The Benefits of YouTube Premium

The Benefits of YouTube Premium


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YouTube is a social network and online video sharing website. It was launched on February 14, 2005, and is owned by Google. It's the second most popular website, behind Google Search. As of 2017, there are more than two billion users on the site. Founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, YouTube has been a major player in the online video industry.

YouTube Music

If you love music, you'll love YouTube Music, Google's music streaming service. This service features a personalized music browsing interface that allows you to find the songs you love based on genre, playlist, and recommendations. If you're looking to listen to music while you work, or on the go, this service is an excellent choice. Its playlist feature is also a great way to find new music, and you can easily save favorite songs to listen to later.

YouTube Music offers thousands of songs and videos. It allows you to listen to music on mobile devices as well as in your browser. It also supports audio and video streams in four different quality settings: HD, mobile, and SD. You can also select a restricted mode, which cuts out songs that are too explicit for your taste. However, it's important to note that this feature is not protected and relies on the artists themselves to flag content.

Another great option for music streaming is YouTube Music Premium, which offers a premium experience. This subscription service has a wide selection of genres and can be an excellent choice for the hard-core music fan. If you're interested in supporting independent artists, you can create an artist page on YouTube Music. This page will let people know more about you and your music. It also allows you to add bio information, hero artist images, tour dates, and related music videos.

The quality of audio streaming from YouTube Music is okay if you don't care too much about video and audio quality. Most music streams will be at 256kbps or a lower bit rate. This can be frustrating if you have a weak connection. If you're a heavy music listener, YouTube Music will likely provide the music you want, but it's not a great solution for most people.

Offline playback is another feature of YouTube Music that allows you to save songs to listen to offline. You can easily transfer your playlist to your computer, phone, or tablet by using a third-party service. You'll need your account login information to connect to the service. Once there, select the songs you'd like to transfer.

Another great feature is the ability to create a playlist and share it with friends. This feature is reminiscent of Spotify. Users can create a playlist and add songs they like to it. This feature is also available on YouTube Music and is a great way to share your favorite songs with your friends. You can also create a playlist in the YouTube Music app and send it to anyone you want to hear.

While the free version of YouTube Music has ads, it is a decent option for those who do not want to pay for their music. It also offers a premium plan that removes adverts. The premium version allows you to download songs for offline playback. As with Google Play Music, there are two ways to upgrade your YouTube music experience.

The first method is to create a profile. To do this, visit Google's sign-up page. You'll need to provide a phone number and recovery email address. You'll also need to provide information like your gender and birthday. You can also customize the data collection options, as well. Once your profile is up and running, you can choose a plan.

If you haven't tried Spotify or YouTube Music yet, it's worth trying it out for free. Both services offer one-month trials. Both have similar pricing plans, but the features are different. For instance, Spotify allows you to download songs to your phone, whereas YouTube Music only allows you to stream them to your computer. Spotify also offers a Windows app, which YouTube Music doesn't.

If you want to listen to the songs you love on YouTube, you'll want to upgrade to YouTube Music Premium. This will improve your experience on the site, and allow you to download songs on local devices. You can also convert YouTube music to MP3/AAC or FLAC format. This will allow you to save your favorite tracks.

YouTube Premium

YouTube premium is a subscription service that allows you to enjoy ad-free content across the entire service. It also gives you access to premium YouTube Originals. Here are the benefits of YouTube premium: 1. No more ads! 2. No more pop-ups! 3. Premium Originals! - Watch the newest series and movies without interruption!

Ad-free experience: YouTube Premium removes all ads and third-party banners. You can also watch videos offline and save them to your device. You can subscribe to YouTube Premium through the mobile app. It also works on any device. It removes the annoying advertisements that can interrupt your viewing experience. Premium subscription is also a great way to support YouTube creators and their videos.

Ad-free music: YouTube Premium users will be able to enjoy ad-free music, downloads, and background listening. They'll also be able to watch the full slate of YouTube Originals, from recent hit Cobra Kai to dance drama Step Up: High Water to sci-fi thriller Impulse. They'll also enjoy comedies from around the world. Premium also helps you support YouTube creators by removing annoying ads from the site.

YouTube Premium also allows you to download videos from the website to watch offline. This is very useful if you want to listen to a video while driving or cooking. Another benefit of YouTube premium is that you can block ads on your devices. This way, you can watch any video without worrying about ads interrupting the quality of the content.

Another benefit of YouTube Premium is that you can download videos in high resolution for offline viewing. Premium videos can be downloaded in 1080p resolution. This is also convenient if you want to listen to music offline. You can also save your favorite podcasts as video files. YouTube Music is a great feature of YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium has some perks, but it's not the best option for everyone. Although it helped control the content uploaded by users, it's not worth the price compared to Netflix or Amazon. Moreover, you can sample many of its original shows for free. But if you have a family, Disney+ and Hulu are better alternatives.

Another benefit of YouTube Premium is that it lets you watch YouTube Originals without ads. These are created by some of the biggest creators on YouTube. You can also watch YouTube Originals if you don't have a Premium account. As long as you update your YouTube app, you can enjoy the benefits of YouTube Premium.

