Shamicka Gibbs

Shamicka Gibbs

Shamicka Gibbs

Shamicka Gibbs is Director of Content Growth at Buffer and co-author of The Damn Good Content Strategy that has hosted content at The Walt Disney Company, The Guardian and numerous startups. Shamica shares what content marketing is and what makes a damn good content strategy.


The love story between Martin and Shamicka kicked off around 1997. They welcomed their first child Iyanna Faith a few years into the relationship at around November 2000. Their second daughter Amara Trinity was born two years later. The couple decided to tie the knot in 2010 so they held their wedding at their house at Lawrence’s Beverly Hills home and attended by 120 guests. However, their marriage didn’t last long since the two got divorced in two years later in 2012. Shamicka said that they just grew apart and a lot of stuff happened that she wasn’t comfortable sharing. They raised their daughters under joint custody.

Martin began dating Shamicka soon after his divorce from his first wife Patricia Southall, a former Miss Virginia USA in 1997. The former flames tied the knot two years before in 1995. They also shared a child, a daughter Jasmine Lawrence in 1996. A year after Jasmine’s birth, they went on their separate ways. And the same year, Martin began lovey-dovey with his future-wife Shamicka. After they were in a relationship for over a couple of years, the two also started a family together. (Source: celebsuburb.com)


Martin Lawrence is a famous actor, director, and producer. Shamicka started dating him between 1995 and 1997. The couple went on to have two daughters, Iyanna Faith, born in 2000, and Amara Trinity, born in 2002. Shamicka and Martin dated for 15 years until they finally got married on July 10, 2010, in a private ceremony at their home in Beverly Hills. However, they later divorced after two years in 2012. Martin was first married to Patricia Southall, Miss Virginia USA from 1995 to 1997. Together, they share a daughter, Jasmine, born on January 15, 1996.

According to reports, Shamicka and Martin exchanged vows in their backyard in front of over 100 guests. They included Martin’s co-stars Eddie Murphy and Barry Bonds. where Amara, Iyanna, and Jasmine were flower girls. However, their marriage only lasted two years, and in 2012, they made the mutual decision to part ways and filed for divorce. Shamicka and Martin released a joint statement to People at the time that read: (Source: factsbuddy.com)



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