Star Wars Rebels Future of the Force

Star Wars Rebels Future of the Force

Star Wars Rebels Future of the Force

The Rebel Alliance is weakened and the New Republic is slowly tearing itself apart. Will the Force awaken? Will Darth Vader and the Empire emerge victorious? Or will hope arise?


Stories about children in Star Wars usually fall into one of two categories. Some are cutesy, like the light fare provided by Jabba the Hutt’s son Rotta in the original The Clone Wars movie. Others engage more darkly with the fact that both Jedi and Sith effectively kidnap children to swell their numbers and prevent dangerous Force rogues, like the season two episode of The Clone Wars “Children of the Force.” “The Future of the Force” isn’t quite either one of these, buts its plot, centered on the retrieval of two Force-sensitive children, makes for some excellent material.

What about the characters we know a bit less about, like Ahsoka and the Inquisitors? Neither the Fifth Brother nor the Seventh Sister have a lot of dialogue, but what they have is, mostly, used well. (The Seventh Sister does have some weird asides, including one that could hint at either her personal view toward children or her view of the Jedi Order.) The two Inquisitors definitely seem to be in competition with one another, and that competition has something to do with their titles. There’s also a nicely weird collaborative nature to their work: it’s unclear who exactly is doing the casual Force choking early in the episode. We could definitely do with more screen time for the two Inquisitors, maybe even an episode dedicated to their stories – but “Future of the Force” is not that episode. (Source: www.denofgeek.com)



One of the biggest strengths of this episode is the way it draws on and adds to backstories, relationships, and motivations. We already know Ahsoka’s personality in general, if not her abilities in particular. We also already know about Kanan’s stubbornness and his worries about his own abilities. Now, we get to see how the two relate to one another. Their conversation about being Jedi is vague but loaded with meaning for two characters who largely define themselves by the order to which they used to belong.

It is an episode about heritage: about what happens to Force-sensitive children, about Ezra’s and Kanan’s training, about previous Star Wars films. A speeder chase is reminiscent of Attack of the Clones, and a later moment recalls The Phantom Menace. The former Padawan Ahsoka is more expressive than she has ever been in Rebels before, her body language conveying both nervousness and willingness to fight as she moves down a hallway. (Source: www.denofgeek.com)

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