Lastly, YouTube Premium gives you the freedom to listen to audio without interruptions. This feature is especially useful when you are on the go and can't get a reliable connection. Also, you can play videos offline, so that you can listen to them later. Moreover, premium subscribers can also turn their screens off so that they can save battery life.

While YouTube Red provided users with ad-free YouTube videos, the premium version has added additional features that will make the experience more enjoyable. In addition to the ad-free experience, YouTube Premium also lets you run videos in the background. This means that if you're not watching a video, you'll never miss a moment of it.

As an added bonus, YouTube Premium has a free trial period. However, if you want to keep enjoying your content, you'll need a credit card with recurring billing. You will also be able to watch your videos offline, which is another big advantage of YouTube premium. So, if you're looking for the ad-free experience on YouTube, then YouTube Premium is the best choice.

YouTube premium subscriptions also give you access to the YouTube Originals section. Though most of YouTube Originals content is free, premium-only videos are available only to subscribers. YouTube Music also works just like any other music streaming service. Premium subscribers can enjoy ad-free music streaming and offline play. This makes it especially convenient for long commutes.

How to Create Scheduled Content For New YouTube Videos

It's not easy to post new YouTube videos every day, but it's important to create a schedule that will allow you to post new content regularly. The most effective way to do this is to create a content calendar and stick to it. This way, you won't have to scramble to create new content because you're rushing to meet deadlines. Your viewers will subconsciously recognize when you post new content regularly and will know that you're a consistent creator.

TubeBuddy's Bulk Cards

TubeBuddy's bulk cards for new videos feature lets you add cards to your YouTube videos in bulk. You can select which cards to apply and how many. All of your cards will be stored as templates, making it easy to apply and edit them at a later time.

Whether you want to run a time-sensitive promotion, or simply update your videos' URLs in bulk, TubeBuddy's bulk cards feature is a valuable tool. To get started, visit the Content tab in YouTube Studio and select Bulk & Misc Tools. Choose Bulk Cards / Copy from the Bulk & Misc Tools menu. From here, you can filter by privacy status, video title, or video description. You can also customize the cards to apply to other videos.

The free version of TubeBuddy allows you to add Call-to-Action cards to several videos at once. You also get access to the mobile app, which is an essential part of creating a successful YouTube channel. As a free member, you can manage your cards with ease, and you can use them to drive traffic to your website.

TubeBuddy's SEO tools are also an excellent option for helping you find the best tags for your videos. The auto-translation feature of the tool will automatically translate titles and descriptions, allowing you to reach a much larger audience than if your videos were only in one language. As a bonus, you can add keywords to your descriptions.

TubeBuddy's Bulk End Screen

If you have a new video on YouTube and are having difficulty adding a custom end screen, you can make use of TubeBuddy's Bulk End Screen feature. The feature can bulk-update your End Screens, including title, image, and URL. It also allows you to bulk-replace specific criteria and filters.

TubeBuddy has an intuitive interface, and it is easy to apply the same templates to your new videos. You can even bulk edit end screen elements, such as links, social media profiles, and website URLs. TubeBuddy is a free browser plugin that can bulk-edit your YouTube videos and make them more search engine-friendly.

Another great feature of TubeBuddy is its ability to bulk-copy end screens and cards. This saves time by eliminating them with a few clicks. Another useful feature is Bulk edit, which finds text within titles and descriptions. Bulk thumbnail overlays will automatically add overlays to your thumbnails.

You can also include labels on the YouTube end screen to tell viewers where to view your next video. Gary Vanerchuck's YouTube video shows an example of this. With this tool, you can add labels to your new videos in a matter of seconds. You can use the labels for the last 20 seconds of the video, or create your own customized end screen design.

In addition to helping you remember video upload details, TubeBuddy's Bulk End Screen also lets you bulk-create thumbnails for your new videos. By choosing an image, you can also customize your video's thumbnails with emojis, text, shapes, and logos.


If you are interested in using Hootsuite to manage your YouTube content, you've probably wondered what exactly you can do with it. First of all, there are a few limitations to the service. For example, if you upload a video longer than 15 minutes, you'll need to verify your account before you can publish it. To verify your account, you'll need to enter a verification code that YouTube will send to your mobile phone. Also, you'll not be able to edit your video's thumbnail or access its Community Section without verifying your account.

For those looking for an alternative to Hootsuite, you can use Sendible or Facebook's built-in social media scheduling services. Both platforms include a customizable post template and can add hashtags and emojis. Both tools have a smart compose box. Hootsuite shows you the previews of your posts on the right side of the composer, while Sendible shows you previews on the bottom toolbar. You can customize your title in Sendible or Hootsuite and choose what kind of media you want to share with your audience.

In addition to allowing you to schedule and post your YouTube videos, Hootsuite also integrates with Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to manage multiple accounts. It's also possible to measure and monitor your subscriber growth with their Channelview Insights tool.

Social Blade

Social Blade is an online tool which tracks social media activity, and is a useful tool for marketers. The tool tracks data on YouTube and other social media channels. It also tracks subscribers and churn rates. It was founded in 2008 and is popular among creators. It provides a range of information for marketers, from the number of subscribers to the type of content being shared.

