Star Trek Enterprise Future

Star Trek Enterprise Future

Star Trek Enterprise Future


The crew of the Starship Enterprise was battered, but they weren't beaten. They knew that they weren't dreaming; they were experiencing a vivid example of Doc Smith's "Future History - a series of novels and short stories set on Earth and its neighboring planets in the distant future".


The time travel pod and its pilot are revisited in the Star Trek Online featured episode "Stormbound", in which the pilot's name was revealed to be Kal Dano. His ship was damaged by a Tholian attack in the year 2410, causing his temporal drive to malfunction and send his ship back in time to an unknown date. Just before he is sent back he sends a temporal distress signal, which is picked up by another timeship. After the player helps the timeship's captain lock onto the timepod's temporal coordinates, the ship manages to recover Kal Dano's corpse, ship, and all related objects once the device had been activated on the Enterprise. It is also stated that Kal Dano had been dead for centuries by the time he was recovered, which means it's unknown how long that ship had been there when the Enterprise came across it.

Although only appearing in five episodes, Future Guy” as he was labeled by the fans was a source of great curiosity on Star Trek: Enterprise. He controlled the Cabal and gave the Sulibans their technology and abilities. He also warned Captain Archer of the coming threat from the Xindi. But his identity was never made clear during the run of the series. But viewers finding the show on streaming channels will have that knowledge, and it just might change how they see the captain of the Enterprise as, according to Brannon Braga, (In Conversation: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga, a 70-minute behind-the-scenes documentary shown on the Season 1 Blu-ray)Future Guy was Jonathan Archer. (Source: redshirtsalwaysdie.com)



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