Skills for Tourism Resume

Skills for Tourism Resume

Skills for Tourism Resume

hospitalityinsights.ehl.edu)It should never be forgotten that it’s the customer who provides the funds to pay salaries and other expenses which allow a hotel or restaurant to remain profitable and reinvest in its infrastructure. Thus, it is essential that employees and managers succeed in satisfying and even delighting customers. Excellent customer service skills is all about understanding the customer’s needs and being able to deliver a positive customer service experience. (Source:


In most countries, the tourism industry caters to local and international tourists with various cultural backgrounds. This means that cultural awareness is an important aspect when you work in this industry. You will often be dealing with people whose cultural backgrounds differ from yours. Cultural awareness will help to ensure that you understand your customers and what their needs are, so that you are better able to provide high quality service. This will help customers to feel comfortable and to enjoy their experiences, which will encourage them to make use of your business again in the future.

It goes without saying that digital transformation carries the future of the hospitality and tourism industry, but this does not mean the industry will become depersonalized. On the contrary, investing in human capital is key to finding innovative solutions in an ever-changing scenario. People determine the success of an organization and, if this holds true across all fields, it is even more important for service-based industries like hospitality and tourism. (Source: www.topuniversities.com)



www.resumeok.com)Companies in the hospitality and tourism industry conDoing so signifies your great interest in what you are entering into. Once the interviewer gives you the chance to ask your own questions, do so. Here are examples of questions you might want the interviewer to answer. You can think of more or different questions if you like.

stantly deal with problems that require quick solutions. When you are dealing with people from various backgrounds, different challenges arise. Working in this industry requires not just a stringent adherence to structure, but also a knack for creativity and innovation that can be counted upon in pressure situations. This pandemic has been one big challenge thrown at the entire industry and it’s no surprise that it has responded with a great deal of resiliency and innovation. (Source: www.jobstreet.com.sg)





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