T Mobile Home Internet OOR

T Mobile Home Internet OOR

T Mobile Home Internet:

t-mobile home internet - six things to consider before you sign up

T-Mobile Home


We've been aware of T-Mobile's desire to use 5G to break into the home internet game for quite some time. But now that the company's home broadband offering is here, what does that mean for you? Does 5G home internet offer something new? Is T-Mobile Home Internet a viable option to replace your current internet service provider?

It’s not that T-Mobile Home Internet never worked. I’d say the majority of the time, it was perfectly fine. I was able to play several hours of multiplayer CoD during my testing, and for the most part, I was shocked that the experience could be as good as it was over cellular. I was also able to do some perfectly acceptable video calls with friends and family. When my service was working, I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between it and my normal cable provider. It’s just that I couldn’t rely on it working that well, and as someone who works from home, that’s a big problem. (Source: www.theverge.com)


5G continues its national rollout, offering millimeter-wave cellular speeds at higher, faster frequencies than 4G LTE. That's a big deal for our phones and for other mobile gadgets that connect over cellular airwaves -- and it could be a game-changer for home networking too. With the potential for near-gigabit speeds over the air that rival what cable and fiber internet service providers offer, plus the added appeal of straightforward, consumer-friendly terms that ditch data caps, equipment fees and the like, 5G is shaping up as one of the most exciting new avenues in residential internet.

Before signing up, I asked the T-Mobile rep what if I didn’t like my Home Internet experience... what if the speeds were worse than Spectrum. I was told that if I didn’t like it after a month, I could return the gateway and get a full refund. After my first weekend, I tossed the cardboard packaging for my gateway out and immediately canceled my Spectrum account the following Monday. There’s no going back to internet piped through an optic cable. Switching to T-Mobile Home Internet felt eerily familiar — right, it was the same triumphant feeling I got when I left AT&T a decade ago and switched to T-Mobile for its better mobile plan offerings. (Source: www.inputmag.com)




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