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te connectivity website

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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a $14 billion global technology company and manufacturing leader with a wide range of products. Its products have enabled innovations in data communications, industrial applications, and transportation. TE's mission is to ensure that every connection counts. As a leader in wireless connectivity, the company has also been recognized with a Better Practice Award for its innovative work in energy and environmental conservation. This included an energy treasure hunt that identified savings opportunities of $2.7 million.

TE Connectivity manufactures, designs, and distributes electronic connectors and sensors. The company has a global workforce of more than 89,000 people, including more than 8,000 engineers. The company serves customers in over 140 countries and is present in more than 80 countries around the world. It has two major segments: communications and transportation. In the communications segment, the company designs and manufactures a variety of electronics, including wireless communications and home appliances. It also offers sensors, connectors, and application tooling.

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TE Connectivity is a global leader in manufacturing electronic connectivity products. With over fifty years of experience in the branch, they design, manufacture and sell over half a billion products every year. Their products are used by leading industries to protect the flow of data and power. Their products help companies achieve their goals and improve their operations.

TE Connectivity's product line includes high-power connectors, antennas and sensors. These are used in various applications, including industrial automation, human-machine interfaces, security and elevators. The company also offers products for the solar industry. Its NTSEAL 20-position connector has the ability to withstand high-power overloads, and is suitable for many harsh environments.

TE Connectivity has a diverse range of capacitors. The company provides a variety of types and sizes to meet the needs of various industries. Their line includes capacitors made of aluminum, multi-layer ceramic and Tantalum. They are also available in any case size and voltage rating. TE Connectivity also offers a variety of connectors, including coaxial, fiber optic and flat ribbon cables.

The company manufactures over 500,000 precision-engineered products. Their products are used in industrial machinery, automotive, communications equipment and appliances, as well as in the aerospace and defense industries. Their employees are passionate about delivering the highest quality performance. Many of their products are made with the precision of millimeters, so that no two connectors are the same.


TE Connectivity designs and manufactures electronic connectors, systems, and components. The company's brands include Agastat, CenturyMan, Chip Coolers, Elcon, Nanonics, and Microdot Connectors. The company's product catalogs are outdated, and the website's ability to build brand awareness and educate users is lacking.

The Raychem brand was acquired by Tyco International in 1999. Originally called RayTherm Wire and Cable, the company changed its name to Raychem to avoid confusion with Raytheon, a military organization. The company was established in 1957 in Menlo Park, California. It was the first company to use radiation chemistry in a commercial product. The brand was also responsible for the invention of heat-shrinkable tubing.


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TE Connectivity is an engineering partner for technology entrepreneurs who seek to solve today's most difficult challenges. The company has been working with customers to develop and improve connectivity products for 75 years. Today, its solutions help power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, and smart homes. Its innovations also enable life-saving medical care, efficient utility networks, and a global communications infrastructure.


TE Connectivity takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information you provide when you visit our website. We only share your information with the people and organizations that we need to provide you with products and services. TE Connectivity may share this information if you give it to us voluntarily or if we are required by law to do so. We do not sell or rent your information to other companies for commercial purposes.

TE Connectivity is a global, $12.1 billion company with over 50 years of experience. Its products protect the power and data inside products. This makes them the perfect partner to help you bring your products to market. Whether you are looking for a custom-made connector or a standard component for a specific application, TE Connectivity has the solutions you need to make your product or system work as intended.

TE Connectivity Distributors USA

TE Connectivity is a global supplier of sensor and connectivity solutions. The company was recently named the Mouser global high-service distributor of the year. The company's extensive product line consists of wireless and wired communication products. Its distributor network is located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, is a global leader in connectivity solutions. It designs and manufactures products for a variety of industries, including medical, industrial, and commercial. With over $12.1 billion in annual revenue, TE Connectivity serves customers around the world and offers a broad range of products and solutions to support their specific needs.

TE Connectivity offers industrial products that connect power and data, as well as distribute signals. These products are used in everything from manufacturing automation to industrial robotics. They are also used in elevators, high-speed trains, locomotives, and security systems. In addition, TE Connectivity products are used in solar technology.

TE's IoT portfolio

TE's IoT portfolio includes high-power connectors, high-bandwidth antennas, and sensors. While analog sensors have been relatively straightforward devices for a long time, today's sensors have advanced to include signal conditioning and amplification. This technology provides a robust signal transmission that enables faster data processing.

