slam1lt future pinball star trek condition red OR

slam1lt future pinball star trek condition red OR

slam1lt future pinball star trek condition red

There are no winners and losers, the game's the game


One of the reasons I was looking into getting a Highspeed 2 machine is because I enjoy playing it in real life. And the nostalgic aspect of enjoying those machines as a kid too. I understand there are newer machines with fancier playfields and whatnot, but that's not why I was interested in this particular one. And I'm surely not going to invest in a pinball machine, especially if I only get one to start, if it's one that other people think is great or a good investment, but I don't enjoy it. C'mon Dave, we're on a DeLorean forum. Do you think many of us give a sh!t what the masses do and don't just go ahead and do what we enjoy in spite of what's popular? Your line of thinking might make sense on the Toyota Corolla forum maybe...

There are pinball shows that you can go to where you can play all of the pins, and people buy and sell them and parts. The particular one isn't all that popular so depending on condition, can go for less than $1500 (in decent, working condition). Expect the case to be beat up and some parts on the playfield to be missing or broken. Look on line for where the shows are, you can often find one in most big cities at least once a year. If possible you want to pick it up yourself. Shipping is expensive and you really should inspect it yourself before you buy it. A lot of parts can still be bought for many of the games if necessary. Expect to replace all of the playfield rubber and a lot of bulbs but that is not expensive. There are forums for all of the games too so look them up. (Source: dmctalk.org)


I had a High Speed II from 2009-2015. Definitely one of my favorite games, especially because of the strong car theme. The idea of working your way through the game by increasing your RPMs enough to shift gears to eventually redline 5th gear is such a cool idea. Plus the supercharger on the playfield is a very cool feature. I picked the game up in 2009 for $900 from a private seller that was moving, didn't want the game, and couldn't keep it working right. The market was down at the time but even then that was a heck of a deal. I fixed all of the issues (bad diodes, a couple transistors, a few capacitors and bridge rectifiers), updated the ROMs, replaced all the rubber, added full superbright LEDs, cleaned it up and had it working great. The playfield was super clean on it which was the biggest draw. I even added a key switch to replace the start button. The only issue it had was that the red in the side art was faded. Otherwise it was a beauty. In 2015 I was looking for a change and negotiated a sale for $2,250 (he talked me down from $2500) to a guy that paid to ship it about 1,500 miles away. I still feel as though it was a fair price for how nice the machine was. Some day if I end up with more room and more cash, I may circle back and try to find another one of these.

I have found a couple places in the area that have pins, the movie theatres have one or two among their games in the lobby area and there is a bar downtown here in Guelph that has about 10 machines, all of varying vintage. I saw they had a Mortal Kombat stand-up cabinet the last time I was in there. I used to pull up a stool as a kid and play these machines with a can of pop beside me, now the machines have drinkholders for your beer attached to the sides of the cabinet. Giddyup! :) (Source: dmctalk.org)



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