Star Wars Better Future Gif in new york 2022

Star Wars Better Future Gif in new york 2022

Star Wars Better Future Gif

Using a limited palette of colors, illustrations, and text, this Star Wars-inspired image gives the sense of hope and the excitement of the future.


Don't have enough Star Wars in your life this week? Giphy can now help put a little extra Star Wars all around you. Its Giphy Cam app has been updated with six Star Wars filters ahead of The Force Awakens, which will be sticking around for a "limited time" to promote the movie. The effects can make it look like the Millennium Falcon is soaring past you, like you're swinging a tiny lightsaber, like you're chilling with BB-8, or like you're about to hit light speed. Like most of Giphy Cam's effects, the fun isn't in the quality, it's in how easy the app makes it to quickly churn out GIF after GIF and share them around.

It's 2019 and I can only express emotion using GIFs. That's a great example of hyperbole mixed with some very real admittance of emotional avoidance on my part. (But that's for another time.) It turns out Star Wars is the perfect vehicle to help me express emotion. Perhaps it's because it's a movie series I've been obsessed with my whole life and my brain never fully formed without it. Or maybe it's just because it's a sprawling franchise that is well-known and therefore easy to use as emotion shorthand. (Source:www.thrillist.com


Nathan: Well we're very excited to have you here today to talk with us about play and, and play how it, as it works in, in your, your research and in your life. We like to start Pop and Play when possible with some sort of playful activity to, to kind of get us going [John laughs] and get us thinking about play. So here's the idea. And we'll see how this works over audio but, but the idea is that I'm going to give you a couple different scenarios that I suspect you've encountered at some point in your life. And I'm going to suggest four possible animated GIF reactions that you could provide to that particular situation. So I'll try to describe those. You can of course, see those animated GIFs. And then if you could just, you know, tell us which one you choose and tell us why that would be. That'd be great. Okay?

Haeny: And the, i-, the idea behind the question is something in pop culture right now that is exciting to you, or that's been on your radar or something that you've been thinking about? And so I, I'll give an example of what I've been thinking about a lot lately, and this might be, you know, I think people can collectively agree, but right mow I've been really into Bernie Sanders's inaugural look, and all the different memes [laughing] that have arisen from that has been awesome. And I think at first while I was watching the inauguration, I was thinking, oh my gosh, look at those mittens. [John laughs] [laughing] Those mittens are hardcore. And I did not realize that millions of other people are thinking the same thing. And so I think that's been really fun for me to look at. And so in honor of memes that starting off our, or GIFs and memes starting off our time together, I end with that. [Haeny laughs] (Source: www.tc.columbia.edu)



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