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Shop Tiffany Jewelry - Amazon.com Official Site


Shop tiffany  company jewelry  Amazoncom Official Site

If you want to buy a piece of jewelry from the prestigious Tiffany Company, you should go to their official site. You can get free catalogs and view the latest designs. It's a great idea to shop for jewelry online to avoid counterfeits. Those that aren't authentic will lack warranty, have poor workmanship, and be made of imitation gold and silver.

Tiffany's Rubedo metal

When you're looking for the perfect gift, consider Tiffany's Rubedo metal jewelry. This jewelry features a unique alloy that is unique to Tiffany. Originally made in 1837, Rubedo was used to create a range of metals that were highly durable and long-lasting.

Tiffany produces items in virtually every precious metal and stone known to man. The new Rubedo metal was first introduced to the market in 2012 in celebration of the house's 175th anniversary. The company's founder discovered the blue-purple stone, tanzanite, at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. The brand was also inspired by New York City graffiti in the 1970s. Tiffany Picasso took these influences and incorporated them into her first Tiffany jewelry collection in 1979.

Tiffany's Save the Wild collection

In 2017, Tiffany's Save the Wild collection was launched with a purpose to help save endangered species around the world. The brand initially worked with the Elephant Crisis Fund to help save the elephant population, but later expanded their efforts to help the Wildlife Conservation Network protect other endangered species, including lions, rhinos, and koalas. The Save the Wild collection includes several pieces inspired by these creatures.

The Save the Wild collection originally focused on elephants, but this fall, they added rhinoceroses and other endangered animals. The company donates 100% of its profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network to protect these endangered species from poaching and ivory trafficking. The collection includes elephant brooches crafted of white gold, as well as white gold segmented charms.

Since its launch, Tiffany & Co. has pledged to donate at least $1 million for conservation and research programs. The company is working to raise another $2 million to help wildlife organizations. This latest donation will help fund more important conservation efforts in Africa and Asia. The brand will continue to work toward its minimum donation goal through December 2019. Tiffany also plans to expand its efforts in this area.

Tiffany's starring role in a Hollywood film

After stealing the show in Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish has landed two starring roles in upcoming studio films. The first, based on a popular comic book series, is called "The Kitchen," and is about two Irish Mafia wives in 1970s New York who take over their husbands' businesses when they're arrested. The movie will be directed by Andrea Berloff and produced by Michael De Luca.

Tiffany's diamonds

The Tiffany & Co. jewelry line features diamonds and platinum jewelry. The company recently announced new products that will fall under a price range of $500 and below. The company is also expanding its business in Asia. The company has closed one store in Japan, the second-largest market. But the company isn't giving up on its online presence. It's relaunching its Web site, which will boost online sales.

While it's tempting to purchase an imitation ring at Costco or another wholesale store, you should avoid doing so. Not only is the quality of such products shoddy, but there's no guarantee that you're buying the real thing. If you're not sure whether the product you purchased is authentic, look for the packaging. Ensure that the centering is accurate and that there are no missing logos.

Tiffany's diamonds are available in a variety of settings and styles. For instance, you can get a beautiful solitaire ring made from conflict-free and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled gold. You can also shop for a beautiful engagement ring in a variety of sizes, such as sizes 4 to 11.

Tiffany Jewelry - October Sale

Tiffany Jewelry  October Sale

Tiffany Jewelry - October Sale - You can save a lot of money when you buy engagement rings and wedding bands from this brand. Not only will you save money on shipping, but you can also get a 10% discount on your purchase! You can even save on shipping costs when you shop online. And don't forget that you can save even more if you're an employee of the company.

Tiffany & Company's ethical and social standards

As a leading luxury jewelry brand, Tiffany & Company has a long-standing commitment to ethical and social standards. As a result of this commitment, the company has made considerable investments in ensuring that its supply chain is transparent and sustainable. The company also pays living wages and provides management training to its employees. In addition, Tiffany employs subcontractors that are members of its Social Accountability Program.

One notable initiative is Tiffany's 2025 sustainability goals, which are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative focuses on people, planet, and product. It aims to achieve these goals by reducing its use of plastic and eliminating single-use packaging. The company has committed to a zero-waste policy by 2025, which means that no new packaging will be required for a Tiffany purchase.