To support TE's growing IoT portfolio, the company is expanding its production capacity. It recently built a new larger facility in Hermosillo, Mexico. This facility will enable the company to increase production capacity and add additional capabilities, while also supporting four other TE production facilities in the area.

TE is also expanding its IoT antenna portfolio. These antennas are geared toward diverse IoT designs and are available as ready-to-mass-ship antennas. It also offers custom antennas for customized designs. TE Connectivity's antennas are versatile enough to handle wide frequency bands and meet a variety of bandwidth requirements, including those from 5G and cellular LPWAN devices.

TE recently acquired Linx Technologies, a leading supplier of antennas for the Internet of Things (IoT). This acquisition is expected to enhance TE's connectivity product portfolio and IoT capabilities, and expands the company's supply chain footprint. Further, this deal complements TE's existing sensor and connectivity offerings, enabling further development in IoT markets.

TE's Wire & Cable

TE's Wire & Cable is one of the leading manufacturers of wire and cable solutions. Their products link electronic equipment and ensure accurate power management. Whether you're designing a computer or a car, TE Connectivity's wire and cable solutions can help you meet your needs. Their technologies include materials science and EMI shielding capabilities to provide the right balance of quality and cost.

Passive Components

TE Connectivity is a global leader in manufacturing electronic components, sensors, and application tooling. Their products are used in various industries, including manufacturing, communications, industrial, and commercial transportation. They have employees worldwide and serve over 140 countries. Their products include sensors and connectors for a variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, and security.

TE Connectivity is a $12 billion original component manufacturer. The company has been able to build a global customer base that prefers to work with the original component manufacturer directly. In addition, the distributor's online presence has helped the company increase its visibility in the marketplace and create qualified sales leads. TE Connectivity has also found that the online community allows it to provide a wide range of services for its customers.

Its products are used in a variety of applications, including smart buildings, production lines, and machine parks. The TME catalogue lists several different types of TE Connectivity products, including relays. The company offers full offers and accessories for many of these products. Its RT series includes relays with a high temperature tolerance. They can handle temperatures from -40degC to 70degC. They are available in two-pole configurations. These relays are also suitable for through-hole mounting, which allows for bulk installation.

TE Connectivity also develops a range of industrial sensors. Its MS5803-02BA01 pressure sensor features absolute measurement from ten to 2000 bars. The device is small, hermetically sealed, and has a built-in oscillator, making it a good choice for outdoor applications.

Electromechanical parts

If you are a contractor, electrician, or manufacturer who needs to find electromechanical parts and components, you can turn to TE Connectivity distributors for these items. The company offers a wide variety of products from well-known name brands, which include connectors/interconnection systems, terminal blocks, relays, and wire.

TE's AMP product line includes a variety of passive electronic components, including interconnect systems, connectors, switches, relays, wire, and lighting. AMP also offers a wide variety of cables and other hardware components. These products are suitable for any application, whether it is a home theater, mobile phone, or industrial automation system.

TE's AMP portfolio has evolved over the last decade. The company's engineers have developed breakthrough touch-screen technology called APR, which recognizes the location of a finger or stylus on a touch-screen. The technology enables sensors and other electronic components to detect where the touch screen is located.

Subsea communication systems

TE Connectivity, a leading provider of connectivity and sensors, has sold its subsea communication division to private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, for $325 million in cash. The company plans to use the proceeds of the sale to buy back shares and invest in its industrial technology division. SubCom employs more than 1,400 people worldwide, and is known for pioneering 100 Gbps coherent transmission and the combination of L-Band and C-Band technology.

SubCom is an industry leader in undersea communications systems. With over $700 million in revenue, the company designs and deploys submarine fiber optic cable systems. SubCom's products are used by leading telecommunications and internet content providers around the world. These companies work with subsea communication systems to provide connectivity to offshore operations.

TE Raychem materials science enables cables with improved resistance to fluids. The company's C-Lite 90 and 105 cables utilize advanced jacket materials and insulation technology. This allows for 30% smaller cables than traditional cables. This means more space on decks and smaller cable trays.

TE Connectivity distributes subsea communication systems through distributors in the United States and around the world. The company's offerings range from terminals to IC sockets and fiber optic connectors. It offers virtually any type of switch or connector you may need. They are highly reliable and cost-effective, and their Alcoswitch products are used in various industries.

TE Connectivity Expands Manufacturing Sites and Product Development Speeds

te connectivity manufacturing sites

TE Connectivity is increasing the speed of its manufacturing sites and product development, helping its customers innovate and iterate advanced treatments. This will improve patient care. The company's Galway site, for example, meets nearly all of the world's needs for metal shafts used in minimally invasive catheters, including coronary stents and neurovascular coils for the treatment of brain aneurysms.

