shine like a star into the future lyrics OR

shine like a star into the future lyrics OR

shine like a star into the future lyrics

Weebly, a digital platform for DIY artists, has made a lot of hits with it's various marketing strategies. One of their latest projects, The Shine Like a Star campaign, has already pulled in $100,000 in funding.


For a voice to convey emotion and hope and strength and emotion is no easy achievement. The inherent elements of Vera Lynn’s voice that made the sentiment of that song so believable were rare and in perfect unison. Successful performers do not need perfect voices, particularly singers of popular songs. Wispy, quirky, husky and gravelly qualities may all feature to varying degrees in singers’ voices – indeed, voices can be characterised by these qualities. But, those voice qualities would not have made ‘Well Meet Again’ the song that it became for so many people. What defines Vera Lynn’s voice is it’s strength – her sustained notes remaining stable by an undominating vibrato, and the unfaltering clarity of her diction. There is no struggle to understand the words. Every syllable is heard. Her singing is wonderfully solid and consistently clear. There is no hesitation; only absolute commitment to the notes, the lyrics and the message.

Yet, strong voices can make an even greater impact when they are underpinned by emotion. Connecting with a national collective of yearning is not something every voice or lyric can do. And the consequence of separation from loved ones is yearning. We yearn to connect in person, to touch our loved ones, to feel their energy around us and to meet again. Vera Lynn’s vocal undertone of supportive empathy carries the lyrics of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ not only to listeners’ ears but also to their hearts. (Source: www.christellaantoni.co.uk)


"Shine" is a song by British reggae group Aswad. The song was written by Joe Cang and Aswad, who also produced it. Released on 6 June 1994 in a radically remixed form courtesy of the Beatmasters, it was the first single from the group's seventeenth album, Rise and Shine. It is the band's second-biggest hit in the United Kingdom, after 1988's "Don't Turn Around", reaching number five on the UK Singles Chart. "Shine" also became a top-40 hit in several European countries and New Zealand.




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