star wars fanfiction watching earth

star wars fanfiction watching earth

Star Wars Fanfiction Future

This will be split into three parts and include some of the less than mainstream fanfics for continuity purposes.


A man gets a chance at eternity, a leap into the multiverse. The catch? No cheats, no powers, no golden fingers. Watch as he crawls, schemes and bleeds for every inch of ground and every bit of power in a multiverse of world ending threats that could sneeze him out of existence. With science and technology, he will rise to new heights, conquer worlds and most importantly, have buttloads of fun. And Bon Voyage~ 7 ch/ week. 100 power stones = Extra chapter. Thanks to LordValmar for the cover fanart. First world : Rick And Morty. Second World : Heroes (TV) Third World : Star Wars Fourth World : Worm (Novel)

The Grim Dark times of the 41th Millennium was kept into a constant war against every xeno race out there and only the Emperor knows what it will take to end this war. When a hero dies, someone will usually take his mantle and keep his legacy alive, but not in the grim universe where you enemy is the corruption . What can be worse than using the forbidden technology of cloning someone? Abandoning the child that was born using that said technology due to his status as a failure by the Inquisition standards ,not to mention his heretical way of doing The Emperor's work. Or maybe training him for years to become the perfect leader only for him to be deemed as a failure .Sending him to become something else in another universe where the Dark Side would rule the universe, would make the high lords realize how much did they lose when they made him a failure. The correct answer is that no matter of hard someone thinks or imagine, the boy would become the pillar of hope for many in a place where only the Galactic republic could theoretically protect them. * I don't own Star Wars or Warhammer 40k. Same thing with the cover. The only thing that I own are my OC and the changes that I would make. * Also this is a fan fiction aka an AU world so for the love of the Emperor, don't start yelling that in the original that didn't happened or that it went completely different : I know and I don't care. Love, Meatbun! (Source: www.webnovel.com)


While it may be true that new Dark Siders arising cannot be prevented since there are always people who seek power and are foolish enough to ignore the history showing that using the Dark Side does not work that does not mean it is not theoretically possible to hunt down every Sith holocron, put to rest every surviving Sith spirit, and kill every Sith Lord. There even has been an example of the successful destruction of a religious belief far larger, more influential, and one that has lasted 1,000 years in universe with the destruction of the Pius Dea. They once incorporated the overwhelming majority of the human population and controlled the Republic for a thousand years by the time of the Prequels no one follows their beliefs and they have been largely forgotten. While human supremacism has continued in universe it is not influenced by the faith but by simple xenophobia. As such destroying the Sith is possible and its unlikely a replacement dark side group will be more dangerous.

Even then while the Jedi believed the Sith extinct for a thousand years that does not mean they suddenly assumed they would never face dark siders again. The Jedi Shadows, specialized dark side hunters are still trained by the Jedi Order, for example Maw, Quinlan Vos, and Shylar are all mentioned as Shadows in Canon or Legends. At the same time the Jedi Archaeologist were involved in hunting down surviving Sith artifacts and records and either destroying them or placing them in secure storage to be studied by the Jedi in case the Sith ever reemerged. In fact Dooku was one such Jedi who studied and prepared for if the Sith ever remerged. While you can argue they were not vigilant enough or effective enough in looking for the Sith for a thousand years there was no evidence Sith still existed after Bane faked his death. Bane did after all design the rule of two specifically because tracking down two individuals from among the entire galactic population is all but impossible. (Source: forums.spacebattles.com)


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