Sun Tan City

Sun Tan City

Sun Tan City

In just three years, Sun Tan City has become one of the world’s most recognized tanning salons with over 150 locations in 6 countries. Read how they became the global leader in tanning.


In 1992, Rick Kueber graduated from college and entered into the world of video rental, a business his father was also involved in at the time. And it was at a video trade show that he was introduced to the world of tanning, originally seen as a way to compete with the seasonal difficulties the video store industry faced, as business slowed each year during the spring and summer months. The Sun Tan City job application is available on the company’s main employment site. Use the links posted on this page to go to the Sun Tan City careers page and search for current openings. Several different types of careers can be searched/applied for online including customer service, tanning consultant, and management positions. Learn more about the company’s online hiring process by reading the guide posted below.

www.sbnonline.com)In 1999, Kueber and his brother combined their resources and Sun Tan City was born. At the time, there was no real leader in the tanning industry, and the first three years in which the business was running, it essentially ran itself while the two brothers continued to focus their efforts in the video industry. In 2002, the tides shifted and the brothers sold their video store to the larger Movie Gallery, so Kueber spent the next three years traveling the country talking and working with anyone and everyone in the tanning industry who would talk to him. (Source:


Brothers David and Rick Kueber launched the salon in 1999 by adding tanning units to video retail stores. With profits soaring, the tanning business added several more locations. Individuals may become franchisees and join in the success, as operations continue rapidly expanding. The company offers cutting-edge tanning equipment for better comfort and safer tans. Carefully selecting tanning beds, Sun Tan City only chooses lamps which deliver deep, dark tans. Salons market the best skin care products after carefully researching available options. Well-trained tanning consultants also assist clients reach tanning goals. Job hopefuls find positions as tanning consultants, assistant managers, head managers, and maintenance technicians and submit applications with relative ease.

Sun Tan City expects outstanding customer service to guarantees future success. Individuals possessing strong commitments to helping the company prosper may apply for various positions. Company salons separate from the competition by creating memorable experiences. Clients return time and time again to enjoy the relaxation and tranquility offered at each location due to affordable prices, trained staff members, and high quality equipment. Team environments encourage desires to learn, excellent performance, and top-notch communication skills. Tanning facilities maintain impeccable standards regarding the cleanliness of operational tanning equipment. Applicants must feel comfortable meeting strict health and safety standards in order to thrive as employees. (Source: www.job-applications.com)


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