seymour little league future stars OR

seymour little league future stars OR

seymour little league future stars

In 1968, the Seymour Little League voted to ban kids under 9 from playing in their league. Why 9? Because it’s when a major league team changed their age for 9-year-olds.


In 2006, Waterford South Little League defeated Seymour for the state championship. Waterford South repeated as state champions the next year, this time by defeating Orange — comprised mostly of future Amity players — before advancing all the way to the World Series. Kelli Connors was a member of Waterford South both years. Connors would later lead Waterford to state titles as a freshman and sophomore. Amity and Waterford have combined to win nine CIAC state titles.

Nelligan Field played host to the most recent in a long list of softball championships won by Seymour teams. With a large, predominantly Seymour crowd on hand to see a rematch of last year's title game, Shelton got to Seymour starter and last year's winning pitcher, Raenne Geffert, early. Shelton took a 1-0 lead into the bottom of the first, but it would be its only lead of the game as Seymour's offense and Geffert's pitching proved to be too much. (Source: www.ctpost.com)


3 Batting Little League rules do not allow an on-deck batter in this division Practice batting between innings is also not allowed The only player allowed to have a bat in-hand is the current batter Bunting is allowed Between pitches the batter must keep one foot in the box at all times (see rule book for exceptions to this rule) Continuous Batting Order All players are included in the batting lineup Teams must use a continuous batting order across games The batting order may be changed during the first 3 games of the season Coaches must provide the division coordinator with their batting order prior to game 4 o This order shall then be used for all regular season games including Interlock Coaches may opt to alter their line-up for the playoffs o This new lineup must be provided to the coordinator prior to playoff game 1 o This new lineup must be used in continuous order throughout the playoffs Fielding All players on the roster must sit for one defensive inning prior to any player sitting for a second defensive inning It is at the discretion of the coach to assign players to fielding positions Players should be assigned with the opportunity to best learn the game of baseball in positions they can play safely o Safety, opportunity to play, player development and fun are the priorities All players must get a mix of both infield and outfield playing positions Pitching New pitchers have 1 min for warm up pitches (max of 8 pitches) Between innings a pitcher may have up to 5 warm up pitches Pitcher substitutions must come from the field of play unless the player coming off the bench to pitch has already sat out for one complete inning Call-up players are not eligible to pitch Pitch Count Coaches are responsible for knowing their pitcher s baseball age All teams must adhere to the Little League pitch counts rules For all games in April all pitchers regardless of age have a maximum pitch count of 50 pitches Baseball Age Max Pitch Count April Max Pitch Count




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