TE Connectivity's global Prototype Center for medical devices

TE Connectivity, a global leader in sensors, connectivity and software, is establishing a global prototype centre in Galway, Ireland. The centre will focus on developing innovative products for the medical industry. The company employs more than 85,000 people worldwide and has customers in 140 countries. TE Connectivity's global prototype centre will enable the company to turn customer ideas into reality, reducing development time and enhancing speed to market. The new facility is expected to create over a dozen medical devices per year.

The new facility, which will cost over $5 million, will help TE Connectivity speed up the design and manufacturing of life-saving medical devices. The prototype center will employ engineering technology and 3D printing to produce functional prototypes. At the prototype center, TE engineers will work with customers to produce a working model of a product. Once the prototype is ready, TE Connectivity can manufacture the finished product in large volumes in one of its global manufacturing facilities.

The rapid prototyping facility will help medical device manufacturers reduce development time. It will connect engineers directly with customers and help accelerate the process of getting new products to market. The rapid prototyping centre will enable a faster time to market for new medical devices, reducing costs and increasing the quality of patient care.

TE's Fairview facility

TE's Fairview facility is a 24-hour rehab center in Queens, New York, with highly skilled nurses and therapists. It offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services, including IV therapy, wound care, cardiac rehabilitation, and post-surgery care. It also offers speech and physical therapy.

TE Connectivity is a global technology leader and has operations in over 50 countries. Its Fairview facility produces a wide range of electronic switches and relays for various applications. TE also offers engineering and manufacturing services to help its customers meet their needs. It has 35 manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

ServiceNow helps TE's Fairview facility meet these requirements. Its IT infrastructure is critical to the company's mission. It supports more than 1,500 applications and must meet stringent recovery time objectives. ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) is one of the company's most critical tools for monitoring and managing its IT network. The software provides an extensive inventory of Fairview's vendors, IT network, and key data about its facilities.

TE's Steinach facility

TE's Steinach facility is expanding to support the needs of automotive customers in EMEA. The expansion will increase overall production capacity by 30 percent and will create new jobs in the area. The facility will manufacture automotive components such as connectors, sensors and plated terminals. In addition, the new facility will expand TE's existing manufacturing footprint in the region.

TE Connectivity has two locations in Switzerland. The Steinach facility produces cables and auto parts. The company is reorganizing this location because of the economic downturn. The company has invested in advanced technologies and other capabilities that will further reduce its impact on the environment. It is also recycling hot water from an adjacent biogas plant. Using recycled hot water in the manufacturing process reduces energy consumption and CO 2 emissions. By July 2016, new production equipment will begin using the system. This could result in energy savings equivalent to that of 300 local single-family homes, and 8.5 percent fewer emissions.

TE's Galway site

The TE's Parkmore West facility in Galway manufactures a range of medical devices and has a highly advanced engineering capability. This allows customers to quickly produce prototypes and then leave the facility with a tangible version of their product. These devices are used in medical procedures worldwide to treat clogged arteries and brain aneurysms.

The company has been in Galway for over 40 years and has expanded its presence in the area with the creation of a rapid prototyping center. This new facility will increase the speed of the development of medical devices and connect engineers with customers. The rapid prototyping centre will also provide the engineering and manufacturing expertise necessary to produce the final device in high volumes.

TE is a global technology company that specializes in sensor and connectivity solutions. It recently acquired Creganna Medical, a leading medical technology company. The company is now the world's second-largest outsourcing partner for advanced medical devices. TE's Galway site employs over 1,300 people.


TE's KISSLING brand has manufacturing sites in Switzerland and Germany. The company manufactures high-voltage power relays and switches for the commercial vehicle industry. The company has a reputation for innovation and employs 420 people. Its customers include leading European OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.

The KISSLING brand is known for rugged, sealed switching solutions that are able to withstand harsh operating environments. Its products are ideal for power management systems and E-vehicle applications, two industries that are booming today. TE's KISSLING brand covers applications requiring high voltage, high power, and high control.

TE Connectivity is a global leader in connectivity and sensors, and its acquisition of Kissling will enhance TE's capabilities in the electric vehicle industry. The acquisition will expand TE's product portfolio and enhance its capabilities to offer a complete range of integrated solutions. In order to complete the transaction, the Kissling family of companies engaged Lincoln International to act as exclusive investment banking advisor to the Kissling family's shareholders.

