star 100 future print troubleshooting OR

star 100 future print troubleshooting OR

star 100 future print troubleshooting

At times a STAR 100 Printer is not performing as well as it should. If a printer stops printing documents, it can be resolved by following these troubleshooting steps.


TSP143U GRY. Introducing the TSP143U GRY, the first all-in-one receipt printer. Yes, all the parts and software are included in one box. To get you setup quickly, we've included an internal power supply, interface cable, power cable, complete mounting kits and a paper roll. To bring you the future of receipt printing now, we're also including a full set of software utilities. Redesign your receipt without modifying your application. Add your logo. Add coupons. Preview receipts and enhance bar codes. Included operating system drivers allow for 'Plug and Play' automatic installation. But setup is not the only fast part. The TSP143U GRY is a fast printer. It's the All-In-One-Box Miracle coupling amazing features and high reliability at an affordable price.

To debug your printer, turn your printer off and press and hold the FEED button. While still holding the FEED button, turn the printer back on. Let the printer print off the firmware information and then let go of the feed button. The printer tries to connect to the internet and then continues to print off more diagnostic information. Take a look at the printed paper to see if any of the following issues match the text displayed: (Source: help.shopify.com)


As this printer uses thermal printing paper, it will not print on ordinary paper. Also, if there are issues such as printed words being faint, it may be that the paper does not meet the specifications or the paper has become old and can no longer be used for printing. Check the appropriate paper roll specifications in the Printer's Manual and make sure the paper used meets the printer's specifications.

If your printer is showing as online, we will check communication between Windows and your printer by printing a test page. To do this, right click on your printer, and select Printer Properties. On the first page it should have a button that says Print Test Page. This should print a test page to your receipt printer. If it printed sucessfully, proceed to the next step. If nothing printed, try following the previous steps under the Printer is offline section. (Source: support.heartlandretail.us)





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