlexOffers does not offer the highest payouts, it's a solid choice for many marketers.

FlexOffers also offers 'Advanced Payments' for affiliates. In order to access this option, affiliates must meet a certain threshold and wait until a certain date to receive their payments. FlexOffers' network is connected with tens of thousands of affiliates and advertisers.


Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing platform that provides its users with comprehensive marketing automation, landing page design, subscription forms, and powerful analytics. This makes it a powerful tool for any business that engages in digital marketing. Affiliates can earn a 30% recurring commission per referral and benefit from a real-time dashboard that shows their earnings. The company's support team is always available to help affiliates.

It is a good idea to choose an affiliate program with robust technical capabilities and affiliate tracking software. Look for features like deeplinking, which enables affiliates to link to any page on a website. Cookieless tracking, which uses scripts instead of cookies, is another great feature. Other features include postback tracking, which doesn't rely on tracking pixels. Postback tracking stores user data directly on the advertiser's server.

Another good affiliate program is ActiveCampaign. It offers 30% recurring commission and has a good affiliate manager to help affiliates with their campaigns. It also offers a 30 day cookie period. And Moosend is a great email marketing affiliate program.


OneNetworkDirect is an affiliate network that has more than 400,000 products to promote. It has a team of experts that create great solutions for affiliates and offers great bonuses. It offers up to 60% commission if affiliates promote its brands.

The company specializes in digital products, software and SaaS solutions. Its partners include over 4,000 digital businesses in 180 countries. It also has a large publisher community. It has over 180,000 publishers and 2,000 advertisers. Some of the brands in its portfolio include ING, Philips, Groupon, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and excellent search filtering abilities.

OneNetworkDirect has been around for nearly 10 years and is still going strong. With a low minimum investment and no long-term contracts, it is a great choice for newbies or established affiliate marketers. It offers an attractive compensation structure and a wide range of merchants. It also has one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world. It also offers a free affiliate account.

Affiliate networks are a complicated business with many moving parts. They need to maintain a steady cash flow to stay afloat. They must also meet stringent legal requirements. If one or more affiliate networks fall into the wrong hands, the entire network can disappear overnight. That's why choosing an older affiliate network is like choosing an insurance policy - one that has been around for a while is less likely to get into trouble and protect your income streams.


ConvertKit is a marketing platform that lets you sell digital products and subscriptions in your emails. The platform also helps you create landing pages, build mailing lists, and track referrals. With the help of its affiliate program, you can earn 30% recurring commissions. It also allows you to use third-party products to sell.

ConvertKit is one of the most popular email marketing platforms available today. It works with a subscription model, so affiliates earn a recurring 30% commission on every subscription. Its affiliate program also offers a variety of options, including an email designer and unlimited landing pages.

The affiliate program offers an excellent payout and reliable tracking tools. It is popular among internet marketers and bloggers. Its simple structure makes it easy to sign up as an affiliate and earn a good commission rate. Affiliates can sign up for a free account and upgrade to a paid one for a low recurring commission. It offers a variety of products to promote and a generous 90-day cookie duration.

Pepperjam is a well-established affiliate network and offers thousands of offers. It is easy to understand, and offers a diverse range of products. Its platform is easy to use, and it also offers beginner-friendly tools to create content and track sales.

8 Best Affiliate Networks for Passive Income in 2022

8 Best Affiliate Networks for Earning Passive Income in 2022

Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, LeadDyno, Rakuten, and many more are some of the most popular affiliate networks for passive income. These programs can offer a variety of merchants and affiliate links to promote. They also offer a very user-friendly dashboard for partners.

eBay Partner Network

One of the oldest affiliate networks, Amazon's associate program is still going strong with over 900k active affiliates. This online retail giant has a massive stock of physical and digital goods that affiliates can promote through their links. The platform has a user-friendly dashboard and provides useful resources.

If you want to earn passive income online with a product or service, affiliate networks are the way to go. Regardless of your niche or experience, there's an affiliate network that suits you. Some affiliate networks offer high commissions, while others are more focused on a specific product.

While Amazon's affiliate program offers high commissions, it has a low acceptance rate. Tripadvisor has an extensive network and an excellent brand. The site also offers comprehensive booking databases in more than 500,000 cities, which can help you convert sales into sales. It can take some time to sell expensive affiliate products, and it only pays through PayPal.


