The Best Free After Effects Templates

The Best Free After Effects Templates


The Best Free After Effects Templates  Unlimited Downloads

After Effects templates are extremely customizable and easy to use. They come with easy-to-follow video tutorials, editable project files, and are designed to be flexible and easy to customize. This means you can save a lot of time and effort in your next project.

Video tutorials

After Effects is an excellent editing software that helps you create stunning video content. It can be used to create motion graphics, composite visuals, add VFX, and other post-production processes. Among its many benefits is its built-in library of templates. Video tutorials for After Effects can help you learn all of the steps in the process.

Some of the tutorials available online include how to use lightning bolts and other effects. Motion Array, for example, has a great tutorial on creating the Shazam trailer. The tutorial walks through the process of shooting simple footage and adding a dynamic transition using After Effects. InVision's Andy Orsow also has a great tutorial that shows you how to load an animation into a lightweight GIF.

While After Effects can be intimidating at first, it is a powerful software that can make your video productions look stunning. You can take advantage of hundreds of video tutorials that will help you master the program. No matter how skilled you are, there's a tutorial for everyone! By following the instructions in a video tutorial, you can learn how to add special effects to your videos and save money on tilt-shift camera lenses.

After Effects is a powerful video editing software that focuses on motion design and digital effects. It can be used for creating stunning video animations, motion graphics, and other forms of media. Its flexibility means you can create high-quality video, animation, and motion graphics for any medium.

Editable project files

After Effects project files have the extension "AEP". Once you open one, you will find that you can edit text in it and drag and drop clips from your library. You can also add your own text to it. But, you might need to convert it to your version of After Effects.

In After Effects, a project file consists of one or more compositions, or layers, which contain video footage, audio tracks, images, shapes, text, and other content. It also contains project settings. After Effects is used to create and edit visual effects in movies and videos.

After Effects project files can be created by third-party plugins. They also include a pre-rendered project file. There are a number of benefits to using editable After Effects project files. First, they're compatible with other Adobe products. Second, they're a great way to save time.

Third, you can use placeholders. This type of media allows you to easily replace it with your own footage or images. To replace an image or video, simply right-click on it and select "Replace footage." You can even replace a single file in a project with several files.

Using templates is another option for saving time. Templates are project files that have been designed by professionals and can be edited. They're usually compressed ZIP files and can be opened in After Effects. They also contain drop-zones where you can add your own content. These templates can also be exported as a video file.

Flexible design

After Effects templates are project files that you can customize. They can speed up your workflow and increase your productivity. Creating work from scratch can take weeks, but by using a template, you can service up to 20 clients in the same amount of time. They are also cost-effective and safe for freelancers and small teams.

Logo animation is a powerful way to create a winning first impression for your business. Logo animation After Effects templates make it easy to create a cinematic introduction for your logo. You simply need to insert your logo image file and text into the template. AE logo templates also add fun motion to your videos. Icons are another popular choice for 2022. Icon AE project templates combine pre-built designs with the flexibility of individual design.

Another great option is an image lower thirds template. This After Effects template is highly customizable and easy to use. You can even style the lower thirds to match your brand identity. The 3D lower thirds feature individual color controllers and are dynamically animated. The best part is, these templates can be used for any type of business.

Using After Effects templates for text animation is a great way to experiment with different effects. You can add color overlays, zoom in, and more. You can also experiment with different text styles and mix them to suit different video types. This option is best for projects that need to communicate a certain mood or message.

Another popular option is using After Effects templates to create UI animations. These templates are perfect for creating interactive experiences for your clients, presenting your work, or showcasing your portfolio. You can use them for websites, apps, images, and videos. They are also easy to customize. These templates are also available in 4K resolution.

Easy to customize

Regardless of whether you're a novice video creator or an experienced editor, using After Effects templates can save you time and effort. They let you customize text, size, and color without requiring you to switch between programs. These templates have been designed by professionals to help you create beautiful and professional-looking videos.

There are hundreds of After Effects templates to choose from. From futuristic to sci-fi themes, there is a template out there for your project. Many of the templates offer options to stylize text like a neon sign. This style works great with educational content, since you don't need to hire real actors to appear in the video. These templates also have customizable character options so that you can easily create your own characters and styles.

Another great option is Cyberspace After Effects Template, which is influenced by sci-fi design. It has more than 50 editable elements, and no additional plugins are needed to use it. This template can be used for trailers, movies, and sports videos. Its duration is one minute and thirteen seconds, and it includes nine prerendered scenes. The template also comes with a video tutorial.