TE's LITEALUM wire crimp termination technology

The LITEALUM wire crimp termination system from TE Connectivity provides an automated, process-stable, and reliable wire connection. Its robust design is ideal for use on aluminum conductors in a variety of applications, including automotive wiring and power distribution. The crimping process also prevents creep in the conductor and provides corrosion protection.

The crimping process of LITEALUM uses a cylindrical barrel rolled in as far as it can go, creating the most contact surface with the copper wire. This design avoids predetermined breaking points or edge formation, which are typical issues with copper crimping. Additionally, the crimp barrel's conical shape prevents a notching effect on aluminium wire.

TE Pressure Sensor

te pressure sensor

There are various factors that affect the performance of a TE pressure sensor. For instance, the presence of aggressive chemicals can negatively affect the sensor's interconnects and wire bond pads. These substances also affect the piezoresistive component, which is responsible for the output signal. Another indicator of a problem is the presence of offsets in the output signal. The output signal should be equal to 0V with no pressure applied, so if it is drastically off from that value, there is a problem. Other environmental factors can also introduce offsets in the output signal, resulting in erroneous data.

TE Connectivity

Pressure sensors are crucial for a variety of applications. TE Connectivity offers a wide range of pressure sensors and transducers to suit a variety of requirements. These sensors measure pressure, temperature, position and acceleration and respond to feedback. The company's portfolio of sensors caters to a wide range of industrial needs, from sensors for robotics to industrial controls. TE Connectivity's sensors are essential for data-driven technology in today's connected world.

TE Connectivity has several pressure sensor solutions, including piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors. The 1210 series, for instance, is a temperature compensated piezoresistive pressure sensor that's packaged in a dual-in-line configuration for cost-sensitive applications. These sensors feature integral temperature compensation over a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees C, and an extra laser-trimmed resistor is included to normalize pressure sensitivity variations. In addition, multiple lead and tube configurations are available, depending on the application. The model 1220 also has a voltage excitation option.


The Honeywell TE pressure sensor is a piezoelectric sensor that measures pressure. Its piezoelectric design generates a surface charge and allows it to detect pressure changes quickly. The sensor's response time is less than 2 milliseconds. It is able to measure pressures from -1 psi to +15 psi and operates within a temperature range of -40 to 85 oC.

Honeywell offers a wide variety of pressure transducers that are widely used in medical, industrial, and automotive/transportation applications. They have various package styles, including DIP and SIP, and can be configured for either analog or digital outputs. Some are also available for use with liquid media. They come in several series, including the Basic TBP series and TruStability(tm) series.

A heavy duty pressure sensor is made to measure hostile media in harsh environments. Its design allows it to be used as a building block for complete transducers. Its 13 mm and 19 mm models are constructed of 316 stainless steel, which increases corrosion resistance and strength at high temperatures. There are a variety of applications that can be made with these pressure sensors, including industrial controls and testing.

The Honeywell TE pressure sensor is highly durable and reliable. It comes in a wide range of variations, from small lightweight models for research to high-temperature variants for harsh environments. Individual cable lengths and connector types can also be specified, and certified variants are available for hazardous environments.

Measurement Specialties Inc.

Based in Hampton, Virginia, Measurement Specialties Inc. designs and manufactures pressure measurement instruments. The company is a publicly traded company on the American Stock Exchange. The company also maintains a headquarters in Hampton. The company's products are used in medical laboratories and in the production of medical devices.

The company designs and manufactures a variety of sensors for different industries and uses. Its products include sensors for torque, pressure, position, and ultrasonic measurement. It also designs and manufactures pressure scanning systems. The company also offers sensor customization services. Its products are used by a variety of industries, including medical, industrial, and consumer products.

The company's sensor technologies address the most demanding engineering challenges. Its products measure pressure, position, temperature, humidity, and fluid properties. They are integral components of countless everyday products and systems. TE Connectivity plans to integrate Measurement Specialties into its Transportation Solutions segment. The company's sensors will provide a vital link between machines and the physical world.


Merit pressure sensors are used in the monitoring of blood pressure in a variety of applications. These sensors are designed for high volume applications and can be assembled with automated assembly equipment. Merit's pressure sensors have excellent stability and a wide operating temperature range. They are suitable for both industrial and medical applications. Merit offers several different sensor models, including the BP Series and the TR Series pressure transducers.

