Star Future Position;

Star Future Position;

Star Future Position


The star future position is a creative way that has evolved over the years. It's a practice that helps you evolve your position. It's also a provocative way to get your point across.


You’re wishing upon a star when this Major Arcana card makes an appearance in your tarot card reading, and the good news is that your wishes are about to come true! Will it be new love, or taking your relationship to the next level? The energies of hope and faith surround you and are supporting you in a brand new path or direction. You have a lot to be optimistic about because the universe is blessing you at this time.

You must have initiated a beautiful new idea recently for The Star to show up in your reading in the past position. Whatever inspired you, you acted on it and it brought you to the place you are at today! This card is also about self-healing and nurturing, so you might be coming out of a time of pampering yourself, heart and soul. If you are happy with where this has led you, then always remember that your dreams can turn into reality. If it didn’t quite develop into what you wanted, The Star card is here to remind you that we ought to follow our dreams, but we do need some practicality to back up our actions. (Source: www.tarot-explained.com)


In the past position, the Star card represents a very optimistic choice you made some time ago. Your current situation is the result of this unbridled optimism. Perhaps you quit your job to pursue your artistic endeavors, and are now living comfortably off of your passion. Conversely, leaving your comfortable job may have resulted in financial ruin. Either way, the Star in the past position is a sign that you need to move forward and challenge yourself anew.

In the present position, the Star urges you to simplify things in your life and ask yourself what you truly want. You are about to embark on a new journey – you have big new plans that can change your life. You are full of hopes and dreams. At this time, you may be particularly dreamy and hopeful about a new relationship, so just keep in mind that this card can indicate that you are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Be sure to keep one foot in the water and one foot on the ground. (Source: www.psychicguild.com)



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