Using After Effects templates can make video production a snap. After Effects templates provide you with a pre-designed layout and design that's easy to customize. Unlike a clunky, unorganized design, a properly designed template is easier to navigate and faster to produce.

When editing text, you'll find that there's a folder within the template where you can edit the text. After Effects templates also come with individual layers for changing logos and importing new logos. You can even change the font and size of the logo. Changing these two variables will allow you to change the appearance of your project and save you a lot of time.

Make Your Logo For Free With Adobe Express

If you're looking for a free online logo creator, Adobe Express may be the perfect solution. This software allows you to create a logo in minutes using a variety of tools. You can even try out different possibilities and compare the results. Moreover, you can get help from friends and colleagues who can offer you their opinions.


Canva is a free online tool that allows you to create a professional-looking logo, without any graphic design experience. You can upload photos, add text, and choose from one of thousands of pre-designed templates. Once you've chosen a template, you can tweak its appearance and save the logo in PNG format. Canva also offers high-quality printing options. If you're not interested in using Adobe Express, you can try Canva's free online logo creator for 30 days.

You can also make use of the online logo maker to create a custom logo for your business, or upload your own. You can also download the logo that you created. You don't have to pay a dime, and you can change it as often as you like. Adobe is one of the most popular companies in the creative software industry.

Canva is very easy to use. It comes with a variety of templates for flyers, brochures, e-books, posters, marketing materials, and even t-shirts. You can even upload your own images and videos to your project. It also has a huge library of free and premium stock photos that you can use to enhance your designs.

Canva is an excellent choice for people who are just starting out in graphic design, as it's more beginner-friendly. However, if you're looking for a more professional logo or a more artistic approach, Creative Cloud Express is the better choice. The software's video editor is better than Canva's, and it supports more features than Canva.

Another big advantage of Canva is that it allows team collaboration. You can collaborate with other members of your team in real-time, and your designs will be compatible with every device. This makes the design process much faster and less time-consuming. It also has an advanced version that lets you add additional features.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express and Canva are two of the most popular design tools on the web, and both are easy to use. The free version of the software allows you to upload up to 60 million images. You can also use the Adobe Stock images available in its library. You can change the dimensions of the images in both versions.


One of the most important aspects of a brand is its logo. If you are looking for an easy way to make your logo, Placeit's free logo maker is a great option. It is easy to use and provides unlimited logo design options. It also allows you to save your work in the cloud so you can access it from any device.

The program walks you through the creation process, requiring you to enter your company name and choose an icon and typeface. You can even customize the colors of your logo. The program also provides a number of helpful tools, such as templates, cloud hosting, and live chat support.

This free online logo maker can help you create an eye-catching, memorable logo in minutes. All you need to do is type in your name and the AI will scan the templates to find the most suitable template for your business. Once you have created your logo, you can use it for social media and business cards. It also allows you to export it in raster and vector formats.

Another free logo maker is Looka. This self-guided design tool allows you to upload various files, including images and videos. After choosing the right file type, you can modify the placement and dimensions of your logo components. Once the process is complete, you can download the finished logo.

The free logo maker is very easy to use and is the perfect tool for people who do not know much about coding. With its drag and drop features, you can create a professional logo without learning how to code. The software also allows you to choose colors, fonts, and graphics. It even has a forum where you can post questions and get help when you need it.

Placeit is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create a logo or a range of marketing assets. It can help you create animated videos, social media posts, banner ads, flyers, and even mockups. You can use predefined templates or customize them to suit your business needs.


Squarespace offers a free logo maker tool for small businesses. It works in any web browser and on Mac and Windows PCs. It allows you to customize colors, shapes, and positioning. It also lets you add custom fonts and shapes. Once you've created your logo, you can download it in a high-resolution png file or choose between a black and white or color version.

Squarespace is a popular website builder that offers ready-to-publish websites for small businesses, but it also has a lesser-known web application that allows you to make a logo free of charge. It is easy to use and doesn't require you to create an account to use it. All you have to do is enter the name of your business and pick a few relevant icons and colors to create a logo for your business. You can then modify the design as many times as you want, or use a predefined template.

Once you've made your logo, Adobe Express allows you to use it to generate different layouts, colours, and fonts for your brand. You can even export it into different file types, which saves you time and ensures that your logo looks professional to clients.

This logo maker is very easy to use and includes a tutorial video. It also lets you tweak colors and fonts, and download a high-resolution PNG or vector file. The free version allows you to change fonts and colors, but you'll need to pay $7 for full ownership.