In fiscal year 2018, the company also began purchasing raw precious metals from sustainable sources, including United States mines and recycled materials. Additionally, the company has implemented industry-leading practices for conflict minerals. These standards reduce the risk of financing human rights abuses and armed conflict. As part of these efforts, the company has also begun sourcing small amounts of metals from artisanal mines.

The company adheres to several laws and regulations in order to promote social responsibility and protect the environment. This includes the minimum wage law for workers, occupational health and safety standards, and industrial relations laws. It also ensures that it follows anti-discrimination laws, which are also part of its legal obligations towards societal stakeholders.

Tiffany & Company's ethical and social policies are also in line with the expectations of its customers. Customers feel more confident when purchasing products from companies that adhere to these standards. Employees also take pride in belonging to a company that strives to live up to ethical and social standards. The company has also invested heavily in CSR initiatives, and these efforts have proven beneficial in terms of long-term growth and profitability.

Its expert craftsmanship

If you want your jewelry to be beautiful, then you should consider buying a piece from the famous Tiffany and Co. collection. Their jewelry designs are known for their classical and traditional design. Their quality is also known for being very fine. They have many lines of jewelry, home & accessories, and watches.

The famous brand began in 1837 and is known for their jewelry designs and excellent craftsmanship. Since then, they have expanded into a global design house. Their jewelry has won numerous awards and has earned them an excellent reputation for being of the highest quality. Whether you're looking for a timeless piece of jewelry or a piece of contemporary jewelry, Tiffany Jewelry can make any piece of jewelry special.

In addition to its legendary quality, Tiffany has a reputation for developing jewelry pieces using the latest technological advances. Their jewelry design and innovation workshop, located just steps away from their Fifth Avenue headquarters, combines traditional and innovative tools. This process reduces the time to market for new products and enhances the unique expression of each design.

As part of its mission to create beautiful jewelry for a lifetime, Tiffany also focuses on the environment. They have a foundation that funds organizations that promote responsible mining and conservation. Tiffany has taken the lead in encouraging the United States to implement the Kimberley Process, which prohibits the sale of blood diamonds and other gemstones used by rebel groups. Besides this, the Tiffany foundation has also started buying diamonds directly from the mines they trust, which is a great step in protecting the environment.

Tiffany Jewelry's expert craftsmanship has been praised for its unique designs. The firm's history is a testament to its expertise and innovation. Founded in 1837 by Charles Tiffany, the company has remained at the forefront of several design movements throughout history. From Art Deco to nature-inspired creations, Tiffany has always been at the forefront of modern design.

The company's expert craftsmanship extends to its diamonds. They are sourced from around the world and are known for their exquisite cut and quality. The company is well known for its ethical manufacturing practices and high standards when cutting diamonds.

Its upgrade policy

Whether you're planning to exchange your engagement ring or simply want a change in design, Tiffany Jewelry's upgrade policy may be just what you need. The policy allows you to trade in an engagement ring for a new one after a few years. However, you must purchase the new piece at two times the appraised value of the old one. You can find out more about this policy at any retail store of the jewelry company.

As with any company, Tiffany Jewelry's upgrade policy is different in different countries. If you buy a diamond at a store in Hong Kong, for example, the company does not offer an upgrade policy. However, in the U.S., you can upgrade a Tiffany ring to a much more expensive one. The company will issue you a store credit for the difference in price.

If you find that you no longer like your engagement ring, you can also get a replacement diamond from the company. If the original diamond is broken, you can get the same diamond at a reduced cost. The store credit will be applied toward the new engagement ring. If you can't afford to upgrade the ring, you can opt for a pawnbroker. While pawnbrokers will offer you fast cash, you'll usually receive the lowest value for your jewelry.

While the policy may seem lenient on the surface, it's important to keep in mind that there are certain conditions that can limit the amount of money you'll spend. Unlike Apple's upgrade policy, Tiffany and Co. offers repair services for broken jewelry. However, this service may cost you extra, especially if the broken item was purchased from a secondary retailer.

Its diamonds

Tiffany Jewelry - October Sale is an opportunity to save money on a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It has never had a sale like this one since the company was founded in 1837. All purchases are eligible for free shipping and returns. Moreover, employees and military personnel can get a special discount at the Tiffany store.

