star future print tsp100 paper not feeding OR

star future print tsp100 paper not feeding OR

star future print tsp100 paper not feeding

The star future print tsp100 paper not feeding it's doors open at 7:30pm. There isn't anyone at the shop and it's not that busy. I end up buying some beer and hanging out at the counter until the TVs come on. The people who actually work at the store are all gone by 10pm, when the street fair ends.


Enter a descriptive name for the preset, such as Receipt or Label, or if you use both a receipt printer and label printer, the generic Lightspeed Printer. If you use a receipt printer and a label printer, select All Printers for Preset Available For. This ensures that the preset is available when printing to your receipt or label printer. If you're using a receipt printer or label printer only, select Only this printer for the Preset Available For option to link the preset to the printer that is currently selected from the Printer list of the Print dialog. A linked preset is automatically applied when selecting the corresponding printer.

www.starmicronics.com)To verify that the roll is thermal-coated, scratch the outer surface of the paper with a coin or similar hard object. If the topcoat shows a gray mark where the scratch was made, the paper is thermal-coated. Next, verify the thermal paper is loaded correctly and print a self-test. To print a self-test simple power your printer OFF, press the FEED button and power the printer ON only releasing the FEED button when printing begins. For more information on printing self-tests, please visit the Self-Test FAQ article. (Source:


The TSP 100 is a direct thermal point-of-sale printer manufactured by Star Micronics that provides bar code enhancement and receipt preview functions. Users can create customized receipts with logo and coupon insertions, and all settings can be stored on a PC. It requires no hardware configuration and can operate with a vertical or wall-mounted setting. Troubleshooting the unit is fairly simple and most error codes can be fixed by following a few short steps.

Availability disclaimer: You can also set up your Star TSP100U/TSP100IIIU or Star TSP100LAN/TSP100IIILAN receipt printer with Lightspeed Hub. At this time, however, Lightspeed Hub is available to all new merchants who joined Retail POS on September 1, 2020 and after. It's also available to certain existing merchants who joined Retail POS before September 1, 2020 as it's currently in private beta. (Source: retail-support.lightspeedhq.com)




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