Star Trek Enterprise Future Guyn

Star Trek Enterprise Future Guyn

Star Trek Enterprise Future Guyn


The human race has exited the third planet of a small, single sun. The planet once held a climate like Earth, but now it only has a few metres of water.


In the series bible for Star Trek: Enterprise, this character was referred to as "an unseen leader [of the Suliban] from the distant future" and "someone from a distant century who is providing them with technology in exchange for [...] [something which] involves a 'Temporal Cold War'." The ENT bible also likened the character to "the devil" (as the Suliban were referred to as having made a "deal with the devil"). Silik actor John Fleck once also made the same comparison regarding the Humanoid Figure (as Fleck believed Silik's devoted attitude towards the mysterious person was similar to Silik "selling his soul to the devil"). (Star Trek: Communicator issue 139, p. 41)

James Horan had little idea about precisely who this character was, apart from that he was from the future and was using the Suliban to manipulate the past. In fact, Horan was given only pages of the character's dialogue, rather than the full script of "Broken Bow". At a time when the character had appeared in no other episodes but that series pilot, Horan recalled, "They weren't telling me anything, so I had to pull what little info I could [....] At the audition I said, 'Who is this guy?' and they just said, 'We don't know!' I said, 'Well, is he a hardass; is he a commander? What does he do?' And they said, 'Yeah!' So I gave it a go, and I said, 'Something like that?' They said, 'Yeah, exactly like that!' I gave him a bit of a stentorian tone to his voice because the lines seemed like he was in charge, and he was admonishing this Suliban to keep him in line. I just played him with a little bit of an edge, I suppose." (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 10, pp. 44-45) For "Broken Bow", Horan spoke the character's dialogue on the set. (Star Trek Monthly issue 91, p. 32) (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)



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