The company designs and manufactures piezoresistive pressure sensors for use in industrial, medical, and automotive applications. Merit produces its products in its own wafer fab and assembly facility in South Jordan. It also offers customization of its products. If the customer has specific requirements, Merit will work with them to design the best sensor.

The bonded or formed strain gauges in a piezoresistive pressure sensor measure pressure by changing electrical resistance. Silicon-on-Sapphire, polysilicon, and bonded metal foil are common materials used in this type of sensor. These materials are connected to a Wheatstone bridge circuit. When pressure increases, the electrical resistance of the diaphragm increases. Depending on the type, the measurement method can be based on the Hall Effect, eddy current principle, or Hall Effect.

A flexible pressure sensor must be low power in standby mode and have a wide linear response range. Conventional flexible pressure sensors generate pseudosignal responses on curved surfaces and have limited linear response range. Fortunately, Merit has developed a flexible piezoresistive pressure sensor that has high performance and is designed for industrial use. The device is fabricated with a layer of polydimethylsiloxane/carbon black and patterned polyimide spacer layer, which provides both high sensitivity and high linear response range. It is also made with laser-induced graphene interdigital electrodes.

Datalogic Automation Department

Datalogic Automation Department, headquartered in Italy, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic identification systems. The company offers industrial sensors, industrial security protection, automatic barcode scanning, machine vision systems, and RFID technology solutions. The company produces color mark sensors for a variety of industries and has a leading position in the color mark sensor market. The company is part of the Gefran Group, which has six manufacturing plants around the world.

TE Sensors and Connectivity

te sensors website

TE sensors are a company that specializes in making relative humidity sensors. These devices feature robust capacitive technology and provide accurate measurement of dew point and absolute humidity. They also combine temperature and relative humidity measurements for a comprehensive measurement. TE sensors are suitable for the most demanding applications. If you want to know more about the products offered by TE, you can visit their website to browse their selection.

TE sensors

TE sensors are an integral part of many electronic systems. They measure various physical characteristics like pressure, vibration, temperature, humidity, and torque. The company has an extensive product line to suit various industries and applications. They are known for their high precision, accuracy, and durability under extreme conditions. If you are looking for a new sensor, consider TE sensors. Visit their website for more information. The company also offers a 30-minute technical presentation to help you decide which product is right for your needs.

TE sensors is an international player in sensor technology and is present in over 20 countries. The company's mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective, and reliable sensors for demanding applications. The company's products are available worldwide through a network of distributors. Here's a brief overview of its products:

TE sensors manufacture pressure sensors for automotive and aerospace applications. They also provide sensors for position and vibration measurement. These sensors are used in industries including aerospace, security, and medical technology. TE sensors also sells sensors for environmental monitoring. The company also manufactures sensors for the marine industry. Its SM9000 pressure sensor series offers superior accuracy and long-term stability.

TE sensors are also available as customized sensor assemblies and signal-conditioning modules. These products are designed to satisfy the specific requirements of OEMs and are available in low-power and small-form-factor packages. They also offer a variety of plug-and-play solutions for a wide range of development platforms.

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has been involved in Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) activity since 2002. The project aims to create web-based sensor networks and archive sensor data using standard protocols and application program interfaces. As a result, the sensor web will provide a platform for the efficient use of sensor data in applications and environments.

TE's sensor technology

TE is a global leader in temperature sensing and control systems, with a broad portfolio of products. Among these products are NTC thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, thermopiles, and digital output devices. The company also offers a variety of customized sensor assemblies. TE's temperature sensor products are designed to meet the precise sensing requirements of critical OEM applications.

TE Connectivity is a company with a wide range of sensor solutions and expertise in electrification. For example, its June 8 webinar will focus on fuel consumption, emissions, and the challenges that manufacturers face when creating a connected car. It will also discuss how TE's sensor technologies and solutions can help address these challenges. For example, TE's sensors can help vehicle makers design for reliability, miniaturization, and durability.

TE's sensor technology website highlights a number of different products. The company offers pressure sensors, position sensors, and vibration sensors, as well as connectors and system packaging. These products are used in many industries, including the aerospace and medical industries. The company has also recently acquired Measurement Specialties, a company specializing in sensors and transducers for these industries.

The company has six German locations and sales offices in the US, Canada, and China. Additionally, it has a worldwide partner network. TE expects the acquisition of First Sensor to provide an opportunity to expand its market through optical sensing applications. The acquisition of First Sensor also allows TE Connectivity to expand into new markets.