You can use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to create a free logo. The Adobe Creative Cloud Express logo maker allows you to upload up to five images at a time. You can also choose a background image, choose your fonts, and choose the font color and size.

Adobe Express

If you want to make your own logo for free, Adobe Express is the way to go. This tool allows you to create an unlimited number of logo variations. You can also customize each logo model by changing colors, shapes, and layouts. Once you have chosen the design you want, you can save it as an image or PDF file. PDF files are vector files, so you can resize them to any size without losing quality.

Adobe Express - Make Your Logo For Free is a free logo maker that can create AI-generated logos for your business. It also lets you upload free fonts and images, as well as use thousands of professionally-designed logos. You can also download free icons and images to add to your logo design. You can even create a logo with animation to promote your business.

Another great feature of this program is the ability to place your logo over a variety of backgrounds and resize it to fit any medium. You can also choose a transparent background for your logo, which gives it a greater applicability. You can collaborate with others to create your logo, and you can even build your own brand kit.

Adobe Express - Make Your Logo For Free allows you to edit the logo you create with its drag & drop tool. You can also change fonts, colors, and elements. After creating your logo, you can download a low-res version or a high-resolution file, if you wish. It's also possible to download vector files. You can also sign up for the paid plan, which includes more customization tools and file types.

Another alternative to Adobe Express is Canva. This website is easy to use and includes many useful graphic design tools and templates. The drag-and-drop editor is the core of Canva's workflow. The premium plan comes with more advanced features, but you can also try the free version for 30 days.

Adobe Express is also compatible with mobile devices, so you can make your logo while you are on the move. It doesn't require a high-performance smartphone or other special features. Using the app makes it much easier to customize the image and text.

Figma Mockup Tool

With the Figma Mockup Tool, you can easily create a variety of mockups. You can create a file for an epic feature or an individual feature. You can even add an Auto layout to the frame.

Interactive Components feature

Figma Mockup Tool has an interactive component system that allows you to create interaction within your prototype. This feature enables you to create special effects like infinity loops, spinners, loading indicators, and more. The interactive components can also be created with an After Delay trigger.

Interactive components can be created for a button or an entire menu. They are linked together so that when the user hovers over one of the components, they can select any combination of items. You can even designate an interaction type, such as "on click" or "animation".

This tool is not yet available to all users, but it is still worth exploring for designers. With the help of the interactive components feature, designers can easily create prototypes and explore design concepts faster than ever. It also helps them iterate designs more quickly. This results in better prototypes and richer insights.

Figma is a popular UI design tool. Its prototyping capabilities allow designers to create clickable prototypes by connecting frames together. However, this wiring model has its limitations. It becomes difficult to manage when the prototype grows. It can lead to 'noodle chaos' if you add too many states.

The Interactive Components feature of Figma Muckup Tool is a great tool to showcase your designs for clients. It allows designers to organize component libraries and use them across multiple projects. A library can be created for any file, including the one you are currently working on. Any changes made to an element in a library propagate across all files in a project. Moreover, Figma also allows you to choose the distribution of libraries and to toggle their visibility.

The Interactive Components feature in Figma Mockup Tool allows you to add interactive elements and user flows. Its interface allows you to build an organized prototype. By adding interactive components, you can make a prototype that can be used in a website or a mobile app.

The Interactive Components feature of Figma Muckup Tool makes prototyping easy. You can create interactive flows and communicate them with your design team. You can also create step-by-step instructions in the prototype. This way, your team can test your design and see if it works well.

Create a file for an epic or large feature

The Figma Mockup Tool allows you to create a file for an epic or large feature. An epic is a large body of work in Figma, and it can be split into several child features. An epic's Start date and Due date is the same as the earliest and latest feature's dates, and they will automatically update when those dates change.

You can create a file for an epic or large feature in just a few clicks. Figma will automatically update all embedded instances of your design with any changes you make. This prevents developers from having to manually update all their mockups and files. To get started, create a project and epic feature, and then create the pages of your large feature.

Once you've created your file, you can share it with other collaborators. You can send it to people in different time zones, and they can edit it immediately. This is ideal for projects that are undergoing development or are working on a tight timeline. Figma is made with accessibility in mind, so it's easy to learn and use.

Epics are collections of stories that represent larger initiatives. An epic can contain Stories from multiple Workflows and Projects, and it can be used to plan and track work. Epics are a great way to bring together cross-functional teams. For example, when a large feature is being developed, it may involve people from various departments. You can also use Epics to track progress and communicate the results of your work.

