star and marco future fanfiction OR

star and marco future fanfiction OR

star and marco future fanfiction

Marco and Star are in love. They both know they are different. Star is from another planet, and Marco is from the same planet. They spend most of their time together in the park eating a space bar that miraculously grants them access to remote areas of the universe. What will happen to them in the future? What will happen to their love?


(Lincoln and his sisters nods to Star and Marco, then the door of the Diaz Household and a girl wearing a dark green dress that ended at her knees, pink stockings that went up through the dress, and boots that covered most of her legs. Her eyes were blue, her long hair brown, and her skin a fair tone of white. Overall, she looked like a nice fourteen-year-old. But there was something that caught Marco's eyes. On both of the girls cheeks were two, little, pink fleur-di-lis's. They looked remarkably like the signs of a Mewman Royal family member. She, in turn, looked a lot like his friend Star, except for the hair.)

Comments: A great Marco-centric story that has him pushing his way through an apprenticeship with the underappreciated Sir Lavabo and making friends with similar outcast squires. All while all the big events of season three concerning Eclipsa occur far, far in the background, thanks to Star and Marco not having time to physically interact anymore. It's interesting to see how Marco functions on Mewni without Star's companionship and aid and opens up the world a bit by having Marco deal with more standard day-to-day Mewni stuff regularly rather than constantly hanging with royalty, putting him into situations he would otherwise never find himself. The atmosphere of the original show is also retained, with Marco's oft-incredulous internal thoughts helping even the direst of situations keep a fun beat. Finally, I'll admit that the eventual Higgsco is something that I'm looking forward to, as it's probably the rarest Marco pairing and thus I'd love to see more fanfic writers play around with it. Also available on Fanfiction.net (Source: tvtropes.org)



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