Social Blade allows you to research your rivals and other channels in your niche, and see which videos are generating the most traffic. This helps you create content strategy based on the best performing videos. You can also monitor the top YouTube stars by using this tool. It is very useful for finding out what kinds of content perform well on YouTube.

SocialBlade uses public APIs to track 27 million YouTube channels, as well as 8 million Twitter profiles, and seven million Twitch accounts. It then analyzes the data and presents results in an easy-to-understand format. It can also share its findings with video producers, news portals, and other stakeholders. Users can also subscribe to a free dashboard account to receive regular progress reports.

Another great feature of Social Blade is the ability to compare the different YouTube channels. With this new tool, you can compare different channels based on video views, subscribers, and category. Social Blade also includes a country ranking, allowing you to see which channels have the most subscribers in your country.


If you're looking to organize your video production workflow, you may be interested in using Trello for new YouTube videos. This project management tool utilizes a Kanban-style board system. As a bonus, it's completely free. There are many ways to organize your work with Trello.

First, integrate Trello with YouTube using an app like Integrately. It allows you to integrate Trello with YouTube without a learning curve and offers live chat support. Trello is a visual collaboration tool that gives your team a clear perspective on their projects. It lets you track everything from simple checklists to complex workflows. You can even receive notifications about any changes.

Trello is a great way to stay organized when you're working on a large volume of videos. For each video project, you can create a board on Trello and track its progress until the video is delivered. You can also use Trello to track multiple projects at once. For instance, if you're working with a team, you can use Trello to list all of the different members and all of the paperwork you need to complete for the project.

Trello is cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere. It lets you create boards and attach job cards. It also has an app for Slack. If you're working on a complex project, however, you'll need something more robust. In addition to Trello, consider using another tool that does include built-in time tracking.


If you are looking for a simple way to share your YouTube videos on Facebook, you can use WooBox. This application will display the latest videos on your page and will allow your fans to watch them without leaving your page. Its social promotion features are useful and you can use it to create a contest, coupons, or poll. It will also help you track your metrics and track your audience sentiment.

Another useful feature of Woobox is that it will help you create appealing and interactive popups. These popups are very easy to integrate into your website and will not require any coding skills. They are great for educating your audience, thanking them for their time, or collecting visitor data. This app also allows you to export the data it collects.

You can create interactive landing pages that will draw the attention of your audience and help your business build brand identity. You can also use Woobox to run contests, giveaways, and coupons. You don't have to be a web developer to run these campaigns, and you can easily customize them with advanced styling controls. Once you've finished, export the results to a spreadsheet and integrate them with your customer management system.

Another great feature of Woobox is its social promotion features. It offers various interactive elements in its marketing campaigns, including Instagram hashtag contests, comment giveaways, and polls. You can sign in with your Facebook account or email to create campaigns. After creating your campaign, you can customize the templates to your liking. If you decide to host the contests on multiple social media platforms, Woobox will help you run them without any trouble.

Home Free - Country Music Band From Nashville, Tennessee

Home Free is a band from Nashville, Tennessee. The members all have formal musical training. Singers Jacob Lundquist and Adam Rupp each hold bachelor's degrees in music. Adam Rupp also plays trumpet, keyboard, and bass guitar. Singers Foust and Brown have also become more active in arranging and writing music.

Home Free

The band Home Free has gained a significant following on YouTube. The group's official music video features all five members standing in a line with microphones, creating an ambiance that is reminiscent of classic Motown. The group has received tens of millions of views on YouTube since its release. The group's song "I'm Yours" has a classic Motown feel, which is reflected in the band's arrangements.

Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues"

Originally recorded in 1955, Johnny Cash's "Folsom prison blues" became one of the most popular country songs of all time. He recorded the song twice, in 1958 and 1968, and both versions were top hits. In 1968, Folsom Prison Blues was named the best country song on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart. It also reached number one in Canada on RPM Country Tracks. The song has also been ranked 51st on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest country songs of all time.

Folsom Prison Blues was originally recorded at a prison in California. In 1955, it peaked at #4, but a live recording of the song in 1968 topped the Billboard Country chart. Cash's song includes a line about the incarceration of a man in Reno, Nevada. Despite the controversial lyrics, the song was well received by fans and went on to reach #1 on the country charts. In fact, the song was certified gold on the Billboard Charts in October.

The lyrics to Johnny Cash's "Folsom prison blues" capture a rebellious attitude that intersected with the spirit of 1968. It was a time when young people were protesting war and urging people to reach out to the disenfranchised. In many ways, the lyrics of "Folsom Prison Blues" echo the sentiments of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other socially conscious critics across the country.

In 1968, Cash recorded a live version of "Folsom Prison Blues" while in prison at Folsom State Prison in California. The song became an instant hit on the country music charts, and reached the top 32 of Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

After his stint in the Air Force, Cash met his future wife, Vivian Liberto, whom he married in 1954. The couple settled in Memphis, Tennessee, where he initially hoped to work as a disc jockey. He also inquired about a police position but ended up selling appliances.

