Star Wars Battlefront Future Updates OR

Star Wars Battlefront Future Updates OR

Star Wars Battlefront Future Updates


For the third time in a year, it appears as if DICE’s wild expectations for Star Wars Battlefront have cost it untold consumer good will. As it appears, the game will make yet another return to a system which doubles down on its various microtransactions to provide a meaningful, gameplay altering upgrade.


Taking to Twitter, well-known industry insider and leaker, Tom Henderson, relayed word that the team working on Battlefield 2042 is beginning to migrate to other projects as core development of the game winds down. To this end, Henderson noted Criterion, who had been brought on to assit in the game's development, is back to focusing on its new Need for Speed game. Meanwhile, DICE, the main team on Battlefield 2042, and the Star Wars Battlefront series, is "expected to be [working on] another Battlefield title and Battlefront III.

The Battle on Scarif is inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but the update will be focused primarily on the original Star Wars trilogy, with Supremacy and Instant Action battles Hoth, Tattoine, Yavin 4, and Death Star 2, as well as Scarif. To compensate for the imbalance of power between the Empire and the Rebellion during this era, Supremacy battles will be fought exclusively in the ground phase, although starfighters will be available in some locations. The planets Scarif and Crait are also being added to the Heroes vs Villains game mode, and the MC85 Star Cruiser and First Order Star Destroyer are being added to Co-op mode. (Source: www.pcgamer.com)


A new update on the future of Star Wars Battlefront series has bad news for fans of the Star Wars sub-series that are hoping to see a new installment soon. It's been four years since Star Wars Battlefront II, the latest installment in the series. And according to a prominent industry insider, a new installment isn't coming anytime soon. In fact, it's quite possible we may not get an installment at all during the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S generation.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – as in the original, from 2005 – has already gotten a surprising number of updates to keep it viable on modern machines. A surprise hotfix landed today, adding proper controller support and better UI scaling at higher resolutions. A pleasant surprise, right? Well, it seems there are a fair few issues with the update, and the patch is causing more frustration than celebration among players. (Source: www.pcgamesn.com)



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