simpsons predicted the future star wars OR

simpsons predicted the future star wars OR

simpsons predicted the future star wars

I watched The Simpsons when I was 10 and fell in love with the show. Years later, I was reading an article about how the show predicted one of the best-selling movies of all time, Star Wars, and I was shocked. The show started airing in 1989, and in May 1977, the first Star Wars movie was released!


When the Simpsons arrive at Ginormous Pictures, there’s a couple of movie posters that advertise two movies, Star Wars: The Apology (someone had to say it), and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Gettin’ Rabies! The Simpsons’ writers may have been off with their choice of subtitles, but consider the fact that Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, both premiered in Dec. 2015!

Questions over the validity of the results of Donald Trump’s medical examination gave birth to a new online conspiracy theory known as “The Girther movement”. It’s a play on the “Birther movement” that arose during Barack Obama’s time in the White House, focussing instead on Trump’s health rather than his birthplace. The check up says Trump weighs 239 lbs which many claim to be clearly false (including Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn), but guess who else weighed 239 lbs when he stepped on the scales? Homer Simpson, in the very first season of The Simpsons. (Source: uk.movies.yahoo.com)


Writers for The Simpsons have always had a knack for foretelling the future. From Donald Trump running for office to NSA wiretapping, the show's prophetic skills are point — and, as it turns out, it even correctly predicted the continuation of the Star Wars franchise. As Imgur user getsomestarbs has astutely pointed out, a still from the Simpsons episode "Homer the Whopper," which aired in 2009, features a shot of a fictitious Hollywood production studio called "Ginormous Pictures." [seealso slug="simpsons-predicted-technology"]

Did The Simpsons actually predict a piece of architecture? Possibly. In the 1995 episode "Lisa's Wedding," Lisa sees a fortune teller that tells her about her life in 2010–including visiting her husband's family in London. As the skyline of the city is found, the silhouette of a building looks a lot like The Shard. That's strange, given that construction on the unique-looking tower didn't begin until 2009–and it didn't open until 2013. (Source: www.gamespot.com)




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