Tennessee Vs Kentucky Future Stars

Tennessee Vs Kentucky Future Stars

Tennessee Vs Kentucky Future Stars


Kentucky vs Tennessee Future is almost never which teams are most talented, but rather which team shows the best future. With that in mind, below are five players to watch out for that will make an early impact in their game.


Each participant will then have the opportunity to try out to be selected to attend a 3 Day camp and cheer at the Kentucky Future Stars All-star football game and activities. Participants will try out by performing the materials/cheers focused on during the tryout clinic. Each participant will begin by spiriting onto the try out floor. Any running or standing tumbling will be performed after the cheer performance. Running or standing tumbling is optional and not required.

Two QBs who have had tremendous success under center but neither of whom are the framed out type of pro-style guys generally playing in a game like this will square off on June 15 in Clarksville, Tennessee at Fortera Stadium. Both of these guys have “it.” By “it” we mean all the intangibles which make one a difference maker at the QB position. Meet Keegan Hill (KY) and Jordyn Potts (TN) and get ready for what should be quite the battle. (Source: kentuckyprepgridiron.com)


We talked with the Times-Voice’s Fletcher Long who attended the Lexington-area tryout. He told us, “Well, everyone around knows, from both FBU-select and the ‘Battle of the Regions,’ how special of talents the Combs are football-wise. Sawyer Hall showed at the ‘Battle of the Regions’ he was a force with whom to reckon. Sure, Kory and Kylan dominated at the combine I watched as everyone expected. I am not sure I was prepared for Sawyer Hall to be as dominant in that crowd as he looked.”

“We are thrilled for Future Stars to return to Clarksville and we look forward to giving them a fantastic, one-of-a-kind Clarksville experience,” said Visit Clarksville Executive Director Theresa Harrington. “It was one of the first football events we hosted in the news Fortera Stadium. This year sixth graders will join the seventh and eighth graders, so we’re expecting our numbers to almost double.” (Source: www.clarksvilleonline.com)

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