Senior Project Manager Adobe Salary

Senior Project Manager Adobe Salary


senior project manager adobe salary

The average senior project manager Adobe salary is estimated to be $150,692 annually - 25% above the national average for this position.

Lead client-facing initiatives that support Adobe Marketing Cloud solution implementation and delivery. Collaborate at all levels within Adobe Global Services and Field Sales teams as well as with key customers and Partners to define project scope/definition, plan ahead, measure timeline progress and allocate resources accordingly.

Product Management

Product management can be both rewarding and challenging. It requires an in-depth knowledge of technology as well as the capacity to design, implement, and measure success for a product roadmap. As many companies offer positions in this field, research the various job openings carefully to learn about responsibilities, growth potentials, and salary before applying.

Adobe, a California-based technology firm, offers numerous product management positions. You can expect to earn a generous salary as a product manager at this company.

Senior Product Managers at Adobe typically earn $165,000 annually, which is 40% above the national median salary. This includes a base salary of $143,000 plus bonuses that could total up to $39,367.

Working as a product manager at Adobe offers numerous benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. Plus, the company is renowned for its excellent employee benefits and welcoming workplace culture.

Amazon, another tech giant, pays its product managers a high salary and offers an array of perks and incentives. These include healthcare coverage, retirement plans, free vacations, product & service discounts, as well as educational resources.

If you want to become a product manager, consider earning your degree or completing an accredited certification program to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers. After that, focus on creating an impressive resume and working with an experienced recruiter in order to land the job of your dreams.

Microsoft, a software giant that specializes in computers and consumer devices, offers product management jobs to its employees. Microsoft pays its product managers higher salaries than competitors do while also providing an extensive compensation package that includes healthcare coverage, savings & investment plans, paid family leave, donation programs, employee assistance programs, as well as product discounts.

Meta, a Silicon Valley-based company, is an innovator in social media and mobile applications. Its software helps people connect with friends, form communities and start businesses. Meta offers various job opportunities like product manager or software engineer. On Comparably it has earned an overall rating of 3.8 out of five stars - meaning 79 percent of its employees are satisfied with their employment experience.


The Senior Project Manager is accountable for leading client-facing initiatives that enable Adobe Marketing Cloud solution implementation. Collaborating across levels with Adobe Global Services and Field Sales teams as well as key customers and Partners, this strategic role oversees all aspects of project planning, scope/definition, timeline measurement and resource allocation.

The ideal candidate is an experienced enablement manager with the capacity to quickly onboard and define design/implement sales enablement requirements. They possess the necessary ability to create schedules, timelines and milestones that structure a project while assigning accountability.

They possess the expertise to collect and prioritize project outcomes for a superior customer experience. They utilize tools such as Tableau or Anaplan to visualize data and track progress efficiently.

Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about the newest technologies and best practices in the Digital Marketing Cloud space such as Web Content Management, Rich Internet applications, Web & Social Analytics, online Ad Targeting and content Personalization solutions. Furthermore, they possess expertise managing projects with various budgets and timelines.

Ideal candidates possess 5 to 8 years of successful experience as a software-based PM. They possess strong problem-solving abilities, the capacity to identify issues quickly, resolve them efficiently and know when to enlist external resources for support.

They possess a professional demeanor and the capacity to interact with and lead diverse teams within Adobe, as well as communicate with client managers, directors and VPs including CMOs and CXOs. Furthermore, they possess excellent organizational abilities as well as strong presentation and reporting abilities.

Finally, they possess the expertise to effectively record and communicate experiences in formal postmortem - providing best practices, customer experience feedback and resource feedback back to Adobe Consulting Practice. Furthermore, they possess the capacity to accurately forecast revenue, profitability, margins, bill rates and utilization across projects.

