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My Star Wars Future blog explores what the future might hold for George Lucas' iconic universe. From spaceships to machines, climate change to war and revolt, it is a blog of explorations and extrapolations for the worlds we might experience a century from now.


At Disney Investor Day 2020, the company revealed new projects set in the Star Wars Universe, including many Disney+ shows and films. In the year since those announcements, we've seen the premiere of a couple of shows. Another one - The Book of Boba Fett - is right around the corner. Clearly, Disney is banking heavily on Star Wars, especially after it struck oil with The Mandalorian.

Disney is currently working on a prequel series that sees actor Diego Luna return as Andor. Alan Tudyk will return, as well, as the droid sidekick K-2SO. The series should serve as a way to fill in the early days of the Rebellion - between the rise of the Empire in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - much like The Mandalorian fills the gap between the original trilogy and the newer sequel trilogy. (Source: www.pocket-lint.com)


Rogue Squadron was supposed to see Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins helm a film about a new generation of fighter pilots under the call sign Rogue Squadron, which was made famous in the original trilogy as the group of fighter pilots Luke Skywalker led into battle against the first Death Star. Disney released a heartfelt video featuring Patty Jenkins explaining why making this film means so much to her.

When George Lucas opened up the curtain on a galaxy far, far away, he could have never imagined that his intrepid space film would launch a universe that included dozens of follow-up films, television shows, radio plays, cartoons, and theme park rides. Star Wars content has never been in short supply by any means, but after the back-to-back releases of Last Jedi and Solo, then Disney studio chief Bob Iger made the decision to scale back on theatrical output just as Mandalorian was starting production for Disney+. (Source: ew.com)



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