Making fine jewelry takes an incredible amount of skill and money. Moreover, mining and processing raw materials poses an ethical and social dilemma. For this reason, Tiffany & Co. aims to maintain high environmental and social standards and safeguard the rights of workers and communities in the supply chain. Moreover, diamonds are among the hardest materials on the planet. These gemstones can pierce a loved one's heart.

The jewelry company was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany. Since then, the company has become a world-renowned jeweler. Today, the jewelers are known for their exemplary gemstones and classic designs. This makes them a perennial favorite among prominent families in the United States. For instance, first ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy and Mary Todd Lincoln have worn Tiffany & Co. jewelry. It is thus not surprising that Sotheby's is proud to offer pieces by the renowned brand at auction. The company has an extensive network of specialists at selling centers around the world.

Shop Online Now - Beautifully Handmade

Shop Online Now  Beautifully Handcrafted

If you are looking for a place to buy handmade items online, there are several options. One of the oldest marketplaces for handmade items is Artfire. This site has come a long way in terms of design, user-friendliness, and the quality of its sellers. Currently, you can find a large selection of handmade items from artists from across the globe.

St. Frank is a Shopify store

With a stylish, modern website, St. Frank is an attractive option for selling handcrafted decor. The store features products ranging from home décor to pillows and kitchenware. The website showcases big imagery and detailed descriptions of products, as well as a bio of the artisan who created them.

Christina Bryant is the creator of this unique shop. She sources beautiful and rare handcrafted items from around the world. She is committed to helping artisans develop economic freedom and preserving traditional artisanal techniques. In fact, her mission is to provide women with a platform to sell their creations.

Biko is a Toronto-based luxury jewelry brand that focuses on natural stones and sleek, minimal designs. The company has increased earnings to $17 million in 2017 and has been praised for its simplistic aesthetics. Another Shopify store that has garnered attention is WP Standard, which won Shopify's Design Award in 2013. It targets the tech crowd and sells full-grain leather goods.

One of the best ways to sell handcrafted decor is to start a Shopify store. The platform makes it easy to browse and find what you want. Similarly, Leather Head Sports sells high-quality sports leather goods. The company made the switch from Etsy and uses product images to enhance the website. Another striking and elegant site is Yoga Rebel, which offers a simple but effective layout.

Lavender and Lee

Lavender and Lee is a company that offers handcrafted jewelry made with botanical ingredients. The jewelry is small-batch and designed to match any occasion. The company also offers vegan beauty products and host holiday markets. These products are also made with the scent of lavender. It is a great gift idea for any special occasion.

The company began with lavender seeds, which were brought from the Southern French Alps. The founder, CK Denny, recognized that the climate in Tasmania was very similar to that of the famous lavender regions of Provence. These days, over 50,000 people visit Tasmania, where the lavender is grown and harvested.

Visit the farm during the growing season. During this time, the lavender fields are in full bloom. You can sample lavender products and buy them at the farm store. The farm is open from June through September, but the best time to visit is in early July. There is no need to make a reservation.

A medley of lavender flowers is a beautiful choice for a sympathy bouquet. A medley of lavender flowers includes carnations, mini carnations, and purple larkspur. Moreover, a variety of greens are also included in the bouquet.


If you are in the market for beautiful handmade gifts, you've come to the right place. From colorful diamonds to exotic gemstones, Beautifully Handcrafted's selection is sure to please. Items start at $800, and are limited edition. Using a secure checkout process ensures your order will be processed promptly.

Shop online now and choose from one of the most comprehensive collections. Etsy is a top marketplace for handmade goods, with 2.5 million sellers and over 39 million buyers. It's a great place to buy and sell unique goods, but it takes time to build a business here.

Just Artisan

If you're looking for unique homeware that's both beautiful and functional, check out Just Artisan. This online marketplace features handmade goods from a range of UK-based artists and designers. The website has a simple design and smart layout, accompanied by beautiful photographs of the goods. It also includes well-written stories about the individual designers. Shoppers can browse the marketplace by category and artisan, or explore individual listings to find something that's perfect for their home.

If you prefer a physical shop, check out General Store. This artisanal goods retailer has two locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. While the experience can't be duplicated online, the website has some great features. It features gorgeous images displayed in a grid, similar to Pinterest.