Sensor technologies are becoming increasingly critical in the automotive industry. The electrified vehicles market is driving the growth of sensor technology. The sensors installed in electric vehicles monitor fuel cells, battery charging systems, electric motors, and transmissions. Increasing vehicle complexity and regulations are causing sensor technologies to be validated in harsher environments.

TE's sensor journal

TE Connectivity supplies connectors, sensors and systems for several industries. With more than 89,000 employees worldwide, including over 8,000 engineers, the company serves customers in over 140 countries. Its products are used in communications and consumer products, including home appliances, and transportation and industrial applications. The company's sensor journals include applications in automotive, aerospace, solar and industrial transportation, as well as elevators and security.

The journal publishes high-impact, innovative sensing research. Its focus is on in situ sensing, and authors are encouraged to publish high-quality studies that will have significant impact on the community. It also welcomes articles from related fields. Articles can be submitted without charge until mid-2020. The journal accepts manuscripts from researchers around the world. However, authors are encouraged to submit multiple papers to avoid duplicate submission fees.

TE's sensor web project

The sensor web project has been developed as a way to integrate sensor data from different sources. The idea is to use a standard interface to provide services that users can use to make decisions. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is working to standardize the web services that use these services. This includes the Sensor Web Enablement specification framework. It provides a uniform interface for sensors and data and relates them to the Web of Things. This article explores recent developments and challenges of this initiative and looks forward to future work.

In the future, these networks will support billions of connected devices. This technology will enable smart cities and smart factories, and it will even help electric cars. TE's sensor web project will help to create this ecosystem by providing the infrastructure that will support these new applications. TE Connectivity has already developed a number of sensors that work with the MeasureWare platform and is planning to add more in the future.

The SWE standard includes several new features. In particular, it defines eventing mechanisms to improve the basic alerting functionality of the first-generation specification. It also defines new capabilities for discovering sensor observables and resources. This will allow sensors to send data back to the Web in the event of a failure.

The SWE specification also includes an XML encoding of sensor metadata, which is used to describe the processes that take place in the sensors. These metadata are then managed by a web service interface. In this way, sensors can be described with detailed semantics. The metadata can include identification, classification, temporal availability, and spatial description.

SensorML documents are often difficult to process automatically, and therefore require formal rules for describing how they work. However, the SensorML Profile for Discovery is an attempt to address this issue by defining a minimum set of metadata elements and a minimal structure. It has the potential to influence the development of SensorML 2.0.

The Sensor Web project is an ongoing research project and aims to bring sensor resources to the web. It does so by creating middleware technologies to help manage heterogeneous sensor resources. The middleware solutions will allow applications to use them.

TE Sensor Solutions

TE Connectivity provides a wide range of sensor solutions for almost every application. The company's roots go back to the RTD Company and its technology is applicable in many fields. Its products can be embedded in anything from appliances to industrial machines. And with more than 200 years of innovation, TE has the experience to ensure that you're getting the right sensor for the job.

TE Connectivity offers a wide range of sensors

TE Connectivity offers an extensive range of sensors for industrial applications. Its wide selection includes digital temperature and humidity sensors. These sensors are designed to provide accurate, real-time data for analytics. TE Connectivity sensors come in miniature packages and provide high accuracy, long-term stability, and low power consumption. These sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications including gas and liquid pressure measurement, and are also suitable for applications that require sensitive measurement of high levels of moisture or corrosive fluids.

TE Connectivity is a global supplier of industrial products. Its products are used in factory automation, asset monitoring, machine automation, and environmental monitoring. Its products are robust enough to survive in tough industrial environments. They can withstand wide temperature swings and high levels of vibration. This makes them ideal for use in the automotive, rail, and energy industries.

The company's Measurement Specialties line of sensors helps customers meet the most challenging engineering challenges. These sensors measure temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, and fluid properties. TE Connectivity sensors are integral to many products that we use on a daily basis.

Its roots go back to the RTD Company

Today, TE sensor solutions are used in a variety of applications. They are available in a wide range of form factors and can be custom-designed to meet the needs of OEMs. They are available in a variety of IC packages and are signal-conditioned to provide accuracy and stability over a broad temperature range. Their technology is based on piezoresistive silicon strain-gap technology, which provides long-term stability and durability.

Its products are embedded in objects

TE sensor solutions' products are embedded in objects and monitor complex applications to deliver information with speed and efficiency. The company's sensors and connectivity technologies are used in a variety of industries including automotive, industrial transportation, commercial transportation, aerospace and defense, and industrial solutions. In addition, TE recently acquired Measurement Specialties, which offers innovative sensor solutions for embedded systems.

