Technical Writer Resume

Technical Writer Resume

Technical Writer Resume

Because employers don’t want to waste valuable time training a new hire on fundamentals, many use an electronic utility called an applicant tracking system (ATS) to help them find the most skilled candidates. The ATS weeds out those who are unqualified and ranks remaining applications by searching for technical writer resume keywords. The search results then determine how quickly hiring personnel will receive your resume.


Created technical, training, and help documentation supporting software/ hardware projects for a company providing solutions to businesses, the telecommunications industry, governmental agencies, and the military. Developed online help tools and GUI designs supporting projects for the company's core business lines. Created and executed test scripts, evaluated user interfaces, and partnered with the development team to remediate issues.

How do you become a good Technical Writer? First, you need the training. Technical writing requires having good fundamentals. Second, you should build up experience. Like all skills, you have to work on writing to get better. Finally, you should have the right attributes for it. Technical writing demands time and patience. Let’s break everything down in your Technical Writer skills list. (Source: www.resumeok.com)


Objectives, goals. Also found on some resumes is a section just under the heading in which you describe what your key goals or objectives are or what your key qualifications are. Some resume writers shy away from including a section like this because they fear it may cause certain employers to stop reading, in other words, that it limits their possibilities. A key-qualifications section is similar to a highlights section, but shorter and in paragraph rather than list form.

These words are called ‘keywords.’ They represent the attributes a recruiter is seeking from an ideal candidate such as specific skills, qualities, job titles, and professional experiences. Getting your resume past the ATS will require you to incorporate any keywords that apply to you naturally throughout your entire resume. If you need a reminder how to do this, re-read the sections about “Skills” and “Achievements” above. (Source: resumebuild.com)


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