Free Movies to Watch on YouTube Free

movies to watch on youtube free

Sci-Fi Central

For fans of science fiction, Sci-Fi Central is a great option. This YouTube channel offers free sci-fi movies, documentaries, and TV shows. Most of the shows on this channel are short-form and often start discussions. There are also a number of full-length movies that you can watch on this channel.

Futureworld: This sci-fi movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a boy with an autoimmune disease who lives in a plastic bubble and tries to lead a normal life. While Westworld has enjoyed massive popularity in the wake of HBO's hit television show, Futureworld is a lesser-known sequel to the original film. Yul Brynner reprises his role from the original film.

Groundhog Day: This 2011 sci-fi film has elements of Quantum Leap and Groundhog Day. The film's main character is from the future and is part of a government program to travel through time. The technology allows him to send his mind into another body within the last eight minutes of his life. This time-travel twist makes the movie a thrilling and chilling adventure.

Paris, je t'aime

"Paris, je t'aime" is a series of 18 short films that are based in Paris. Each film is directed by a different director and features a different cast. These short films are full of wit and affection. They are a great way to get a taste of Paris without having to travel to France.

"Paris, je t'aime" features the love lives of many famous Parisians. Among the characters is a cabaret dancer named Pierre, who spends his days on the balcony and watching the lives of the people below him. Meanwhile, his sister Elise moves in with her three children. The movie is full of great actors and gorgeous Parisian scenes.

The film also features a story about a young waitress named Amelie. The film is based on the novel by Brian Selznick. Amelie is a lonely 18-year-old waitress who finds a box in her apartment and decides to return it to the boy who lived in it. The film is one of the earliest examples of the nouvelle vague, or French art film movement, and it introduces a number of new styles and narratives. Another important aspect of the film is that it is not shot in a studio but rather on the streets of Paris.

Kung Fury

If you're a fan of the '80s, you'll love this action-packed buddy cop movie. Directed by David Sandberg, Kung Fury is about a tough martial artist cop in Miami who travels through time and battles the Kung Fuhrer (Adolf Hitler) and dinosaurs. The movie has received a high IMDb audience rating and is available for free on YouTube.

"Kung Fury" is a parody of the '80s action-movie genre and was produced on a budget of $600,000. This satire features an homage to '80s exploitation movies while delivering creative CG effects. In addition to the '80s slapstick humor, the film also contains plenty of kung fu fights and gun battles that make you feel like you're in the '80s.

Although the movie's budget is low, its script is well-written and directed, and David Sandberg plays the main character David. The film's corny catchphrases and action scenes are a fun combination, and the ending leaves room for a sequel. It's not an award-winning movie, but if you want to watch a fun movie, Kung Fury is a must-watch.

The Last Descent

The Last Descent is a true story about the survival of a man who went missing in a cave. The movie stars Chadwick Hopson as John Jones, who became stuck in a hole 18 inches deep, 150 feet under the surface of the earth. It was directed by Henry Winkler and features skippable ads and a 200-hour DVR. You can watch The Last Descent on as many screens as you want in your home. This movie is available on Netflix and YouTube.

The Last Descent is available on many streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch it for free with ads on Peacock Premium and VUDU Free. In addition, you can download the film from Amazon Video. You may be able to find it on other streaming services as well.

How to Download YouTube Videos For Free on Mac

how to download youtube videos for free on mac

If you want to download videos from YouTube but don't want to worry about wasting space on your computer, there is a simple way to do it. All you need to do is copy the address of the video you want to download. Once you have the address, click the blue Download button. This will scan the video and show you your download options. You can choose to download the video in a variety of formats and quality. When the download is complete, you'll find the video in your default downloads folder.

AnyTrans for iOS

AnyTrans is a software program that lets you download videos from the web. It supports many popular video and audio sites. All you have to do is visit the website of the media you want to download, copy its URL, and then switch to AnyTrans to download the video.

AnyTrans is very easy to use. Once you download it, simply plug in your device via USB cable and it will detect it. Alternatively, you can connect your device to your Mac via Wi-Fi. This way, you can transfer videos without any loss of quality. AnyTrans also supports AirDrop for super-fast iDevice to-iDevice transfers. However, the free version only has limited functionality.

If you are looking for an app that helps you manage your iOS device, AnyTrans is a great choice. The program supports 900+ video sites and can download just about any video. The videos can be converted automatically using the built-in converter. It also supports converting videos between different file types, including MP4 and AVI.

With AnyTrans for iOS, you can download videos from the YouTube app to your Mac without any additional downloads. Once you've selected a video, the app will ask you to choose a quality and resolution, and will tell you how many minutes are left before it finishes. The downloaded video will only be available for 48 hours. After 48 hours, you'll need to reconnect to the internet to watch it.

AnyTrans for iOS is a file transfer and backup program. It comes with a feature that lets you download YouTube videos from YouTube for free and edit them on your Mac. The app works with more than 1,000 websites, including YouTube, so you can download videos from any video website with a click. And if you are an Android user, you can transfer the videos from your iPhone to Android without having to transfer them to your phone or computer.