Figma is also built with collaboration in mind, making it ideal for large-scale collaborations. Unlike most other design tools, Figma has built collaborative working into its DNA. While most other tools require users to sign up for an account, add people to a team, and confirm their participation, Figma's simple user interface makes it easy for anyone to create an account and contribute feedback. This allows freelance designers to share mockup files with other teams.

With the FigJam Files feature, you can share your FigJam files with the rest of the team and move them between projects. You can even add these files to your Figma team, and move them between projects. This makes Figma the ideal collaborative environment for any project.

Adding an Auto layout to a frame

The Auto layout tool allows you to nest Auto Layouts within frames, with various sizing relationships. Selecting an Auto layout will change the frame's properties, and you will see any changes in the right sidebar. You can also change the order of objects inside the Auto layout frame by using the arrow keys.

You can also change the padding between elements with Auto Layout. The space between the frame and elements is changed when you use Auto Layout, so it is recommended that you select the right type of padding. The options for padding are Packed and Space between. The Packed setting changes the size of the frame. The Space between setting keeps the variable separation.

Next, select the text you wish to add. Use Roboto font, size 14, and alignment for the text. Then, set the Color to #FAFAFA. To make the text appear inside the Auto Layout frame, use the plus and minus buttons. You can also click on the rounded square to select a different font.

Another option is to use blobs to improve the aesthetics of the design. These blobs help add organic shapes to Figma designs. You can also add wave patterns to Figma designs with the Get Waves plugin. This plugin is especially useful for graphs and charts with crests.

Using the Notepad feature in Figma helps you to keep track of your project documentation. It saves your notes along with your documents and is available to other editors. Notepad also lets you see the changes that other editors made. Notepad is a great tool for sharing your project documentation with other editors. Adding custom patterns is a little more tricky, but there are Figma plug-ins that can help you with this.

Another useful feature of the Figma Mockup Tool is its ability to swap out different layout components easily. You can do this by selecting a page level layout. This allows you to quickly layout the components of your design.

Once you have chosen your auto layout, you can edit it and place it in the frame using the Place Image command. You can also rename the text elements. You can also use the Place Image command to insert photos inside the auto layout. The Place Image command can be accessed by pressing Control-Shift-K. You can also copy the auto layout element using Control-C.

Another useful Figma feature is its responsive design. Figma's responsive design lets you see how things will look on different sized devices. In contrast to the desktop versions, the mobile version of the design will be sized differently than the desktop version.

Make Your Mockups in Seconds

Make Your Mockups in Seconds  Custom Mockups in Seconds

There are several ways to make a custom mockup for your website. You can use tools like Smartmockups and Placeit, or you can use a tool like MockUPhone. You can also use websites like Mockerie to create mockups for your website.

Placeit is a web-based tool that allows you to make custom mockups in seconds. To use the service, you just upload an image or type your text into the place provided. It comes with a wide variety of templates and high-resolution PNG files to choose from. You can make various types of mockups, including albums, Discord banners, and e-commerce websites. You can also edit the font and background, and even upload your own logo or icon. Moreover, you can also choose the color of each graphic.

Placeit is free to use and has a huge library of mockups and other assets to choose from. Simply upload your design and Placeit will create a perfect mockup image for you. You can also enjoy a 15% discount if you sign up for the unlimited subscription plan.

Placeit is suitable for beginners as well as designers with limited design experience. However, it lacks some features that pro designers would enjoy. These include advanced cropping, realistic blur, and color background choice. Additionally, Placeit does not support gif files and offers only PNG formats. However, it is still an easy tool to use even for seasoned designers and online store owners.

If you aren't a designer, don't worry: Placeit makes custom mockups in seconds. All you need is a basic knowledge of Photoshop, an email address, and a password. Once you have registered, click the Placeit icon at the top of the page to access the available mockups. Once there, you can customize the design and add your logo.

Placeit also makes videos. Its video maker allows you to create video outros, intros, transitions, and more. You can also create promos for your Twitch channel using Placeit. The video maker also enables you to edit text, backgrounds, and music.


MockUPhone is a great online tool that wraps your design on mobile devices in a few seconds. While it doesn't have real backgrounds, MockUPhone has more than 80 different device models to choose from, and the website even offers a subscription plan where you can download more realistic mockups every month. However, there are some limitations with MockUPhone. For one, it doesn't offer any realistic backgrounds, so you'll have to upload your own. MockUPhone is free but if you're looking for more detailed mockups, the subscription plan is EUR5/month.