LeadDyno is a relatively new affiliate network that has already attracted several affiliates. The platform provides tracking and analytics on the performance of individual campaigns and affiliates. It also offers tools to create automated email campaigns. The system allows you to track the number of people who visit your site without making a purchase.

LeadDyno is an affiliate management platform that makes it easy for e-commerce brands to manage and track their affiliates. Its dashboard is customized to match your brand and is attached to your online store. It also includes an invitation form and onboarding form for affiliates. You can also use the mobile app to keep track of your affiliates' activity.

LeadDyno also features ClickMeter, a tool that compares and monitors affiliate links. This tool helps affiliates get noticed and earn commissions based on the actions they take. It's simple to use, and you can test it out for 30 days free of charge.


If you want to earn passive income online, Rakuten is one of the best affiliate marketing networks to join. Founded in 1996, Rakuten offers affiliates a variety of products to promote. Its advanced tools and reporting make it an ideal choice for publishers looking to maximize their earnings.

Rakuten has an easy-to-use user interface and advanced deep linking tools. It also offers rotating banners for merchant promotion and excellent transaction reporting. You can also take advantage of tutorial videos that help you learn more about the system. The downsides of Rakuten include a relatively small number of merchants and irregular payouts.

The Rakuten affiliate network offers an impressive amount of revenue and is a good choice for people who want to earn passive income online. This affiliate network has a high conversion rate and pays a high earnings per click. It also has some of the highest paying affiliate verticals. Recently, Michigan became the tenth state to legalize recreational marijuana. The drug is also legal in 33 states for medical use. CBD, a chemical in marijuana, is a safe alternative to opioids and is highly effective for pain management.

One of the top affiliate networks is CJ Affiliate, which offers an enormous range of products and tons of tools to boost sales. The network is free to join and has partnerships with some of the world's largest brands, including Amazon, Apple, GoPro, Lowes, Office Depot, CNN, Time, Digg, and more.

This network offers a catalogue of over nine million products, and has streamlined the process of applying to be a partner. Its unique features include affiliate links, product categorization by key verticals, and a convenient dashboard.

Affiliates can choose between recurring and one-time payout models. Recurring payout models give more flexibility to affiliates, while one-time payout models provide more consistency. CJ by Conversant is a 20-year-old affiliate network that processes $15 billion in sales and pays out $1.8 billion to its affiliates.

JVZoo has a great reputation for offering digital products. The network makes sure that every product it sells is compliant, and affiliates earn 50% or more of the purchase price. JVZoo also offers real-time tracking for affiliate campaigns.


MaxBounty is a cost-per-action network that provides a dashboard for publishers and advertisers. It has a significant network of brands and affiliate tools. Its UI is easy to navigate, and you can sort the offers by cost-per-action or cost-per-install. The site also allows you to earn a $1,000 bonus during your first three months. It has a low minimum payout threshold, and many high-profile brands are partners.

This affiliate network provides tools and training to help you make money from your website or blog. You can choose from more than a thousand product partners. You can choose a product category, which you can then promote through your site. You can also choose the type of affiliate link you want to promote.

Flexoffers is a large affiliate network that pays its affiliates faster than most competitors. It also has a long-term track record, with more than a decade of experience in the industry. They also have a robust set of tools and various content delivery formats. They are a good place to start if you are new to affiliate marketing.


Refersion is a great choice if you're looking for an affiliate marketing network with a high-quality platform and a great reputation. This all-in-one platform allows you to set up and manage your campaigns, track referrals and orders, and manage your affiliate program. The website also offers a wide range of products and has excellent customer service. There are several plans to choose from, with the cheapest being $89 a month. There are also tiered incentive-based commission structures.

The Refersion interface is easy to use, and you can search for affiliate programs based on various filters and categories. Each affiliate program is managed by the brand and has its own rules and policies. You can also view important details of the program. Refersion has thousands of affiliate programs and a fast payout system.

Refersion also offers a marketplace to list affiliate programs that use its software. However, you cannot search for programs on the Refersion marketplace. Luckily, the marketplace is growing and you can find new opportunities here. If you're looking for a new way to earn passive income, Refersion may be right for you. You can even save up to 40% off your first month's fees by becoming a member today.


If you are looking for the best affiliate networks to make passive income, Awin is a great choice. This network has an outstanding payout program and is one of the largest in the world, with more than 225,000 publishers and 16,500 advertisers. In 2020, Awin affiliates generated $1 billion in commissions.

