star bright future 533p OR

star bright future 533p OR

star bright future 533p

I am a young future historian traversing the vast timelines of the xeroverse to find traces of the past, storing them in my memory as my knowledge grows to be the most populous history. I am searching for the point when the xeroverse was founded, because it seems to have caught my attention. You see, I am the only historian with this particular knowledge of the vast timeline that none of the scientists can help me with. Not the scientists of the xeroverse.


REFERENCE SIRE CB 57U CAN DOO 102Y (IMP CAN) – 02/01/11 – HB No. CA02953537P (ET) (P) RB L1 DOMINETTE 8116 (H) RVP STAR 533P CAN-AM { STAR BRIGHT FUTURE 533P { REMITALL ONLINE 122L (IMP CAN) (BM) (P) ET 57U (P) STAR BONNIE BETH 54N (P) { CS BOOMER 29F (P) HCC BONITA 8L (P) DLR MISS DIXIE 143B (P) HF 74M LIMELIGHT LADY { STAR MKS LIMELIGHT 288G (P) { STAR L1 TEXACO 1ET (ET) (H) 42P (P) HF 43K DUSTY LADY 74M (P) { RU DUSTER 60D (P) HF 92C MISS FORTUNE 43K (P) GROUP BREEDPLAN DIR DTRS GEST BWT 200 400 600 MAT Milk +0.1 +4.2 -2.9 +4.4 +41 +59 +84 +42 +17 MatV SS DTC CW EMA RIB RUMP RBY IMF +19 +2.7 -4.5 +59 +2.8 +2.0 +1.5 +0.3 +0.8 HPrime +$122 Export +$116 Dairy +$85 Terminal +$54 The ‘Can Doo’s’ have correct structure, strong bone and exceptional thickness. Can Doo was Reserve Senior Champion Bull at the 2012 World Hereford Conference Show in Canada. A Can Doo son, Remitall Start Me Up sold for the record Canadian price of $165,000. 11

STAR KKH SSF Valedictorian ET, bred and owned by Kasey Herman, Skiatook, Okla., and partners Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla., and Heritage Cattle Co., Buhl, Idaho, captured the coveted supreme champion trophy after winning the grand champion polled female title. The supreme award is sponsored by Four L Hereford Farm, Atwood, Tenn., and is awarded in memory of Tom Lane Sr. The STAR Bright Future 533P daughter posted an impressive set of expected progeny differences on show day including birth weight (BW) 5.2; weaning weight (WW) 40; yearling weight (YW) 67; milk (MM) 16; and milk and growth (M&G) 36. (Source: www.hpj.com)



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