While many of the free YouTube downloader apps are available, you will still need to convert the files before you can transfer them to your Mac. This can be a hassle if you don't have the right software. Fortunately, AnyTrans for iOS will handle all of these tasks for you and will make the entire process painless. With AnyTrans, you can download videos in batches from more than 900 websites.

iFunia YouTube Video Converter

iFunia YouTube video converter is a free Mac app that downloads YouTube videos for free. It can download videos of all quality levels. With its batch download feature, you can download several videos at a time. It also offers offline viewing without annoying ads.

This video downloader is an excellent solution for downloading YouTube videos and local videos. It has minimal limitations and supports multiple websites. It can download entire playlists and channels and even download 4K and 8K Ultra HD videos. Another great feature is its ability to edit video files and save them in MP3 format.

iFunia YouTube video converter supports most popular video sites, including YouTube, and offers a variety of download options. It supports downloads for single, playlist, and channel videos, and supports audio from YouTube videos. It can even download videos in a variety of formats and add effects, which you can then edit and share with friends.

iFunia YouTube video converter provides mac users with a range of features for free. Its built-in player can play downloaded YouTube videos as well as existing FLV, MP4, and WebM files. Moreover, it has a scheduler, which lets you set a time interval for downloading videos. However, the free version is only limited to downloading 5 playlists. Moreover, it is compatible with only Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9 systems.

It also allows users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and M4A. It also has an integrated search feature, and lets users convert videos from YouTube to other video formats. Users can also schedule the download process so that the video is completed before the computer goes to sleep or shuts down.

Another good YouTube video converter for mac is MacX YouTube Downloader. It supports Mac OS X10.5, and it can download videos from YouTube. It also supports MP4 and FLV formats, and is compatible with several browsers. It also offers a video player and lets users take screenshots.

After downloading a YouTube video, users can convert it to the iPad-compatible format with the click of a button. The download process depends on internet speed and download duration, but once done, the user can view the converted video in the iPad-ready format. You can choose the output format and output settings according to your preferences. The default profile offers good audio and video quality.

4K Video Downloader

Besides downloading individual videos, 4K Video Downloader also allows you to download YouTube playlists and entire channels. It can even download videos in 3D format. Moreover, it allows you to download videos embedded in web pages such as Safari. Simply copy the video link to 4K Video Downloader, and you're all set. Once you've finished the download process, you can double-click the video file to watch it.

If you're having trouble using 4K Video Downloader, you should take note of the error messages that may appear on your screen. For instance, the app might be incompatible with some websites. To fix the issue, you can try Wondershare Repairit Video Repair tool.

Another feature that makes 4K Video Downloader a great choice for macOS is that it supports various file formats. It can download videos in HD 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K resolutions. It is also user-friendly and automatically downloads new YouTube videos. The software also supports up to 50 languages. Unfortunately, the free version does not work with iOS and Android platforms. It also has limitations when it comes to downloading Playlists and Channels. In addition, advertisements are displayed when downloading videos.

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms. The ability to download videos to a Mac is a great benefit, whether you want to watch them offline, on your iPhone, or just to watch them whenever you want. You can also download videos for offline use or watch them when you're in an area with a lousy Internet connection.

Another great feature is that you can download as many YouTube videos as you want at one time. You can even download 360-degree virtual reality (VR) videos. It also lets you download audio from these videos. It's easy to use and can be done in a single step.

This app allows you to save various files, including photos and files. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it convenient for people who don't want to spend hours watching YouTube videos. It supports high definition, standard definition, and low-definition videos. Some security software may flag this app as malware, so be sure to use it with caution.


There are a few ways to download YouTube videos to your Mac. One method involves downloading the video from YouTube's website using a tool called VLC. You can find VLC in your Mac's Music app. Once you've launched it, you should be able to view the video. Click the Media Information menu at the top of the window to access a variety of options. One of these options is the download quality, which determines the size of the downloaded file. You can choose a higher quality video, but be aware that it will take longer to download.

Another way to download YouTube videos is through a browser extension. A browser extension like Pulltube allows you to download videos from many different websites. Using this app, you can choose the output format and resolution of the video and add subtitles. Afterward, you can check if the video has been downloaded.

Another way to download YouTube videos is to download the videos from the web and store them on your Mac. The process is fairly straightforward, though you may have a learning curve. In this case, downloading videos from YouTube to your Mac is a great way to watch them on the go, on your bus, in your hotel room, or anywhere else where Internet access is less than reliable.

Using Cisdem Video Converter is another way to download videos to your Mac. This application has many features that will convert and transfer videos from the web to your digital devices. It also allows you to save the videos to your iOS devices. Another option is to use AnyTrans to transfer videos to your iPhone or iPad.

Another free option is to use a Mac video downloader. This software will allow you to download YouTube videos in many formats and resolutions. MacX Video Converter Pro can analyze the video URL and convert it to your preferred format. Once the conversion is complete, you can choose an output folder and begin watching your downloaded videos.

How to Create a YouTube Channel From Scratch

The first step in creating a YouTube channel is to create an account. This will allow you to post videos and manage your content. Next, you'll want to create thumbnails for your videos and optimize them for discovery. Finally, you'll want to develop a content plan. This will allow you to post a video at least once a week and promote it across your social media channels.