TE also provides next-generation solutions for smart factory and connected home. These solutions include wireless antennas, sensors, and connectors that connect data, power, and signal. These solutions enable smarter appliances and devices in the home, and enable interconnectedness and automation in industrial environments. For example, TE's Urea Quality Sensor helps manufacturers monitor diesel exhaust fluid and provides accurate measurements of temperature and liquid levels.

Its sensors help vehicles operate safely

TE sensor solutions are vital for the operation of vehicles, as they help detect and measure various environmental conditions and parameters. These solutions are designed to operate safely and efficiently in harsh environments. They are capable of detecting a wide range of parameters from pressure to temperature. They also enable manufacturers to develop safer, more efficient vehicles.

TE sensor solutions provide a wide range of benefits to the autonomous vehicle industry. They help vehicles detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other objects with high accuracy and resolution. They also help vehicles navigate the night and handle snowy road conditions. These systems are designed to operate safely and reduce human error.

TE sensor solutions help vehicles operate safely by providing 360-degree visibility. The company's camera technology also helps vehicle operators park their vehicles safely. It also captures data that is crowd-sourced from millions of vehicles to power the automotive IoT. The data is used to ensure safe driving and to improve the experience of passengers. It also reduces driver stress and improves fuel efficiency. In addition, TE sensor solutions help vehicles operate safely and sustainably.

Sensor technology is an essential element in the development of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. To ensure a smooth operation of these systems, sensors need to be calibrated individually and in combination. TE sensor solutions are an ideal solution for these requirements. The company's sensor technologies have been put in over 150 million vehicles.

It helps increase productivity

The use of advanced connectivity and sensor solutions helps TE meet the toughest manufacturing challenges. The company has 80,000 employees across the globe and over 100 manufacturing and engineering centers. TE is committed to continuously improving its operations, and the deployment of advanced technology helps it do so. The company's digital manufacturing solutions help manufacturers make informed decisions in less time.

The company's sensor portfolio includes a variety of motion and vibration sensors. These are used in many vehicles, including on and off-road vehicles, and can be used to ensure safety and improve vehicle uptime. These sensors also help OEMs build safer and more efficient vehicles. They measure the speed, acceleration, force, and rotation of moving and rotating parts to make them more fuel efficient and safer.

TE develops and manufactures a wide range of sensors and connectors. The company's products are resistant to harsh environments. In addition, the company helps increase the productivity of companies by reducing the downtime of machines. For example, using a continuous-turning connectivity feature on robotic grippers can eliminate inefficient processes.

It helps maximize vehicle uptime

TE sensor solutions for vehicles provide valuable data that can be used to increase productivity and optimize uptime. These sensors ensure the safe operation of vehicles and reduce downtime for operators. A variety of TE sensor solutions is available to meet any OEM's specific requirements. They include anti-tilt and ride stability, hall effect sensors, fluid condition sensors, magnetic reed sensors, and multi-channel force sensors.

By collecting data from a vehicle's CAN bus, TE sensor solutions can help fleet managers optimize vehicle uptime. This information allows fleet managers to analyze and take action on problems remotely. This technology is also capable of connecting to nearly any telematics device on the market.

With the help of TE sensor solutions, transportation fleets can optimize vehicle uptime and drive down costs. In addition to detecting potential maintenance problems and faults, AEB solutions can help drivers improve vehicle efficiency. For example, AEB sensors can detect potholes from a distance and monitor the condition of a vehicle. They can also help manage vehicle speed limits.

TE Connectivity Pressure Sensors

te connectivity pressure sensor

TE Connectivity has an impressive portfolio of pressure sensors, spanning the full spectrum of pressure measurement applications. The M3200 series, for example, is designed to meet the strict performance standards of the HVAC/R industry. With its simple, robust, and reliable design, it provides a simple, yet efficient solution for any pressure measurement need. The company also offers customized designs for specific application needs.

TE Connectivity's M3200 pressure transducer

The M3200 pressure transducer from TE Connectivity is a pressure transducer designed for liquid or gas applications. Its stainless steel cavity is leak-proof and features a 1/4 NPT pipe thread. Its Microfused technology is derived from the rigors of aerospace applications. It features high-temperature glass and micromachined silicon piezoresistive strain gages.

This pressure transducer is ideal for the measurement of fluid pressure, temperature, or vibration. The sensor can also be used for humidity measurement. This device is designed for harsh environments and is incredibly reliable. It can measure pressure, humidity, temperature, and position. It is also compatible with a variety of medical devices.

