Shaina B Miami Eyeshadow Duo

Shaina B Miami Eyeshadow Duo

Shaina B Miami

Shaina and her best friend, Michelle started MIPOW in 2013, a matching platform that reduces the number of leads that stay on the market by up to 95%. Now they’re on their way to building the next billion-dollar online business.


Hello there beautiful! Today I would like to introduce you all to a company I have recently had the pleasure of working with. Shaina B Miami Cosmetics' high-performance products and tools are designed to help you live vibrantly while becoming your own makeup artist. Born on the busy streets and iconic beaches of Miami our priority is to celebrate beauty & creativity in all phases. Their multicultural roots inspire us to break the rules & reinvent beauty in our own image. The end result is a beauty brand that wants to see you live boldly with & without makeup. Although Ross let Flores go, he still praises the team he’s built-in Miami. To be fair, the general manager of the Miami Dolphins Chris Grier help assemble, as well. Ross did criticize the communication the Dolphins presents at an organizational level, according to ESPN. Grier has been with the Dolphins for six years and plans to return next year for his seventh.“I am grateful most of all for the players, coaches, and support staff who gave everything they had on a daily basis to help us win games. They deserve the credit for any success on the field, and it was the honor of a lifetime for me to go to work with them every day. I have always believed that leadership is really about service, and I did my best to serve the players, the staff, and the organization every day. I believe in this team and will always value the relationships my family and I made here,” he said.

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