Create a Gmail account to create a youtube channel

The first step to create a YouTube channel is to set up a Google account. You can either choose to use your personal account or one that is dedicated to your YouTube business. A dedicated Google account is best for security purposes and for sharing with others. Although a dedicated Google account is best, you can use your own name as long as it is relevant to your business.

Once you have set up a Google account, you can log into YouTube with your new account. Once you have a Google account, you can access all of the other Google products and services. If you already have a Gmail account, you can simply log in using your existing email address.

You can also use the same Gmail account to create more than one YouTube channel. YouTube allows you to have up to 50 channels under a single account. This is good for those with multiple videos to promote. You can choose the name of your YouTube channel, as long as you don't use the same name as your other channel.

Once you've set up a Google account, you can easily sign in to YouTube. This will allow you to create your own playlist and subscribe to other channels on the site. It will also allow you to create comments and download videos. It's very easy to create a YouTube account and sign into all other Google products through the same account.

Once you've set up your Google account, you can start creating your YouTube channel. You can also add other social media accounts and websites to your channel. Once you've created your channel, you can start uploading your videos and comment on others' videos. You can also make playlists of your videos for your audience to watch. This service is currently only available on desktop and mobile devices.

Add thumbnails to your videos

When uploading videos on your YouTube channel, you can add thumbnails to them. These are small images that provide tons of information about your video. They can also be used on embedded videos. However, it is important to remember that you should not make the thumbnails too small. Small thumbnails will lose their quality when scaled up.

You can add text to your thumbnail to give it more context. The text should be brief and easy to read. Keep it to about 20 characters. This will allow people to understand what the video is about without reading the title. In addition, avoid including a large amount of text as it can overshadow the visuals.

If you want to have custom thumbnails, you must follow the technical requirements of YouTube. Your thumbnail should be under 2MB in size and be in PNG format. Also, make sure to follow the 16:9 aspect ratio. When you have completed the process, you can save the changes and apply your new thumbnail to your videos.

Another way to create thumbnails for your videos is by taking screenshots. This is easy to do, as you simply have to press the "Snapshot" button at the bottom right corner of your screen. Then, click "Save Screenshot" and you'll have your thumbnail image. You can also use a program such as Adobe Photoshop to design your thumbnail images.

While uploading thumbnails, remember that YouTube has an algorithm that rewards those channels that retain viewers. Adding a misleading thumbnail can make users click away and hurt your video's Audience Retention score.

Optimize your videos for discovery

Optimizing your YouTube channel for discovery is a crucial part of making your video content discoverable. YouTube recommends videos based on how many people like them and what topics they cover, but there are many other factors that can contribute to how your content is viewed. For best results, try to optimize your videos within 48 to 72 hours after uploading them. Doing so will signal to the YouTube algorithm that you are interested in driving viewers to your videos.

One way to increase the discovery of your videos is to use annotations. Annotations encourage users to engage with your videos by providing context and information about the video. Annotated videos are more likely to be clicked than standalone ones, so incorporating these can boost your view count and traffic. YouTube's search algorithm also encourages viewers to watch similar videos. For this reason, make sure to use keywords in your playlist titles.

To optimize a video for YouTube, use relevant keywords within the video's description and title. Ensure that the tags are relevant to the content and the ways that your video will be discovered. If possible, use examples in your tags and descriptions. For example, if a video is about clothing, use tags that relate to your fashion brand.

Aside from keywords, make sure that the thumbnail of your video is interesting and includes your target keyword. A good title will show up at the top of search results, signaling to users that you have a relevant and authoritative video. The descriptions and annotations also need to be optimized for search engines, as these will help viewers find your video.

Create a content plan

One of the first steps to monetizing your YouTube channel is to create a content plan. Using a content plan will help you keep your audience happy and satisfied. It will also help you develop a community around your channel. This plan includes monetization and SEO, which will increase the visibility of your videos.

Content planning is a vital part of the YouTube marketing process, as it will help you create a consistent and effective video content calendar. To do this, you'll need to set goals, research YouTube trends and decide how often you'll post. You'll want to repeat this ritual monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs and goals. This will give your audience an idea of what to expect from you and will increase engagement.

When creating a content plan for your YouTube channel, consider the target audience and the type of content you're creating. If you're targeting a general audience, a video about your business may not be a great choice for your channel. If your target audience is young and male, you might want to focus on making humorous videos.

While creating a content plan for your YouTube channel, keep in mind that your strategy also needs to incorporate a promotional strategy. Remember, the 80/20 rule applies to all types of content marketing, and it's no different for YouTube. If you're going to succeed in growing your channel, you must build a community of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Get your audience to watch your videos

In order to get your YouTube audience to watch your videos, you need to be consistent and provide great content. For instance, you shouldn't post videos about trees if you're an expert skateboarder. Instead, list topics related to your specialty, such as skateboarding, so your viewers can jump to that topic if they want to. Your content should also be relevant to your audience and should match their expectations. Likewise, you should also try to share your videos across other platforms to get more views and subscribers.

Apart from making your videos interesting, it's also important to make them stand out from the crowd. One way to achieve this is to add custom thumbnails to each video. Another way to get more views is to send email marketing campaigns to your subscribers. The email newsletters can be personal and direct, and can encourage viewers to sign up. By sending out emails, you can also promote your new videos to your audience.

