Should You Spell Out Numbers in a Resu

Should You Spell Out Numbers in a Resu

Should You Spell Out Numbers in a Resume

Many professionals, such as emergency responders and in customer service, use response time to measure effectiveness and efficiency. Customer service positions often require quick response times to customer inquiries via phone, email, or web chat features. Use numbers on your resume to show your average response time or to highlight improvements in response times. (Source: www.indeed.com)



zety.com)Resume Tip: When emailing your resume, check the job description to see if they ask applicants to send emails with something specific in the subject line of the email. If not, go with the position title, posting any job reference number, if required, your name, and include the word "resume."

Find the name of the person who will be reading your resume and personalize your email with that information. Sending a resume is much more compelling when you use Dear Susan instead of To Whom It May Concern. (Source: zety.com)



Including social media on a resume has become commonplace. In fact, studies show that most recruiters will search for your online profiles before deciding whether to interview you. By including the most relevant social media links on your resume, you're saving recruiters time and providing them with the details they care about. Start by adding the link to your public LinkedIn profile. Other social media accounts should only be mentioned on your resume if they're related to your profession. If you work in a creative field, for example, consider adding a link to your online portfolio or blog as well. Whichever links you decide to include on your resume, be sure that they will support, rather than sabotage, your job-search efforts and that they are kept up to date.

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