Stl to Miami Flights OR

Stl to Miami Flights OR

Stl to Miami Flights:

St. Louis to Miami is a destination that is becoming more and more popular among travelers. The 30 minute flight is one of the shortest non-stop flights in the world making it easier to get to Miami. The flight has a number of short-stop in East St. Louis and Panama City. This flight is especially popular for travelers that are in a hurry.



Cons: "They charge for for everything on this flight. Checking in - it cost $35 to check your bag in - $40 of you want to board with it! I do all the work and I have to pay more? Then to pick a seat - any seat - it is another $5 - $25. I understand that for premium seating (ext, etc) but any seat? Finally - drinks and snacks - that costs money too. While the fare looks cheap - beware of all the add ons. At a minimum, you have an additional $70 to $100 to the price of the ticket This does not turn out to be a cheaper price....beware."Cons: "Very rude flight attendants like I understand you guys work all day and I'm sure it gets old flying back and forth and I bet you have terrible customers but I am not one of those so to be rudely disrespected and ignored was truely hurtful. I was ignored over and over again when they were in the back talking when the no seatbelt sign was on there was no reason they couldn't come in and asked me if I needed something and it was like this for the whole four hour flight. Then when I got up and went to the back of the cabin they got upset with me for apologizing for interrupting them been enquiring about my question she stuck her hand up in the air and told me that she was talking. Very rude. I know the flight is cheap but next time I think ill just pay extra for politness.

Cons: "The unclear, misleading extra charges from Spirit pile up, counteracting the initial cheap flight purchase. One leg of my flight was completely cancelled with little notice. I was then told there wasn't another flight option for 48 hours and that the best they could offer me in terms of reimbursement was credit toward a future purchase. I was able to throw enough of a fit to get my money back, but still lost over $100 purchasing a last minute one way flight with a different airline." (Source: www.kayak.com)



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