Atelier Ouest Inde is another great example of a beautiful handcrafted product. This company employs over 800 artisans from all over India, and works with marginalized communities. It uses the profits from its sales to provide social benefits to the artisans. The artisans benefit from a wide range of services including medical care and educational assistance for their children. It also sponsors a savings program for artisans and their spouses. As a result, these artisans are able to create beautiful, detailed goods that make a difference to the lives of those who buy them.


Aviarto is a new marketplace for independent craft stores in the UK. By purchasing items from the stores, customers are helping to support British Artists and Crafters. The items can be bought as gifts, or for particular occasions. Each shop offers a wide range of products that can be personalised, so customers can choose the perfect gift for any occasion.

Studio Neat

Studio Neat is a Kickstarter-funded company that creates stylish, simple tech accessories. Located in Los Angeles, the company focuses on simple and stylish designs. The brand's signature panobook features Neenah LaCrema 617 Charcoal paper, 50 pt black chipboard, and Finch Fine Soft White Ultra Smooth paper. The board cover gives the panobook a more sturdy feel than a typical softcover notebook.

Selling Tiffany & Co. At Poshmark

Tiffany  Co At Poshmark  Shop Online Today

Poshmark is a social shopping network that makes luxury items available for sale. Its mission is to help women make money while keeping luxury items out of landfills. Its social atmosphere encourages buyers and sellers to connect over brands. This is a good opportunity for those who want to sell a luxury item.

Poshmark is a social shopping network

Poshmark is a new marketplace that enables people to buy and sell new and used clothes. It has a social component, allowing people to follow each other and share listings that they like. The site also has daily "posh parties," where users can browse listings and comment on them. Buyers and sellers can also ask each other questions about the items they're looking to sell.

Poshmark is just a tiny part of the $600 billion dollar U.S. e-commerce industry, but the demand is huge. One out of every three consumers buys clothing at a discount, and almost seventy-five percent of shoppers look for good deals. Online retail sales are growing by $4 billion every quarter!

Poshmark offers sellers a platform to sell their items for a fraction of the retail price. They can offer buyers a discount on shipping, or even offer free shipping. The only extra cost is the shipping fee. If you're looking to sell an item, download the Poshmark app and follow the directions to list it. You can even include measurements of the item so that you can get a good idea of how much to charge.

Poshmark provides a free pre-paid mailing label for items under ten pounds. For larger items, you may be required to ship them to Poshmark first. Poshmark takes 20% of the sale price, so sellers need to be prepared for that. Poshmark also provides free authentication for items that are worth $500 or more.

Poshmark is a leading secondhand marketplace that offers a social aspect to the buying and selling of pre-owned fashion items. This allows buyers and sellers to build a community and connect with each other. Poshmark sells a wide range of items from mid-range to high-end fashion.

It's a great place to start an e-commerce business

Poshmark is a free website where you can list your items for sale and get instant traffic. This website is great if you're looking to sell clothes and accessories quickly. You can also purchase products from other Poshmark users. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before starting your Poshmark business.

First of all, make sure that you follow the rules of Poshmark. You'll want to avoid scammers and other people who aren't trustworthy. Always read reviews, check the seller's track record, and check the asking price. Also, if you're selling clothing or accessories, you can encourage sales by offering them at discounted prices. Poshmark likers can also be helpful, as they can help you generate sales. However, if a buyer doesn't like what you're selling, they can cancel your transaction.

Poshmark and Depop are community-based marketplaces for selling clothing and accessories. Each of these online communities has their own unique audiences and features. As a result, they will each be different from one another. As such, you should be prepared to pay different fees based on the platform you decide to use.

Poshmark has a large community of potential buyers. It has over 80 million registered users and receives 40.8 million monthly page views. Poshmark makes it easy for people to buy clothing and accessories, which makes it a great place for an e-commerce business.

Poshmark also offers a fast payment system and a simplified shipping process. The website will provide a shipping label and ship all items using USPS Priority Mail. In addition, Poshmark offers free USPS boxes for their sellers. This saves time and money on shipping.

It's a way for women to make money

Poshmark is an online marketplace where women can sell designer clothing at a discount. Women can use Poshmark to sell their unwanted clothing and get a portion of the sales. They can also use Poshmark as a way to declutter their closets and save on packing time.

Poshmark has been around for about six years and has a huge community of customers who are loyal to its products. The company says that 75% of its sales are repeat customers. The service also gives sellers a social shopping experience and a chance to experiment with colors and accessories.