Adobe Senior Project Manager salaries average $150,000 annually in the United States, which is $44,688 more than the national median salary for this role. These figures come from 13 data points collected directly from employees, users and past job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Business Development

Adobe is a high-tech company renowned for its digital media, advertising and creative tools. With an expansive product portfolio, they're looking for people to help shape the next generation of Adobe products as well as open up new career opportunities across the organization.

The senior project manager is accountable for creating and executing complex business initiatives within an organization. This position necessitates meticulous attention to detail as well as excellent people skills. Furthermore, this job offers a competitive salary package along with medical/dental insurance, 401(k) savings plan, paid time off, and flexible work hours.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this role is its client-facing nature, where you have a pivotal role in customer success. This includes delineating and documenting solution scope, working closely with customers and Adobe Global Services/Field Sales teams to prepare change requests, as well as overseeing project delivery from beginning to end.

This role offers you a rewarding and challenging challenge; the chance to shape the direction of Adobe products and services. You will be responsible for designing and executing complex business-oriented projects with direct impact on revenue.

Project management duties of this role require creating the most logical and efficient process to deliver optimal results for clients, which includes planning, budgeting, resource allocation and measuring performance against a clearly defined plan. Your most essential responsibility as a Project Manager lies in being the link between clients' ideas and Adobe resources that can make them come alive.


Adobe is seeking a senior project manager with experience leading the development of enterprise-scale integration programs for newly acquired companies that utilize the Adobe Business Platform. This position will manage an experienced team of Technical Program Managers and oversee an array of initiatives that ensure successful adoption of emerging technologies and solutions.

This role necessitates strong program management and organizational abilities, as well as the capacity to work independently and lead cross-functional teams. Furthermore, you must be able to communicate complex technical solutions clearly to various stakeholders including Executive Management.

As the Senior Program Manager (TPgM), you will be accountable for leading a large global team across various project types and scopes. Furthermore, you must manage the end-to-end planning, execution and delivery of these programs - this includes creating project requirements/schedules; resource planning/management; execution tracking; risk/issue remediation; reporting; as well as escalation when needed.

Managing these projects can be a challenge due to their many interdependencies and competing priorities. You must ensure your teams achieve all project objectives while making sure your clients are contented with the outcome.

Your compensation package should include a base salary, stock refreshers and bonus. It's also wise to negotiate for a signing bonus if applicable; this can be an effective way of incentivizing the company into offering more money than anticipated.

Adobe senior project managers typically earn an average salary of $149,808. This is 38% above the national median for this job.

You should request a sign-on bonus that is equal to or higher than your annual salary, though this is not common. Furthermore, request that some portion of this bonus be put towards stock refreshers each year.

It is essential for you to continue growing within the company and demonstrating its value to them.

Adobe offers an attractive signing bonus, with the potential to reach at least $25k in value. Ideally, you should be able to secure a 30k bonus as well.

senior project manager aecom salary

AECOM Senior Project Manager Salary

Senior Project Manager salary is an important factor when selecting a workplace. AECOM pays its employees generously and is dedicated to creating an exceptional working environment.

AECOM offers various perks and benefits depending on your employment status, such as Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Disability Insurance, Dental Benefits, Vision Benefits, Health Insurance Benefits and Life Insurance.

What is the average salary for a Senior Project Manager at AECOM?

Senior Project Managers at AECOM typically earn an annual salary of $91,798. This salary is competitive with other similar positions within the field and offers great value to employees.

The highest paid AECOM Senior Project Manager in Los Angeles, CA earns an impressive $119,188 annually - equivalent to the salary of an IT Support Engineer within the same industry.

At AECOM, a Senior Project Manager is accountable for managing large-scale projects. Often, they oversee an enormous budget and coordinate multiple teams to guarantee that the job is finished on schedule and within budget.

They typically possess at least 10 years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, they may hold a degree or certificate related to their role which can aid them greatly.

Furthermore, they should possess effective communication and time management skills. This can be especially crucial when working with clients who often have high expectations.

AECOM offers competitive salaries as well as a range of other benefits like health insurance, 401k plans and paid time off. They also promote an encouraging work-life balance which makes AECOM an appealing employer for those aspiring to progress in their careers.

