star fox zero theme back to the future OR

star fox zero theme back to the future OR

star fox zero theme back to the future

The only time you see a star fox zero theme in back to the future is when the time machine goes haywire and sends star fox zero back in time, resulting in a time paradox. After an escape from the time paradox, his time machine malfunctioned, and he had to go back in time to the 1980's to fix it.


Star Fox Command launched in August 2006 to favourable reviews and reasonable sales (day one in Japan, it sold 20,000 copies), but as is the case with any game, there are elements which the team wish they could go back and change today. "If we’d have had more time, I would have liked to add some 'standard' Star Fox levels with forward-scrolling, but at the time Miyamoto was adamant that we stick with free-range modes," says Cuthbert. "That was part of his 'Star Fox should explore new things' initial direction on the project. I would have liked to expand the mothership sequence more too, adding variation and different things to do, allowing you to enter mothership for an on-rails sequence, perhaps." Fellow Q-Games staffer Maeta reveals that the Arwing transformation that was in Star Fox 2 (and would later be resurrected in Star Fox Zero) was almost included in Command; this would certainly have given the gameplay more variety.

One of the endings – dubbed "Curse of Pigma" – sees Fox McCloud down in the dumps after the loss of his beloved Krystal and taking up racing to lift his spirits, a scenario which appeared to play some part in rumours relating to a Star Fox racing title. What do the team think about Command influencing gaming gossip more than a decade later? "I have no idea about that," says Cuthbert. "But Fox and his team get everywhere! Imamura-san was behind F-Zero of course, so that particular ending with the slight cross-over of the two universes was really cool, I thought." Broadbent adds weight to this viewpoint. "That branch of Command's storyline was quite a natural outcome I think; Mr. Imamura has been heavily involved in both the Star Fox and F-Zero series throughout his career, so when he and Dylan were conjuring up an alternate timeline where Fox and Falco were driven to change careers, high-speed racing was the first choice." (Source: www.nintendolife.com)



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