The Awin network is open to anyone with a digital advertising channel. To get started, you need to have real traffic and make a small initial payment, which will be refunded once you make your first commission payment. This network allows you to promote any product or link and you can track your performance.

It's important to be careful when joining a partner network. You should do your homework and find out as much as you can about your potential partners. Awin's team of global professionals and in-house teams ensure that the program operates across multiple markets, territories, and website domains. The Awin network is comprised of more than 200 000 partners, and you can find publishers from a wide variety of industries and categories.

The 12 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks and Platforms For Affiliates

12 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks  Platforms For

There are many different affiliate marketing networks and platforms, each with their own unique characteristics. They differ in geographic coverage, payment thresholds, and other aspects. Affiliates should consider their goals before choosing an affiliate program. Some networks focus on a particular niche, while others are much more diverse. For example, some affiliate networks may focus on gambling and casinos, while others are focused on physical or digital products. Although this diversity is advantageous, it can also make it difficult to hit minimum payouts because traffic is spread across several networks.

Awin Affiliate Marketing Networks & Platform is a great tool for marketers looking to increase their revenue. Its user interface lets you generate trackable links and images to promote individual products, services, and advertiser brands. This tracking feature helps you identify which ads are performing best and which ones need some work. It also allows you to export a list of all advertisers in CSV or Microsoft Excel format, with multiple filters applied.

When you are considering an affiliate program, it is important to find one that works well with your site. Awin is different from other networks and allows you to choose the affiliate program that best suits your needs. Awin offers a training program to help you earn money through affiliate marketing. In addition, Awin accepts content from various social media sites, such as Facebook. However, you will have to verify your website and bank account before you can become an affiliate with them.

Awin also offers a knowledge base. There are several sections where you can find information about reporting, automation, commissions, and deep links. It is also easy to use and optimise.


There are a number of affiliate networks and platforms that offer an assortment of monetization options. One of the most popular is ShareASale, which was recently acquired by AWIN Group and has helped generate over $14 billion for advertisers and publishers. Whether you're just starting out or looking for more advanced options, ShareASale is a good place to start. In addition to being free to join, it also provides a wide range of useful tools and resources.

Affiliate networks provide advertisers with support for day-to-day reporting, including insights on industry conditions and performance. They also provide regular benchmarking and sector analyses and offer support for overall business strategies. Some networks also have account managers to help advertisers develop and implement campaigns that achieve their company goals. These are just some of the many benefits of working with a network.

Many affiliate networks provide a dashboard that keeps track of clicks, impressions, and conversions. These dashboards provide data to advertisers that can help them optimize their campaigns and save valuable time. In addition to being helpful to advertisers, affiliate networks also help publishers maximize their potential.

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is an affiliate marketing network owned by Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce company. It has been in operation since 1996 and rebranded as Rakuten Marketing in 2005. It offers a variety of affiliate programs, including per-sale and per-lead payouts, paid ad placement, and more.

This company has over 150,000 publishers worldwide and is a big name in affiliate marketing. Its platform has great features for marketers, including a powerful AI matchmaking tool and multiple commissioning options. It also offers customer support and account managers. This can make it a great choice for beginners.

Rakuten Advertising is one of the best options for new affiliate marketers. The company allows affiliates to customize commission rates and cookie durations, which are ideal for beginning marketers. It also has a low payout minimum of $50, which is much lower than that of most of its competitors. Affiliates can make a great income from Rakuten Advertising, particularly if they sell finance or dating products.


AvantLink is an affiliate network that allows marketers to earn commissions for bringing customers to a merchant's website. The network's mission is to improve the industry by leading by example and treating all of its partners with integrity. It strives to be 10x better than its competitors and only works with quality publishers and advertisers. It also treats its customers as a part of its team. The AvantLink platform is the core of the network and is designed to help both publishers and advertisers get the best results possible.

AvantLink has been in business for 10 years, and it continues to attract premium merchants. Its platform offers an alternative to partner networks like eBay and Amazon. Its affiliate program allows affiliates to promote a variety of products and services, from outdoor suppliers to major appliances and vacations. Its reputation for transparency makes it a favorite of more experienced affiliates and publishers.

AvantLink has a robust platform that allows users to control their advertising budgets and access real-time data to increase their conversion rates. It also offers apps to connect affiliates to a wider audience. Most of these apps are designed for merchants, but there are also affiliate-related apps for publishers to use.

