simpsons predict the future star wars OR

simpsons predict the future star wars OR

simpsons predict the future star wars

The Simpsons has predicted the future with a twist on the famous "I predict. . ". meme, and for good measure, it brought out Star Wars' hokey semi-prophetic holograms.


Writers for The Simpsons have always had a knack for foretelling the future. From Donald Trump running for office to NSA wiretapping, the show's prophetic skills are point — and, as it turns out, it even correctly predicted the continuation of the Star Wars franchise. As Imgur user getsomestarbs has astutely pointed out, a still from the Simpsons episode "Homer the Whopper," which aired in 2009, features a shot of a fictitious Hollywood production studio called "Ginormous Pictures." [seealso slug="simpsons-predicted-technology"]

One thing we definitely can do, because the show is such an institution is reference ourselves. We break the fourth wall a bit more, and it's largely thanks to all the Simpsons memes. A few years ago, a younger writer, Cesar Mazariegos, came in during his first week and pitched the idea of having the “Homer backing into the bushes” meme during an episode, and it made it in. During [Season 30 episode "The Girl on the Bus,"] Homer is texting Lisa and he sends a GIF of the meme. (Source: www.inverse.com)


That was still hard, but not as arduous. The Star Wars short was an idea [original Simpsons producer James L. Brooks] came up with in January: to do a series of shorts that allowed us to interact with other Disney+ franchises. [Simpsons showrunner] Al Jean thought of it being centered on Star Wars, which we thought was fun. And then the folks at Disney liked the idea, but they told us, "Why don't we make that ready to go by May the 4th, for Star Wars Day?" And that is not very fun at all. It's a tight schedule.




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