Stars Future Generations Lyrics

Stars Future Generations Lyrics

Stars Future Generations Lyrics

This song was originally written as a science fiction song. People immediately related to the idea of stories, even though they don't always realize it. This is true not just with the lyrics in "Stars Future Generations", but with all music. After writing the lyrics and the melody, the song's writer decided to change the genre from science fiction to space fantasy. In "Stars Future Generations," the writer taps into thoughts and ideas that are new to the listener.


With billions of people scattered all across the world, each one more different than the other, it’s a struggle to believe that majority of us share the same fears. In every language, every culture and community there is an unexplainable fear of what happens next. It can take some people their entire lives to realise what their purpose is, or why they’ve chosen the path they’re on. It’s an irrational, but consuming fear for most while the more fortunate of us have simply accepted the mystery and move on with their lives. Future Generations’ debut album (released July 2016 via Frenchkiss Records) is a lament to the daily struggle with finding individual meaning in an infinitely large world.

Although young in age, Future Generations’ songwriting holds an astonishing depth usually found in more mature, established artists. Stranger again, Future Generations have chosen the indie pop platform in executing their music, a genre generally reserved for simple Summer anthems and laments to young love and carefree youth. While the album does hold some of those clichés, certain tracks find the band veering into a darker side to their music, leaving lyrically remarkable tracks lost in an upbeat track of infectious hooks and harmonies. It could also be said that this was intentional, using the juxtaposition of feel-good pop and uplifting chord progressions against darker themes. This puts huge emphasis on the irony involved in dealing with anxiety where those happiest on the outside can often be quite troubled on the inside. Future Generations deal with this, amongst many other themes throughout the course of their debut. (Source: atwoodmagazine.com)



Eilish’s darker lyrics were also mentioned, with one young fan explaining, “she’s edgy and sad like we all are.” According to Quartzy,“Depression” and “anxiety” are becoming popular music lyrics for the most stressed generation. Eilish’s down-tempo beats and more macabre material (a few song titles include: “all the good girls go to hell,” and “bury a friend) clearly resonate with their gloomy streak.

Reference to looking at the stars in wonder, shine like a light reference, snappy beat and high gain guitar, obligatory hand clap "were so indie" sound, keyboard , cartoon style video to emphasize the indieness. And no one looks like they are with a particular group so this is perfect for 14-15 year olds who want to pretend they listen to indie when really theyre listening to a more poppy rip off of pheonix with shitty composition and lyrics and a focus on being likeable. (Source: www.reddit.com)


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