Star Tsp100iii Future Print Manual

Star Tsp100iii Future Print Manual

Star Tsp100iii Future Print Manual

Touted as CMMNTRON’s commitment to offering print-expertized, high-performance thermal receipt printers, this model has it all: reliability, durability, user-friendly features, advanced printing capacity, and low-maintenance.


STAR presents the new TSP100III, the faster, easier, and better POS solution. Already a leading player in the mPOS market, STAR TSP100III is offered with WLAN, LAN, or Bluetooth connectivity, for an easy-to-use and ready-to-go installation. The TSP100III now offers simple connection with a “Push ‘n’ Connect” WPS set-up for WLAN, a simple Ethernet connection for the LAN version, and an easy Bluetooth pairing connection, making each set-up as easy as ever before. The new thermal receipt printer is an upgrade of the TSP100, printing at almost twice the speed with a special de-curl function, and is fully compatible with its previous version, requiring no additional integration of development.

To debug your printer, turn your printer off and press and hold the FEED button. While still holding the FEED button, turn the printer back on. Let the printer print off the firmware information and then let go of the feed button. The printer tries to connect to the internet and then continue to print off more diagnostic information. Take a look at the printed paper to see if any of the following issues match the text displayed: (Source: help.shopify.com)



As this printer uses thermal printing paper, it will not print on ordinary paper. Also, if there are issues such as printed words being faint, it may be that the paper does not meet the specifications or the paper has become old and can no longer be used for printing. Check the appropriate paper roll specifications in the Printer's Manual and make sure the paper used meets the printer's specifications.

A standard USB receipt printer for traditional POS terminals (including Windows, Android, Linux, MAC), the TSP143IIIU can be used with a mobile tablet based system with direct printing from iOS devices via the supplied Lightning to USB cable, providing a truly versatile solution. Retailers can now combine the reliability of cabled terminal POS with the flexibility and advantages of mobile tablet POS without the Bluetooth or WiFi / wired LAN set-up issues around pairing, network infrastructure and connectivity. (Source: star-emea.com)



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