scout future star fifa 18 not working OR

scout future star fifa 18 not working OR

scout future star fifa 18 not working

A number of problems with fifa 18 have been common in reviews from players, including missing player items, faulty move mechanics, and poor game modes. When players can only rate the game from a fixed perspective, as to whether it's perfect or not, positive reviews will surely outweigh the negative ones. This is why it is wise for the players to be very selective about the games they purchase.


finding good players in any given region). The first number represents the number of stars the scout has for his judgement rating. The next four numbers show the percentage of player qualities each scout will find (bronze being the worst players, platinum being the best). So a scout with 1 star for judgement will have a 75% chance of finding bronze players, a 17% chance of finding silver players, a 5% chance of finding gold players and a 3% chance of finding platinum players. I don’t know exactly how good a bronze player is compared to a platinum player (i.e. where the boundaries are set), but platinum players will certainly be much, much better. Experience, on the other hand, refers to how likely the scout is to find the type of player you’re looking for. So if you just specify “Any” as the player type then the scout’s experience rating doesn’t even matter! Another thing to bear in mind is that sending better scouts on trips will now cost you more money than sending lower rated ones out. Here are some example figures for scouts of varying abilities: 5*/5* scout 3 months: £102,000 6 months: £204,000 9 months: £306,000 3*/3* scout 3 months: £82,000 6 months: £163,000 9 months: £245,000 1*/1* scout 3 months: £61,000

6 months: £122,000 9 months: £184,000 So there is a bit of a difference. However, I would definitely advise you to get the best scout you can afford to. The higher the scout rating, the more players he will bring back for you and therefore the better your chances of finding a great player. 1*/1* scouts are not exactly great – that’s not to say that it’s impossible to get good players with them, but you could be waiting a very long time, seeing as they find fewer players (two or three new players per month as opposed to four, five or six for a 5*/5* scout) and those that they do find are, on average, of an inferior quality. It also takes a lot longer for lower-rated scouts to pin down a player’s type and position. (Source: pdfcoffee.com)



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