If you're looking for a great way to make money from your unwanted designer clothing, check out the top-selling items on Poshmark. Some of the most popular brands on Poshmark include Nike shoes, Michael Kors bags, and Lululemon clothing. These luxury items are popular for their stylish and comfortable designs.

Poshmark has grown to become a popular way for women to earn money. The app allows women to sell their secondhand or handmade clothing to a global community. Currently, Poshmark is used by four million people. Women can sell anything from their own closets or from other Poshmark sellers. The app allows users to add photos of their secondhand or handmade items. The site will take a percentage of the sale price, but sellers have the option to sell as little or as much as they want.

To make money through Poshmark, women must invest a lot of time into listing their used clothing. The items must be in good condition and clean. They must be able to sell the items at a reasonable price. They must also take the time to write and list descriptions and pricing. On top of that, they must share the items to their followers. The more followers they have, the higher their listings will appear in search results.

Poshmark has been growing fast. In 2012, the company had just 1,000 registered users. The average user spends twenty to twenty-five minutes on the app. Today, there are millions of users using the platform. During one year, the company grew ten times and had to scale its servers. Chandra is not worried about the technical difficulties, but rather is more concerned with finding enough sellers and buyers for Poshmark to compete with eBay.

It's a way to keep luxury items out of landfills

Poshmark is a website that allows you to resell gently used goods. By doing this, you are keeping tons of clothing and accessories from ending up in landfills. You can even rent out luxury items through the website. By using Poshmark, you can save a lot of money while also making a great investment.

Poshmark is a community where Poshers are connected with each other and enjoy making connections. It's a fun, social environment and the selling process is incredibly easy. Poshmark also encourages a community-based environment, allowing buyers and sellers to interact over brands and styles.

Poshmark has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages, particularly from a seller's perspective. For example, Poshmark does not charge its sellers for selling items, unlike eBay and Craigslist. However, Poshmark compensates sellers with a free shipping label, which helps offset shipping costs.

Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can sell your gently used luxury items. You don't always get your full purchase price, but it can be a great way to keep your luxury items out of landfills. To sell your luxury items on Poshmark, simply take pictures of your items, write a brief description, and post them online. Then wait for your items to sell, and get cash for them.

Poshmark has attracted the backing of venture capital investors. The company has received over $160 million in funding to date. And its community is growing - Poshmark users have formed 100+ PFF circles. These communities support each other, mentor each other and foster relationships.

Brilliant Earth Official Site - We Go Beyond Conflict Free

Brilliant Earth Official Site  We Go Beyond Conflict Free

If you're looking for ethical diamonds, look no further than Brilliant Earth. The company sources diamonds from members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, creates lab-grown diamonds, and supports educational programs for diamond mining communities. It's a great company to support, and you can read more about their practices on their website.

Brilliant Earth is a watchdog for ethical diamonds

If you're looking for a diamond ring but are concerned about the origins of the stone, you'll want to buy an ethical diamond from a reputable source such as Brilliant Earth. The company's mission is to promote a more ethical and sustainable diamond industry. Its business practices include donating five percent of its net profits to mining communities. It also partners with Carbonfund to offset its emissions and gives to other charities. For instance, Brilliant Earth contributes to the Tropical Rainforest Conservation in Brazil, which protects habitat for endangered plants and improves local water quality. It also makes a donation to Feeding America to help fight hunger in Africa. It also promotes transparency, compassion, and inclusion within the jewelry industry.

You can shop at the Brilliant Earth website, where you can browse through all of their jewelry. The site is easy to navigate and organized by category, with a helpful search feature. The filtering options allow you to filter the search results by country, size, or diamond type, and provide a wealth of information. The company also provides ring previews and real views of its diamonds, which can give you more confidence in your purchase.

The company sources its diamonds from companies in the Responsible Jewellery Council, which has members that include De Beers, Rio Tinto, and Alrosa. The diamonds from these companies are certified to be conflict-free by the Kimberley Process. However, it is important to note that De Beers, whose CEO is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Russian government, has a business relationship with a company that creates Russian nuclear weapons.

As a watchdog for ethical diamonds, Brilliant Earth is committed to conflict-free diamond mining. It also supports safe labor practices and community development. Its diamonds are sourced in Canada, Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia, and undergo strict tracking protocols.