While the free version of MockUPhone has a watermark, you can remove it with the paid version. To remove the watermark, you can upgrade to a paid plan for $19/month, or sign up for a yearly plan for $9/month. If you're a Think Maverick reader, you can save even more money by getting a 10% discount on your purchase.

The user interface of MockUPhone is simple and user-friendly. The drag and drop tool allows you to select a scene or model that you want to use in your mockup. This feature also allows you to select a favorite and download it. The mockup tool can be used to showcase your clothing lines, mobile phones, and more.

Using MockUPhone is an excellent option for anyone looking to get a custom mockup quickly. It can be used to wrap a screenshot of an app onto different mobile devices. You can use it for personal or commercial projects.


Smartmockups allows you to create custom mockups of your designs in seconds. Its powerful editor lets you quickly make changes to your mockups, including changing the alignment or rotation. You can also integrate third-party integrations. After creating a mockup, you can save it for future use.

Smartmockups is a free mockup tool that lets you create custom mockups for any product. Its extensive library contains over 1,400 mockups that are updated every week. The service is accessible from a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Moreover, it has many integrations with popular mobile apps.

Smartmockups offers a free 7-day trial and a free subscription plan that lets you create 200 mockups for your project. The free plan has basic features, while paid plans come with more advanced features. It also offers paid subscription plans, which include 3,550 mockups for one low monthly fee. The free version is enough for small businesses, but if you're looking for an unlimited number of mockups, consider purchasing a subscription plan.

Smartmockups has numerous features that make it an invaluable design tool. For example, it features a powerful image cropping tool, a built-in eyedropper tool, and an advanced color picker. With smartmockups, you can easily convert any photo or design into a custom mockup.

You can customize the design of the mockups using a template that allows you to upload graphics, videos, or even stock photos. Then, you can download the mockup as a high-resolution image or embed it into your website. Smartmockups is easy to use, so you can edit the image as necessary to suit your needs.


With Mockerie, you can create premium looking mockups in seconds. The tool has an easy interface and hundreds of professionally designed templates. You can easily replace images, add your own designs, and more. It also lets you add website screenshots. It even offers handy reflection modes.

Once you've created a mockup, you can use it to showcase your work. This online tool offers over 4000 free mockup templates that can be easily customized. They are then available for use on websites and social media. The mockups are available in both PSD and JPG formats, making them easy to use and share. They are also available as web assets in different formats for easy editing in Photoshop.

Mockups help you describe your product and its potential. 65% of the population says they are a visual learner. With this tool, you can create professional-looking mockups in no time. Mockups are great for marketing, business development, and any other department that uses visual content.

Mockerie allows you to easily create and edit realistic mockups. The online tool includes high-quality lifestyle images that will help your mockups come to life. With Mockerie, you can use your mockups on social media and in your online store. You can also upload your design using drag and drop. You can also easily change color or size variants for your mockups, and preview the designs before you publish them on your website.

Mockerie allows you to easily create high-resolution mockups within minutes. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can paste your visuals into more than 1900 mockups of different devices. And you can also export high-quality images within seconds. The program is free, and no learning curve is necessary.

If you're looking to create stunning images to promote your new product, you should use Canva's smartmockups. These templates are great for a variety of projects and can be seamlessly integrated into a Canva layout. You can use these to showcase your new product or website, and you can even share them with investors, clients, and stakeholders.

Canva is a free design tool available for both beginners and professionals. It allows you to create high-quality, custom mockups of your own products and promotional materials in seconds. If you're not sure what to use in your designs, you can also upload your own photos or media from your own device.

Collaboration is another great feature of Canva. You can easily share your designs with your team members, and collaborate on them in real-time. The software allows you to create sub-teams and manage user permissions. When you're ready to share your design, you can send a link to your team or send it via email. You can even sell templates on the Creative Market, and the links are provided in the emails.

To make a custom mockup, all you need to do is add a photo or design and choose the layout and alignment. To upload your image, click on the images tab. Then, click on the thumbnail of the design you want to use. You can also adjust the image in the mockup by clicking on it and making the necessary adjustments.

Canva also comes with a social media scheduling feature, so you can share your finished design right away to your social networks. You can share it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Tumblr. The editing features of Canva are not as robust as those of Photoshop or other free design tools. Despite these limitations, it's easy to create a good mockup using Canva, and it's especially designed for non-designers and has a very short learning curve.

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