space dandy star future OR

space dandy star future OR

space dandy star future

space dandy star future is about space travel, exploration and adventure. There is the remote possibility that our future children might one day interact with those from surrounding galaxies or even the far reaches of our own. This series is about embracing the impossible.


1.) Great Animation and Soundtrack- Seriously, Space Dandy looks sexy as hell. From the retro character designs to the whacky aliens to the trippy worlds, Space Dandy is a great acid trip. Many episodes have a unique style from the others. The plant episode and the library episode did a good job of providing a unique enough experience to be memorable as far as the animation is concerned, though flat lined in every other department. The soundtrack is also brilliant, with tons of the flair and flavor we can expect from the people who brought us Bebop and Samurai Champloo.

1.) Uninteresting and Unfunny Characters- The first episode Dandy is a pretty cool character and you think, “Damn, they’re gonna do some awesome things with him”. But they never do. His character is as stagnant as the rest of the series and he’s never particularly funny. Most of the jokes surrounding him are way too juvenile and overused to elicit even a chuckle. Boobies was funny the first time, but by the twelfth episode, it’s downright annoying. And this lack of comedy can be found in QT, whose autotuned voice makes sense, but isn’t a great design choice in the long run. Meow is also uninteresting as a character. (Source: myanimelist.net)


Final Space is a rare example of an animated series that’s heavily serialized and despite its comedic nature steadily skews more towards drama by the end of its three-season run. Gary Goodspeed is a kind-hearted but absent-minded astronaut who aligns himself with a deceptively powerful alien named Mooncake and an increasingly large cast of characters who set out to save the universe from Lord Commander and the other malevolent forces that are out there. Final Space begins in silly territory, but it grows into a sprawling space soap opera. Many of the similarities between Final Space and Cowboy Bebop are more superficial in nature, but it’s still likely that those that are drawn to Cowboy Bebop’s galactic adventures will appreciate Final Space’s serialized exploration of the universe.

Anime is not for everybody. However, there are certain emblematic series, like Shinichiro Watanabe’s Cowboy Bebop, that are able to transcend the medium and become pillars of pop culture that are adored by mainstream crowds. Cowboy Bebop is a science fiction series that focuses on a misfit crew of bounty hunters who travel the galaxy to make a big score and survive their own neuroses. Cowboy Bebop’s space setting allows the series to embrace sci-fi archetypes, but the anime is a delirious stew of ingredients that means that riffs on westerns, film noir, and even the horror genre are all fair game. All of these cultural reference points are held together with an electric jazz score that’s as unpredictable as the series’ stories. (Source: www.denofgeek.com)


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