It creates lab created diamonds

If you're in the market for a diamond ring, but don't want to spend a fortune, lab-created diamonds can save you money and the environment. Unlike diamonds mined from the ground, lab-grown diamonds are made in an environmentally friendly environment and pay workers fair wages. These diamonds can be as affordable as seventy-five percent less than an equivalent-quality mined diamond. Moreover, lab-grown colored diamonds can give you the same beauty of a naturally colored diamond at a lower cost.

The growing process of lab-grown diamonds uses the same scientific techniques as those used to grow natural diamonds. The result is a diamond with the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as a natural diamond. These diamonds are inspected and certified just like mined diamonds. They can also be cut and polished the same way as natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds also exhibit the same sparkle and brilliance as natural diamonds. In fact, it is impossible to tell the difference between a natural and a lab-grown diamond without special equipment. They may also be appraised at a slightly lower value and may even be certified by a grading lab. In addition to their great looks, lab-grown diamonds also have a greener option because no new mining is required. Because they're made in an environment friendly way, they also are far cheaper than natural diamonds of equivalent size.

Natural diamonds are formed by high temperatures and pressure. This process occurs billions of years below the earth's surface. Natural diamonds are then excavated from the earth's surface by miners. The resulting diamonds are then sold to the public.

It supports educational programs in diamond mining communities

The charitable foundation Brilliant Earth has donated a grant to the Diamond Development Initiative, a Canadian organization dedicated to advancing sustainable artisanal diamond mining. Through the grant, they are able to fund educational programs and environmental projects in mining communities. Their efforts have included the construction of a primary school in the DRC's Lungudi village and the funding of scholarships for artisanal miners in Brazil and Sierra Leone. They have also funded environmental impact mitigation projects.

The Diamond Development Initiative has recognized Brilliant Earth's renewed commitment to education in diamond mining communities by providing financial support for phase II of the access to education program. The program follows up on the success of the DRC's mobile schools in providing quality education to local children. This education program has helped students pass national exams and qualify for high school.

The company sources diamonds from members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, including De Beers, Rio Tinto and Botswana. Alrosa is also a major source of diamonds and was recently mentioned in an article in the New York Times. This Russian company has a large stake in diamond mining communities and has been linked to corruption allegations. The company has also been involved in the Diamond Development Initiative, which was founded in 2008 and is funded by large mining companies.

The company's website has clean, easy-to-use imagery. The images provide a clear picture of the diamond, making it easier to judge the quality of the diamond. The website also provides diagnostic images and light performance images.

It offers a wide variety of sustainable wedding jewelry

Brilliant Earth sells a diverse selection of sustainable wedding bands, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. Its mission is to promote a transparent, sustainable, and compassionate jewelry industry. To that end, the company uses recycled gold, ethically mined diamonds, and SCS-certified lab-grown diamonds. Additionally, it uses recycled and repurposed gemstones.

Brilliant Earth is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2005. While it has not been around as long as James Allen or BlueNile, it uses eco-friendly materials in its creations. In addition to sourcing the highest quality materials, the company also promotes an ethical business model, donating 5% of profits to victims of unethical diamond mining practices. The company also supports the fair trade gold system.

Brilliant Earth offers a return policy for most of its products. Within 30 days of purchase, customers can return unwanted items for a full refund. The company also offers free resizing within 60 days of purchase. However, some styles cannot be resized. Custom rings may require additional charges. Furthermore, the company offers a free lifetime warranty, although this does not cover loss or damage to gemstones.

Another advantage to buying from Brilliant Earth is that the company recycles gold, platinum, and diamonds. By doing so, it minimizes the need for mining these materials. Their extensive inventory of diamonds gives customers plenty of choices to choose from, including cuts, settings, and clarity.

As part of its commitment to ethically-sourced jewelry, Brilliant Earth sources materials from companies in the Responsible Jewelry Council. Members of the RJC include De Beers, Rio Tinto, and Namibia's Alrosa. The RJC is a trade group for large jewelry companies. The company's CEO has been elected as the vice chair of the board of the RJC.

Luxury Jewelry Gifts Accessories Since 1837

Luxury Jewelry Gifts  Accessories Since 1837  Tiffany tiffanycomau

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one or are in the market to buy yourself one, Tiffany & Co. is a world-class jeweller that has been the pinnacle of American design since 1837. Their beautiful designs are synonymous with beauty and craftsmanship, and they are sure to last a lifetime.