Another technique to get more views is to respond to comments on your video. YouTube rewards those who engage with other viewers. This will help you develop a stronger relationship with your subscribers. You can do this by pinning or liking comments. You can also write personalized notes to your subscribers in the comments section. An example of such a strategy is Artzie Musik, a channel that regularly responds to comments and engages with its subscribers.

Using social media platforms to promote your videos can also help. Another option is to embed your videos in your blog posts or landing pages. This will help your viewers find your videos and participate in the conversation. Adding keywords to your videos can also help you gain more views.

How to Get a YouTube Channel ID

youtube channel i

The YouTube channel Taras Kulakov is a great source for fun and light-hearted entertainment. Kulakov, a former Olympic swimmer and current resident of Waynesville, North Carolina, ranks Dunkin' Donuts products and offers life hacks and gadget tests. He also creates a playlist that highlights his best videos and makes it available to subscribers on YouTube.

Get a YouTube channel ID

If you are wondering how to get a YouTube channel ID, there are a few methods to do so. First of all, you can look up your YouTube channel ID on YouTube. It is usually visible under your channel's video. After clicking the icon, you can see your channel ID. This ID can be useful in creating apps and services for your channel. Alternatively, you can find your channel ID from a video or playlist.

The first method involves logging into your YouTube account. This will allow you to access your channel settings. You will be able to find the ID for any videos uploaded to YouTube. You can also use an app for your phone to see your channel's ID. Then, you can click on your channel icon and look at the YouTube channel ID.

Another option is to use the API of YouTube. The API supports several APIs, including the YouTube Channel ID. The API of YouTube is designed to use the ID for all operations related to channels. The YouTube API allows you to change the channel name and the YouTube channel ID. After you have reached 100 subscribers, you can change your channel name to something more meaningful.

The next option is to use the YouTube Data API to retrieve a list of all YouTube channel IDs associated with a user name. Once you've done this, you can access a channel list page. You'll need an API key to access this page.

Promote your channel on other social networks

If you have a YouTube channel, you need to promote it on other social networks in order to attract subscribers. The best way to do this is to post your video content on as many networks as you can. Depending on the format and audience of each network, you should design your promotional content accordingly.

Consistency is also key when it comes to attracting subscribers. If you post frequently, your audience will trust you more. After a while, you can start posting just once or twice per week. It is also a good idea to check your YouTube Analytics to see when your video content is most popular. Try posting around those times to get the best results.

Another smart way to promote your YouTube channel is by launching a series. Bon Appetit, for example, has a series of videos called "From the Test Kitchen." These videos are popular because they give people something to look forward to. They also give viewers a reason to come back.

It's also a good idea to cross-post content to other social networks. For example, you can post a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram and then link to it in your YouTube video. By promoting your YouTube video on other social networks, you can attract more YouTube subscribers and gain a larger audience.

Create a YouTube playlist

If you want to create a YouTube playlist that will get views and subscribers, you need to optimize it. The title and description of your playlist should be descriptive and contain keywords. By optimizing your playlists with keywords, you will be able to rank for more search terms. Using playlists to promote your videos is much easier than optimizing individual videos.

To create a YouTube playlist, you first need to sign into YouTube. Log in to your YouTube account and then select "Channel Management." Once you're logged in, you can create a new playlist. Select the playlist you want to create from the list and click Save. This will open a window where you can name your playlist and choose your privacy settings.

Creating a YouTube playlist is easy. You can create a new playlist or add an existing one. You can choose to make your playlist public or private. Then, add titles and select whether you want to share it with others. The YouTube account that you use must be linked to Google to sign in to your YouTube account.

Creating a YouTube playlist is an important part of marketing your channel. The sequence of videos matters to viewers. A playlist that has more videos is more likely to get more views.

Create a YouTube ad

You can create a YouTube ad to target a specific audience by setting your budget and choosing the duration of your campaign. You can also customize your ad based on the topic and the size of the audience. However, you should remember that limiting your audience size will reduce your chances of getting views and costing you more money. The key to YouTube ad optimization is to use the appropriate keywords. This will help you target specific content.

If you want to use YouTube for marketing, you must have a YouTube channel. If you do not have a channel, you must set one up. Creating an ad for your channel is easy. You need a YouTube channel and a Google account. Then you can create ad campaigns and manage them in one place.

To create an effective ad campaign, you must be familiar with the different formats available on YouTube. Select the right format and know which one will work best for you. YouTube ads come in two formats: in-stream video ads and display banners. You can upload an image for your banner or choose to have a YouTube ad generator generate it for you based on your videos. The cost of your YouTube ad campaign will vary according to the format. There are also different payment options. Some ads will pay for views of 30 seconds and others will pay for views of entire videos.

Once you've selected the format, you need to choose a goal for your campaign. This will determine the type of ad, placements, and information you need to create a successful campaign. For example, you might want to promote your YouTube channel by promoting a new video. If your goal is to attract new subscribers, you should choose a video that relates to your product or service.

Create a YouTube video description

When creating a YouTube video description, you need to include your target keywords. These keywords should be at the very start of the description. Use tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends to determine which keywords are trending and which ones are being used the most. Use these keywords in your video description to make your video more visible. This can result in your video appearing near the top of the search results.