Senior Project Managers at AECOM have many ways to increase their salary. One option is moving into a higher paying management role or choosing another career path that offers more compensation. Another possibility is finding another company willing to pay more for your skillset. Finally, improving education or gaining more experience are other methods available for increasing salary as a Senior Project manager.

What is the highest paying company for a Senior Project Manager at AECOM?

Senior Project Managers at AECOM are accountable for managing complex, multi-project initiatives. They collaborate closely with the project team to guarantee successful completion of all tasks and deadlines while providing strategic direction and oversight on all aspects of the endeavor.

This career offers a challenging yet rewarding journey. It requires extensive expertise in all phases of project planning and execution, as well as working closely with clients and their organizations to find solutions that address their particular problems.

At AECOM, we are creating better outcomes that promote economic growth, protect natural systems, conserve natural resources, make societies more equitable and connect people through sustainable design solutions. Our global practice offers architecture, interiors, engineering services, environmental management systems and workplace strategy consulting to a range of industries.

We are seeking a Senior Project Manager with experience in the Energy practice to manage projects that support DOE's portfolio of current and developing initiatives. The position will be based in one of our offices, but may occasionally travel to job sites for extended periods.

AECOM provides exceptional benefits, such as health and dental insurance, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and life insurance. Furthermore, the company boasts an outstanding culture with employees enjoying a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

AECOM is a top employer for women and minorities, boasting employees who are highly satisfied with their experience. They enjoy the work-life balance, while their salaries are competitive with other companies in their field.

Senior Project Managers at AECOM earn an average yearly salary of $91,798. This is 5% lower than the national median for Senior Project Managers at $101,000 and 37% higher than all working Americans' median pay.

Senior Project Managers at AECOM typically earn an hourly rate of $46. The highest-paid Senior Project Managers make an annual salary of $196,000 at AECOM.

Are you seeking a challenging and rewarding career? A Senior Project Manager role at AECOM could be just the ticket. Your responsibilities would include overseeing all aspects of a project from start to finish, making sure your team adheres to objectives and goals, providing leadership/guidance to them, identifying risks, developing mitigation strategies and ensuring all projects run on schedule and within budget.

AECOM currently has several open positions in this position. The company has an excellent reputation for hiring quality employees and promoting from within, with offices located in Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and New York, New York.

What is the lowest paying company for a Senior Project Manager at AECOM?

Senior Project Manager salaries at AECOM differ based on the type of work performed. For instance, a Senior Project Manager who works on infrastructure projects may earn more than another working in an office environment.

At AECOM, the average Senior Project Manager salary is $91,798 - which is $13,514 less than the US median of $105,996.

At AECOM, you'll join an expansive global team dedicated to creating better worlds. Through our expertise and range of services, we promote economic growth, protect natural systems, conserve resources, create more equitable societies and connect people through creative design solutions.

At AECOM, you will be responsible for managing and overseeing projects to meet client demands. Your role also involves creating budgets, bids, contracts, funding requests and communications strategies in collaboration with a team of professionals. Furthermore, you must identify all project risks and devise mitigation strategies together.

At AECOM, you have the unique opportunity to develop and hone your skillset and expertise. You can do this by earning an advanced degree or managing more junior Senior Project Managers.

You can increase your salary by changing employers or gaining more senior-level experience. For instance, if you are currently employed as a Senior Project Manager at AECOM and seeking a new challenge, consider seeking employment with another company which will pay more for your skillset.

Senior Project Managers at AECOM can earn the highest annual salary of $142,000 as Director of Business Development. Based in Denver, CO, this position requires extensive travel throughout the United States.

At AECOM, your salary is determined by experience and skill set. For instance, the lowest paid Senior Project Manager in Washington, DC earns an average annual salary of $82,524. This job mainly requires managerial abilities as well as excellent communication and organization abilities.

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