scout future star fifa 20 not working OR

scout future star fifa 20 not working OR

scout future star fifa 20 not working

It’s the day of the biggest football match of the year, so of course millions of licensed players are logging in. While some players dig into the huge game with their friends, others are opting for an entirely different experience to test their skills and get a leg up on the competition. This is where the interesting stuff happens. This is where the big stars are about to be born.


v20.1.0.1: - Added "Side Changer" script. (CPU vs CPU) - Added scripts to "Non-CM Related": - Dont Pause Game on AltTab - Added scripts to "Editing Player": - Unlock "Edit Player" in career menu - Added scripts to "Editing Player": - Unlimited Training Sessions - More efficient training - Training Everyday - Training sim - A - Added scripts to "Global Transfer Network": - Reveal player data (scouting players not needed) - Added scripts to "Youth Academy": - Send scout to any country - Set up multiple scouting networks in the same country - Reveal ovr and pot

rotate every week; now you have to buy a scout to make this happen. Furthermore, the process can get reset when you get to a Sunday. If you start with Southern Europe and want to get a scout from North America, you’ll have to have start on Monday and have two scout vacancies to hire and fire scouts. Hire two scouts, then fire them as soon as they arrive and hire the two new scouts who replaced them (they will be from the next two regions in the list). You need to start early in the week because when you get to Sunday the process resets – if you hire a South American scout on Friday, by the time he’s arrived and ready to be fired on the Sunday the order will have been reset, so his replacement will be from Southern Europe (if that’s your home region). Annoying, but something to bear in mind. Yet unlike the previous two years, sending a scout to his own country doesn’t seem to give you any tangible bonus (or if it does, it’s so minor as to make no real difference). So if you want to find the next Brazilian superstar, you shouldn’t need to worry about rotating the scouts to get a Brazilian one; a high-rated one from any nation should still be excellent and you’ll save money on hiring scouts. And although you can’t send two scouts to the same country at the same time, because there is no ‘home nation bonus’ you won’t lose out if all your scouts are from the same place. What does matter, however, is the scout’s rating in both experience and judgement. But what do each of these mean? Last year user Lelouch pointed out that a scout’s judgement rating affects his chances of finding the best players in the following way: (Source: pdfcoffee.com)


5. Other tips and info Scout a Future Star: user Patrick W pointed out that I had forgotten to mention the Scout a Future Star feature which you can buy from the EASFC catalogue. This basically sends out a scout to automatically bring back a player with extremely high potential, the type of player you only occasionally find in scouting trips. Patrick gave some great information so I’ll post what he said below: When you use a Scout Future Star catalogue item, you will absolutely have to wait until 1 May of that season. The first one I used, I got a German ST, 55-59 OVR, 89-94 POT, who “wanted out” almost immediately. I signed him to the first team, and of course he was pretty bad, 58 OVR and extremely slow. Several seasons of loans later, and he’s still only a 68. My second Scout Future Star, however, I got a German RB, 42-44 OVR, 89-94 POT, who I kept in the youth squad all year. Come 1 May, he leapt up to 69-73 OVR. When signed to the first team, he was 72 OVR with 95+ sprint speed, accel, agility, and crossing. Three seasons later, he’s an 82 OVR complete forward who would be rated much higher if his position weren’t listed incorrectly (his low defending stats and high attacking stats suggest he definitely should be a RW or RM). So while it’s important for most youth players to keep them in the youth squad for as long as possible, it’s absolutely VITAL if you use Scout Future Star. So it seems like a good idea to purchase the Scout a Future Star option sometime after January so that there’s not much time between the scout finding the player and 1st May. This means there’s less time for your future star to demand to be promoted early and therefore miss the May update! Now here’s a roundup of some other useful information and ideas when scouting in FIFA 14: Regens do still exist, but of course you can’t see their OVR until you’ve sent a Global Transfer Network scout to go and have a look at them. This means it’s much harder to decide whether or not to sign a player; you can’t instantly see their OVR and know that they are worth signing. What I’d recommend is that you sort the free agents by position, then get your scouts to look at any positions that you feel you need strengthening

Nope, February won't be the month of Winter Refresh as we presumed. EA Sports put some breaks on our prediction by announcing that the next FUT event in FIFA 21 is the Future Stars. Just like we did for Winter Refresh, we will once again tell you all about the Future Stars and the content likely to follow in the next couple of weeks. (Source: www.earlygame.com)


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