A video description should be short and to the point, but it must also be informative. Try to avoid repeating keywords or phrases. Use the first 200 characters to hook the viewer, and the rest of the space to provide more information. Remember, a good YouTube video description should be catchy and a good way to tell a viewer about your channel.

The first line of a YouTube video description is the most visible. It is also one of the best places to include relevant information about your video, including timestamps. It is also an opportunity to include contact information and social media handles. This is also an excellent place to include a call to action.

A good YouTube video description should also contain a hashtag or two. These will make it easy for viewers to find your video in the search results. Using a hashtag helps your video to rank higher in search results. Ensure you use hashtags that are relevant to your video.

Display statistics on your channel

You can display statistics on your YouTube channel to keep track of your channel's performance. Some of the metrics you can view include total views, unique views, subscribers, and number of likes/dislikes. This information can help you improve your video content. It is also possible to see how your viewers interact with your content.

You can find these statistics by going to the "Views" tab on your channel. These reports will display your audience statistics for the past 48 hours, 60 minutes, and seven days. This allows you to see whether a particular campaign or marketing effort is increasing your channel's audience. Additionally, you can see the number of videos published on your YouTube channel and how many people have viewed them.

In addition to these stats, YouTube offers a built-in analytics tool. This tool will help you analyze all the metrics that affect your channel. This tool will give you a graphical overview of how many visitors have viewed your videos, as well as their sources. These tools will help you choose which sources are best for your videos and determine how you can improve them.

YouTube analytics is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your videos. This tool lets you see how many people have viewed your videos and which posts are generating the most traffic. You can also use this information to determine how well your content is reaching your target audience. YouTube has made it easy to track your videos and analyze the statistics that matter most to you.

How to Customize a TV's YouTube Channel

tvs youtube channel

There are several ways to customize a TVs YouTube channel. These include adding a live tab to your channel, changing the position of the text on the interface, and adding sports teams. To learn more, read the following articles. Each topic focuses on one particular area of the TVs YouTube app.

Live tab on a tvs youtube channel

The "Live" tab is a great feature that lets you see everything on TV right now. This includes local broadcast channels, primetime shows, and popular cable networks. It is also customizable, letting you rearrange channels according to your viewing habits. You can sort the list by channel or choose to edit it to include only your favorite channels.

You can also find shows by using the search function. This allows you to search for shows and movies that are currently airing. It is also possible to search for future shows or movies. You can view the list of scheduled shows for the day or week. You can even find movies that are scheduled for tomorrow or tonight.

Adding a sports team to your Library

There are a number of ways to add specific sports teams, leagues, and groups of games to your television's YouTube channel library. You can also hide the results of specific sports games from your television's library. For more information, you can read our article on how to watch and record sports games on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV's built-in video recorder will allow you to record sporting events. You can either choose to record the entire game or specific moments within a game. In addition, you can choose to hide the results of specific games by choosing the Team option. Once you've added a team to your TVs YouTube channel library, you can watch recorded programs.

Adding a channel to your Library

If you have a YouTube TV account, you can add a TVs YouTube channel to your Library to watch it on your TV. When you add a TVs YouTube channel to your library, you will have access to its videos and recorded shows. You can also customize your channel's design by using the templates provided by the website. You can also upload photos from Google.

Adding a TVs YouTube channel to library is very simple and easy to do. Whenever you want to watch a show on YouTube TV, you can go to the Library tab and click the checkmark icon next to the title. In addition, you can choose a category like "New in Library," "Most Watched," "Past episodes," "Past events," "Sports," or "Purchased videos." Once you've selected a category, you can choose the episode or program you want to watch. If you're watching a live event, you can even record the event.

Subscribing to YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription service that allows you to watch live TV and add-on channels. It currently offers live TV from major broadcast networks, along with popular shows created by YouTube creators. Depending on your country, you may also have access to YouTube Premium, a separate subscription service that gives you a better and more uninterrupted experience across YouTube. YouTube Premium members can also watch their favorite YouTube videos on YouTube TV without ads. However, they will still see ads while watching live TV.

YouTube TV offers an extensive lineup of live TV channels, including most major sports networks. The lineup also includes several news channels and regional sports networks. However, many regional sports networks are not included in the basic subscription. This is due to contractual disputes. For those who prefer a more comprehensive lineup of sports channels, YouTube TV offers an optional Sports Plus package for $11/mo. This package contains more channels, including Fox College Sports, NFL RedZone, Stadium, and TVG.

If you're not sure about the service, you can try it out for free by signing up for the one-week trial offer. This offer allows you to watch over 85 channels in the base plan. Plus, you can watch shows from Spanish Plus and HBO Max. During this trial, you'll also have the option to save recordings of ongoing series for later viewing. Once the free trial period has expired, YouTube TV will resume normal service and charge you the same rate as before.

Besides live television channels, YouTube TV also offers a variety of on-demand content. However, it isn't a perfect substitute for live television. It's not available in all countries and there are some limitations. If you want to watch sports outside the United States, you'll want to subscribe to a different live TV service.

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