star wars games ps4

star wars games ps4

What Is the Future of Star Wars Games


Star Wars has long been one of the most beloved science fiction films and has gathered a large following of movie, game and TV enthusiasts. But with Hollywood's latest film "The Last Jedi", there's a lot of speculation of what will be the future of Star Wars films.



Like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, Star Wars Battlefront 3 is inevitable. In other words, it's not a matter of if, but when. In 2019, the director of the second game in the series confirmed a third installment isn't happening anytime soon. Meanwhile, a report in 2020 from a reliable source alleged it wasn't in development. Despite this, a few rumors and "leaks" have surfaced online claiming this has since changed.

Game Director Stig Asmussen and his team at the studio are already working on the next game in the action adventure Star Wars Jedi series, and are joined by two new teams working to deliver additional unique Star Wars gameplay experiences across multiple genres. Leading the development of Respawn’s all-new Star Wars first-person shooter game is Peter Hirschmann, Game Director at Respawn, who has a long and accomplished history with the Star Wars franchise. The third title is a Star Wars strategy game developed through a production collaboration with the newly formed studio Bit Reactor, helmed by games industry veteran Greg Foerstch. Respawn will produce the new Star Wars strategy game while Bit Reactor leads on the development of the title. (Source: www.ea.com)


Respawn Entertainment, best known for their work on Apex Legends™, Titanfall™ and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™, is leading the development and production of these new projects. Vince Zampella, Group GM and Founder of Respawn, will oversee this new phase of EA’s relationship with Lucasfilm, building on Respawn’s award-winning history in game development and expertise in telling compelling Star Wars stories.

Continuing the relationship that resulted in the reinvigorated Battlefront series, the critically-acclaimed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and multiplayer hit Star Wars: Squadrons, Electronic Arts will too play a big role in the future of Star Wars gaming. “We’re really proud of the games we have created with EA,” Reilly says. “We will continue working with them and our relationship has never been stronger. While we may not have a lot of details to share at the moment, we’ve got a number of projects underway with the talented teams at EA.” (Source: www.starwars.com)



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