Star Trek El Futuro Comienza Online;

Star Trek El Futuro Comienza Online;

Star Trek El Futuro Comienza Online


Después de una corta pero memorable carrera temporal de la franquicia en la televisión, la saga del capitán James T. Kirk ha alcanzado nuevas cimas con la producción de la nueva serie ‘Star Trek Enterprise’.


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It came as a shock to many people when it was announced that Paramount Pictures would make a new "Star Trek" movie that would reboot the franchise. But when the movie came out, pretty much everybody agreed that it was pretty good. This movie is awesome! J.J. Abrams managed to make a movie with some incredible acting and a really good story. The new actors were all pretty good and, of course, Leonard Nimoy who returned to play the older version of Spock proved that he still got it. The weaknesses of this movie are the visual effects when it comes to the creatures and then the villain who is incredibly weak. I didn't think that they had gave him a good reason for him to do what it is that he does. However, I still love this movie and I can't wait to see where this franchise will be going. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)


Aboard t

he USS Enterprise, the most-sophisticated starship ever built, a novice crew embarks on its maiden voyage. Their path takes them on a collision course with Nero (Eric Bana), a Romulan commander whose mission of vengeance threatens all mankind. If humanity would survive, a rebellious young officer named James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and a coolly logical Vulcan named Spock (Zachary Quinto) must move beyond their rivalry and find a way to defeat Nero before it is too late.

The fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of bitter rivals. One, James Kirk, is a delinquent, thrill-seeking Iowa farm boy. The other, Spock, a Vulcan, was raised in a logic-based society that rejects all emotion. As fiery instinct clashes with calm reason, their unlikely but powerful partnership is the only thing capable of leading their crew through unimaginable danger, boldly going where no one has gone before. The human adventure has begun again. (Source: 123moviesd.com)



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