The CJ affiliate network is a great place to start if you're new to affiliate marketing. It offers a variety of tools that will make your life easier, including cookieless cross-device tracking, deep linking tools, product widgets, and advanced analytics. Signup is free and you can choose from a variety of merchants to promote. You'll be able to earn commissions with CJ through both your website and your ads.

CJ Affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks, and one of the oldest and largest. It brings together thousands of merchants, big and small. Getting started with CJ is simple, and its dashboard has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to use.

One of the advantages of CJ Affiliate is the ability to customize your own code. You can choose different click domains and add other parameters to your code.


LeadDyno is an e-commerce platform and affiliate marketing network that offers an easy-to-use dashboard for your business. It offers a wide range of features, including a social media integration and comprehensive tracking and reporting tools. The platform also integrates with major eCommerce sites, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and PayPal. Affiliates can also access their reporting tools on the go, through the mobile app. This feature is especially helpful for offline audiences.

LeadDyno offers several commission systems. You can pay your partners based on a percentage of sales or give them commissions for certain actions, such as generating website traffic. You can also offer bonuses to promote specific products. The system also makes it easy to manage your affiliate payouts. LeadDyno also offers a multi-level marketing system and enables you to send out automatic emails to your affiliates whenever something wonderful happens.

LeadDyno also offers comprehensive tracking and analysis for websites. Through its analytics tool, you can determine which campaigns are working and which ones aren't. It also generates trackable links to help you better analyze your website's performance. Moreover, LeadDyno tracks how your visitors are performing. This includes tracking their behavior - whether they are buying or not - and how often they visit your website.


With its comprehensive reporting and flexible features, TUNE is a great choice for publishers. Its starter pack is just $16 a month and includes a 90-day free trial. TUNE offers top-notch customer service, automated tools, and an extensive library of performance partnership options. While the platform has many strengths, it also has some drawbacks.

Tune's partner marketing platform is a flexible SaaS solution that allows businesses to customize their partner channel programs. It provides an easy and automated way to manage all partner marketing relationships. The platform features customizable templates and guided workflows. Businesses can customize the platform based on their needs and goals.

Once you've decided to join Tune, you'll need to create an account. You'll be asked to provide a credit card when you sign up, but you can also use an ACH payment or wire transfer as well. However, Tune does not accept PayPal.

Affiliate Marketing - The 15 Best Affiliate Networks of 2022

15 Best Affiliate Networks of 2022 The Year s Top Platforms

There are many affiliate networks available to promote products from. This article will review the most popular affiliate networks for different types of businesses. These platforms include ShareASale, ClickBank, Rakuten, and Awin. These networks offer a variety of products and have a large publisher community.

ShareASale is a great choice for affiliates who are looking to sell digital products. You can choose from hundreds of merchants, many of whom are small businesses. In order to become a member, you must apply with each merchant. If accepted, the program will provide you with affiliate links, payment balances, and important account updates.

ShareASale is an affiliate network that acts as an intermediary between merchants and affiliates. Over 2500 merchants advertise their products through the site. To earn a commission, affiliates can promote those products. They can also write reviews about the products. They will be paid for every sale they generate.

After applying for membership, ShareASale will provide you with an introductory tutorial. Once approved, you can access the publisher dashboard. If you have questions, you can get help from customer support. In addition, ShareASale provides a comprehensive knowledge base, video guides, and prompt customer support.

ShareASale offers thousands of services and products. Filtering through them will ensure you find something that suits your needs. You can earn a higher commission than you would with other networks. Another great feature of ShareASale is its payment release structure. If you're looking for a network that pays out quickly, ShareASale is the one for you.


Rakuten is a well-known affiliate network, and it's free to join. It offers a convenient control panel and easy-to-use dashboard. In addition, it offers a knowledge base and toll-free phone support. This makes it one of the best affiliate networks of 2022.

Rakuten is the largest affiliate network in the world, and its affiliate program is a major name in the affiliate industry. Its massive reach and large number of partner brands make it a great choice for marketers who are looking to promote big-name brands. Its unique system uses AI matching to match affiliates with brands, and it offers a number of commissioning methods, as well as a lot of support.

Once you've joined the Rakuten Affiliate program, you can start promoting products on your site and earn commissions. The process to join is simple and requires only five to 10 minutes. You'll be able to make money quickly by working with advertisers in your content category.

