Thatch Miami

Midtown’s Thatch is a big and incredibly pink plant-based restaurant. They serve dinner in the bright dining room and do a more casual lunch during the day in the little market that’s connected to the restaurant. Dinner here is less of a take-out operation and definitely a sit-down meal. Their slightly all-over-the-place menu includes some pretty good things like a crispy cauliflower that goes really well with the mango hot sauce on the table. Other plates - like the squash blossom pizza with macadamia ricotta or the clumsy avocado lettuce cups - you should skip. But even with some misses, it’s not a bad option for a vegetarian-friendly dinner spot and a glass of natural wine. The icing on the cake of the Thatch experience is none other than the house-made dairy-free ice cream (cashew and coconut-based). Some more whimsical flavors include orange-pistachio-ginger and peppermint-cookie. Ice cream is also sold by the pint at their next-door market, which also offers an extensive selection of coffee and tea, superfood smoothies, bagels, and toasts. Altogether encompassing a perfect to-go pick-me-up for anyone working from home!

Wow... I can't believe that I have yet to write about Thatch! Chances are if you are in Midtown, you'll probably find me here. Let me tell you... their vegan pizza and pad thai are my guilty pleasure. Had a tough day at work? Order Thatch. Celebrating something? Order Thatch. Celebrating nothing? Order Thatch. They have a restaurant on one side, and a shop on another where you can walk in, pick up orders, check out juices/smoothies, natural wines and vegan friendly desserts. They...read full review.Due to Covid I don't understand why you're not stapling bags . if you care about your customers you will staple your bags. It's just very funny how you guys ask people to support you guys but you guys are not supporting and or/ looking out for customers safety.Update: I asked thatch to please staple all of my food items and they leave my drinks with no cover and they staple the ends of the bag but you can clearly see my food items are out and not coveredI wish I could show this on this review.. so better thatch Miami.I don't have enough words to describe my love for Thatch! Yesterday I had the bbq mushroom (“chicken”) dish with lettuce wraps and today I had the pesto kelp noodles. We also got the Buddha bowl, falafel bowl and avo toast. Divine. Ambiance is awesome. Staff is great! Food is NEXT level good. If you love clean, healthy, beyond delicious food - this is the place. I've eaten at all the famous vegan spots in Miami and Thatch is the winner. Yes- even better IMO than Planta.Let me begin by saying that not only is the food yummy but the staff is incredibly happy and helpful. Okay so I ordered the regular avocado toast and OH MY GOD! I've been ramping about this avocado toast since!! It's got a perfect balance of sweetness from the red/yellow tomatoes and a touch of a citrus balance. The bread is also thick enough to handle the toppings so kudos to the chef! I also had the matcha latte with soy milk, DELISH!!!! I'm dying to try the pastries there but haven't had the chance. Everything is fresh, organic and vegan so you will eat good and feel great afterwards. Thank you Thatch! (Source: usa-food.worldorgs.com)



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