scout future star fifa OR

scout future star fifa OR

scout future star fifa

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Hello i got a problem: im using newest version of your cheat table and i wanted to change the age of some players. So far so good i changed birth year of 1 player and made like an "X" on cheat engine so they get automaticlly that birth year when i edit any player. The problem is that it crashes directly after i want to check if the birth year changed when i go to edit player. Any solution?

6 months: £122,000 9 months: £184,000 So there is a bit of a difference. However, I would definitely advise you to get the best scout you can afford to. The higher the scout rating, the more players he will bring back for you and therefore the better your chances of finding a great player. 1*/1* scouts are not exactly great – that’s not to say that it’s impossible to get good players with them, but you could be waiting a very long time, seeing as they find fewer players (two or three new players per month as opposed to four, five or six for a 5*/5* scout) and those that they do find are, on average, of an inferior quality. It also takes a lot longer for lower-rated scouts to pin down a player’s type and position. (Source: pdfcoffee.com)


didn’t see here is that when you use a Scout Future Star catalogue item, you will absolutely have to wait until 1 May of that season. The first one I used, I got a German ST, 55-59 OVR, 89-94 POT, who “wanted out” almost immediately. I signed him to the first team, and of course he was pretty bad, 58 OVR and extremely slow. Several seasons of loans later, and he’s still only a 68. My second Scout Future Star, however, I got a German RB, 42-44 OVR, 89-94 POT, who I kept in the youth squad all year. Come 1 May, he leapt up to 69-73 OVR. When signed to the first team, he was 72 OVR with 95+ sprint speed, accel, agility, and crossing. Three seasons later, he’s an 82 OVR complete forward who would be rated much higher if his position weren’t listed incorrectly (his low defending stats and high attacking stats suggest he definitely should be a RW or RM). So while it’s important for most youth players to keep them in the youth squad for as long as possible, it’s absolutely VITAL if you use Scout Future Star. Reply ↓

Unfortunately EA seem to have worded it really badly. There are (I think) four different ‘scout a future star’ options that you can purchase from the EASFC catalogue, all at different levels, and all say they can be purchased ‘once per season’. But what this actually means is that you can only purchase each one once, and that’s it. It’s not once per season, but once total, so you only get four chances at it throughout the entire time you have FIFA 14. So you won’t be able to purchase that scout a future star option again, but if you level up you should eventually unlock another one. Like I said, it’s really badly worded – it shouldn’t say ‘once per season’ because it’s not correct! Hope that makes it a bit clearer Reply ↓ (Source: pdfcoffee.com)


The impact of all this may not be massive – players can exceed their potential, after all, so he could reach amazing heights regardless of what his status is – but still, it’s something I’ve never seen before and is a fascinating thing to see. Youth player values have also changed and there is potential for confusion. They are, generally, much lower than on FIFA 13. So if you go to promote a player and his value is only £50,000, for example, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean he’ll turn out to be useless, EA just seem to have toned it down a little this year. Here’s a good example. In my test career I found a GK who came out of the academy rated 62 at age 16. Whilst in the academy he had a very promising potential range, yet when I went to offer him a contract he was only worth £110,000. However, I then went to the squad report page and, lo and behold, he had the ‘Has potential to be special’ status, meaning he could reach OVR 91+. On FIFA 13 players with that kind of potential would be valued at several million pounds when promoted, so EA have clearly reined that in a bit. So as I said, if you played FIFA 13 last year, forget everything about youth player valuations. This year it’s clearly different, so don’t release a load of youth products if their

The EASFC was initially created for FIFA 13 to reward people who put time into the game. At one point EA put FUT Coin reward boosts in the rewards, but the developer disabled that back in February 2014 because players exploited a glitch that let them earn more coins than they were supposed to. EA eventually pulled Ultimate Team items from the catalogue entirely for FIFA 20. I've been playing FIFA for years (your progress carries over from game to game), and I have amassed millions of these credits, all gathering dust there at the top of my screen. (Source: www.eurogamer.net)



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