Rakuten has been one of the top affiliate networks for a decade and still is a great choice for marketers. The affiliate network offers a wide range of products and services for merchants to promote. Its affiliate program for health products is one of the best in the industry, with over 200 brands in over 180 countries.


One of the largest affiliate networks, ClickBank is a popular choice for those who are looking to sell digital products. The company offers millions of products and has a good track record. It also offers many payment options and a flexible payment schedule. International users can even get paid through Payoneer. The best thing about ClickBank is that it specializes in digital products and thus has some of the highest paying affiliate opportunities.

The platform offers thousands of affiliate marketing programs. It also has a user-friendly dashboard and easy-to-grab links. It is also one of the best affiliate networks for beginners. However, the downside of CJ is that its customer service is lacking. Many affiliates have to hunt for answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, the reports from CJ tend to lag, which can be frustrating.

FlexOffers has a decade of experience in the industry and a user-friendly dashboard. It also has a sub-affiliate program that allows publishers to earn extra cash from sub-affiliates. It is important to have a decent audience before signing up for this program. Unfortunately, the site doesn't offer many tools for mobile campaigns.

Awin is a new affiliate network that started in 2017. It is a combination of several networks. Its roots are with the zanox and Affiliate Window networks, both of which started in the year 2000. A couple of years ago, Awin acquired the ShareASale network. While both networks operate separately, affiliates can sign up for both if they are successful.

Awin is one of the biggest affiliate networks, with over 13,000 merchants and 225,000 publishers. Its commissions are high and it offers great training. The network has a huge variety of merchants and advertisers. The interface is sometimes difficult to understand, but it does have an extensive list of advertisers.

The network's hefty list of advertisers is impressive - it boasts over 12,000 advertisers, including brands like Wayfair, Sephora, and Samsung. Affiliates can easily navigate the platform. The cookie duration is also impressive: 30 days! FlexOffers is a good choice for publishers with free blogs.

Awin was originally known as Commission Junction and brings together a wide variety of merchants. The network has both large and small merchants. Affiliates can apply to these merchants from their dashboard, which also has statistics.


The affiliate program on Etsy is unique, and offers niche products to promote. You can use blogs, niche websites, and YouTube channels to promote products from Etsy. It is a good opportunity to get passive traffic from search engines and build a brand. Blogging is another good long-term strategy.

It offers great commission rates and a variety of products. It also has a comprehensive affiliate support system. It has helpful videos, a wiki, and live chat support. If you have a problem, you can contact their support team using the contact form. You can also chat with live reps in order to get more information about your affiliate program.

Etsy also offers a curated product list. Its curated product list makes it easy for users to find and buy products. In addition, it has a 30 day cookie period, so you'll have plenty of time to find and promote products.

If you're looking for a high-converting affiliate program, Etsy is worth checking out. This marketplace has become one of the most popular affiliate networks in the world. Its affiliates earned more than $1 billion in 2017 through the affiliate program. Its merchant list includes big-name brands and niche retailers alike.

CJ Affiliate is a free affiliate marketing network, but you'll need to qualify to join. You'll need to have a blog, a large number of followers on social media, and traffic of at least 10K a month. Eligibility requirements for CJ are similar to other affiliate networks. You must be in the United States or Canada, and have at least one post on a website that is a couple of months old.

CJ Affiliate offers a range of tools, including cookieless cross-device tracking, deep linking tools, and advanced analytics. Signing up is free and you can use the program to promote a range of products. You must be approved by a merchant before you can begin promoting their products.

CJ Affiliate works with over 3,000 merchants, including Microsoft, NIKE, and J. Crew. In addition to these big brands, CJ Affiliate also features Disney, Samsung, and Barnes & Noble. It pays out in just over 20 days each month and has a $50 or $100 minimum payout threshold.


Impact has been around for a decade, and it has since partnered with an impressive list of brands and products. Its extensive partner catalog includes more than nine million products. The network offers a variety of ways for publishers to promote these brands, including mobile apps and influencer marketing. Its easy-to-use interface is complemented by robust automation tools that help brands maximize their partnerships.

As an affiliate, you can choose to promote any of over a million products, including new releases, and products that advertisers have yet to target. This can help you to maximize your earnings as you can target a wide range of products and sell them to a variety of buyers. You can also promote associated products, such as the products' accessories.

Another unique feature of Impact is its fraud detection technology. It uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate traffic and spot suspicious activity. This allows it to identify fraudulent behavior from partner brands and flag potentially fraudulent traffic.

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