The M3200 pressure transducer is UL Listed and exceeds heavy industrial CE requirements. It also features surge protection and reverse polarity protection. In addition, it features a 2 foot cable. If you need a smaller pressure transducer, you can select the MS4525DO, which is a ceramic-based pressure transducer. The sensor is an OEM from Measurement Specialties and is accurate to +/-0.1 degC. It also features EMI/RFI protection, and is UL-Listed.

A data center needs to control temperature and humidity. This is essential for efficient cooling technologies. To meet these requirements, data centers deploy temperature and humidity sensors. TE Connectivity offers industrial condition monitoring solutions to solve these challenges. These products deliver unique value to customers. They provide valuable data about temperatures, humidity, and other environmental parameters.

It offers a variety of pressure transducers for industrial applications. These products can be used for measuring the pressure of gas, liquid, or gas. They can also be used as stand-alone sensors. They are available at Mouser Electronics. They have an RS232 port and are compatible with a variety of devices.

TE Connectivity's SM9000 pressure sensor series

TE Connectivity offers an extensive line of pressure sensor products. These sensors measure pressure, temperature, position, and acceleration. They are designed for a wide range of applications and offer high levels of accuracy and responsiveness. These sensors are essential to data-driven technology in today's increasingly connected world.

The SM9000 pressure sensor series features digital ultra-low-pressure technology based on CMOS mixed-signal processing. It is fully conditioned and temperature compensated, and is available in differential pressure and gauge configurations. This pressure sensor series also features a low total error band, resulting in improved accuracy and long-term stability.

This pressure sensor series is compatible with Arduino-compatible platforms, and is widely used in medical applications. Its versatile design allows it to be easily integrated with other sensors. This includes the Adafruit LSM9DS0 sensor board, which supports the Adafruit LIS331 accelerometer and LIS3DH magnetometer. It also provides access to the PixArt PMW3360 motion sensor module.

The SM9000 pressure sensor is a great choice for medical monitoring and a wide range of industrial applications. Its low-noise design allows it to work in a variety of environments. It is particularly useful for applications that require precision pressure measurements. The SM9000 is available with a range of sensors, including differential pressure sensor and COMPASS drive.

The SM9000 pressure sensor series features an unibody molded SOIC-10 or JEDEC SOIC-16 package. This sensor series is a compact and lightweight solution that allows it to be integrated into smaller industrial equipment. Moreover, it has a high degree of reliability, which makes it an excellent choice for applications that demand precise pressure measurements.

TE Connectivity offers several sensors in its SM9000 pressure sensor series. Other sensors include TFMPlus and TFMini time-of-flight sensors. The latter also features a lightweight GUI and is intended for displaying sensor data. Other sensors include the tinySHT2x temperature and humidity sensors designed for AVR tiny, TLE5012B magnetic angle sensor and TLI4970 current sensor.

TE Connectivity's MEAS small, ceramic based, PCB mounted pressure transducer

TE Connectivity produces board mounted pressure sensors, as well as custom packages for them. Their products are used for a wide range of applications including military, aerospace and industrial. They also make high-performance connectors, including MATEnet connectors. The company's expertise in pressure sensors extends to manufacturing accelerometers, which convert pressure into an electrical signal. The amount of signal produced is proportional to the pressure applied.

TE Connectivity's MEAS pressure transducer is designed for use in industrial applications and meets or exceeds CE standards for heavy-duty applications. The pressure transducer's small ceramic design makes it ideal for mounting on a PCB. The company also manufactures an amplified version that has surge protection and reverse-polarity protection.

The MEAS MS4515 is an affordable, high-performance pressure transducer with high-sensitivity and accuracy. It is a good choice for a variety of applications, from blocked filter detection to altitude and airspeed measurement, including pneumatic controls, fire suppression, and medical instruments.

MEAS small, ceramic based, PC-mounted pressure transducers are perfect for industrial and automotive applications. They are available at Mouser Electronics. They have an operating temperature range of 40 - 125°C, an I2C interface for communication, and a proof pressure of 300 psi. They also have an output span of 10 - 90% Vdc and a high level of accuracy (200 to 100mbar).

MEAS small, ceramic based, PC-board mounted pressure transducer features a 0.2-mbar resolution. These high-precision products are available as embedded devices for OEMs or as stand-alone test sensors. TE Connectivity offers a wide range of pressure sensors and also provides crimping and pressing connectors.

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