Cartier has been creating high-end luxury jewelry gifts and accessories for over one hundred years. Its designs are often unique and include one-of-a-kind creations. The company's name is synonymous with luxury and royalty. The French-based company was founded in 1837 by Louis-Francois Cartier. He understood the growing market for high-quality jewels in France after the French Revolution. In 1899, Cartier opened a boutique in Paris' Rue de la Paix. The store featured plush carpets and elegant glass cabinets that showed off the jewels. In the years that followed, the company expanded its operations to New York and London. In 1904, it was awarded a Royal Warrant, which made it the official supplier of jewelery to the Royal Court of England.

Today, the luxury brand is synonymous with refined craftsmanship and rare gemstones. It is also an icon of love and romance. The company is considered the jeweller of choice for engagements and is renowned for its impeccable bridal collection. Its diamonds meet strict standards of clarity and colour. They range from IF to VS2 in clarity and from D to H in colour.

The iconic screw design is one of the most recognizable creations from the Cartier collection. It can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace and comes with a special screwdriver to secure it in place. A screwdriver can also be used to lock the jewels in place.

Cartier and Tiffany are two of the most iconic and expensive luxury jewelry brands in the world. Often, the pieces of jewelry made by these brands are passed down through generations. They can fetch thousands of dollars if they are kept in pristine condition.

Elizabeth Gage

The prestigious Elizabeth Gage label is synonymous with exquisitely crafted pieces of jewellery. As a goldsmith and artist, Elizabeth Gage combines her skills to produce award-winning designs that transcend generations and fashion trends. Her pieces are regarded as some of the finest examples of British jewellery design of our time. Each piece is handcrafted in the UK with uncompromising precision. Elizabeth Gage also offers a custom design service.

The jewelry of Elizabeth Gage is famous for its imaginative use of colour and gemstones. She pays close attention to detail in her designs and works with highly skilled goldsmiths. Her unique designs have inspired many people throughout the world to collect Elizabeth Gage pieces. Some of her most iconic pieces feature unusual gemstones and unusual settings.

Elizabeth's renowned art is inspired by traditional and unusual sources. Her collections are a tapestry of ideas, places, objects, and natural features. The beauty of nature is celebrated in Elizabeth's jewelry. Many of her pieces are inspired by ancient cultures. The history and culture of these cultures are at the core of her designs.


For over 180 years, Tiffany has been crafting exquisite jewelry, including elegant necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. Their designs are classic and timeless, with stunning stones and intricate craftsmanship. Many of the pieces are designed for daily wear, making them an ideal gift for any occasion.

Tiffany sunglasses

A pair of Tiffany sunglasses is a great way to add a touch of class and refinement to your personality. The high quality materials used to manufacture these sunglasses ensure that you'll look your best no matter what you're doing. They are also environmentally friendly and safe for your health. They also meet international quality standards. Titanium frames, for instance, are a popular choice for many men and women. They are particularly presentable and are often preferred by businessmen. Girls who want to look like an iron lady can also go for this style.

Tiffany sunglasses have the unique ability to create an enigmatic, mysterious, and elegant look. The renowned brand has created a range of different styles and colors to suit different personalities. In addition to their classic design, Tiffany sunglasses also offer protection from wind, dust, and UV rays. They can also help reduce wrinkles around the eyes. They come in traditional brown and black hues, and are also available in more colorful designs that are sure to catch your eye. These sunglasses are also adorned with precious stones and crystals to give them a unique appeal.

A pair of Tiffany sunglasses can be a luxurious investment. The high quality of the frames makes them the perfect accessory for any occasion. These designer sunglasses are made from genuine material. They feature a warranty of 24 months and a 100-day return policy. Moreover, these sunglasses come with a price match guarantee. If you're planning to buy a pair, make sure to visit Vision Direct. They sell authentic Tiffany sunglasses with a price guarantee and a hassle-free 100-day return policy.

A pair of Tiffany sunglasses is the perfect accessory for a stylish summer look. Designed in 1837, these eyeglasses feature a dazzling array of diamonds and rare gemstones. These sunglasses are made of high-quality material to ensure that they last a long time.

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