sentinel star wars future OR

sentinel star wars future OR

sentinel star wars future

If you are a fan of the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," then this movie title bookmark might just be the best party accessory you could have.


Hey guys, after just recently finishing up a new playthrough on the first KoToR I decided to start up the second one after who knows how long I've first played it. In the first game I did a Soldier/Consular build that was pretty awesome but this time around I want to do pure melee(Gotta love them lightsabers.) and I was wondering what the better starting class was. I heard that the Guardian wasn't as great this time around which disappointed me because it was my all time favorite class from the first game. I've been looking up stuff about the Sentinel (Never really got around to playing one before) and I like it's utility outside of combat. The headline pretty much sums it all up but I was just wondering what peoples opinions about the two are. Thanks in advance!

In Sentinel, Ori discovers Jelph’s Starfighter. She runs off to go and tell the council, so they can reinstate her. Jelph runs after her to try to stop her, but he is too slow and loses her. Before going to the council, Ori visits her mother and tells her the story. Her mother tells Ori that telling the council won’t change things. After the talk with her mother, Ori is changed. Jelph finally catches up and fights/talks with Ori. They realize that they both like each other, and they decide to escape together. When they arrive back at Jelph’s hut, they find the council there. Ori’s mom ratted them out. The council tries stealing the starship, but Jelph put in a security self-destruct. The council all dies. Ori realizes she has nowhere to go, so Jelph and Ori go and live in the wilderness. Jelph decides to stay with Ori rather than try to find a way off of the planet. (Source: www.goodreads.com)


Spaceship War features include Open the chest, Battle, Weapon, Weapon enhancement, and marketplace. Other notable features include allowing players to use the 04 spaceships to fight monsters. Notably, while the players can name their spaceships, they can only use names to represent the four planets. The specific names allowed include Earth spaceship (wood), Mercury spaceship (water). Venus spaceship (metal) and Mars spaceship (fire). Players fighting as monsters can name their spaceships to represent the enemy plants by using Jupiter Monster (Weed), Uranus Monster (Metal), Neptune Monster (Water), and Saturn Monster (Earth).

Unlike similar game themes in the market, what sets Spaceship War apart is the team’s desire to create an ecosystem that provides players all solutions needed to make their experience phenomenal. It has three different mechanisms to actualize this vision. The game allows players to enhance their main weapon using unused weapons, allowing players to synchronize power and save money that would have been used to buy add-ons. There are four weapons to choose from, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. (Source: www.lucknowsentinel.com)




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