scout future star fifa 17 potential OR

scout future star fifa 17 potential OR

scout future star fifa 17 potential

What defines the best player in the world"?


So they've added youth scouting for Japan (good thing) but not added other nations. As I'm only interested in managing the Welsh team this has saved me from buying again. It's impossible to develop a national side if you can't youth scout. I was hoping with my nation having been in the top 10 of the FIFA world rankings for the past couple of years, we would've been acknowledged. Some other emerging nations too. I guess there aren't enough customers in Wales for EA to bother.

The quality distributions for YA players is still OP in FIFA 17. The scouts generate way too many 90+ potential players. If I have three 5*/5* scouts I can easily have a stable full of them within a year. And at a club with moderate amounts of money, getting 4*-5* scouts isn't hard at all which makes this a problem. IRL there should only be a handful of those players each year in the entire game, not within one team. Also, you get WAY too many 90+ GKs through the YA. I can have 5-10 of them in a year which is just stupid. (Source: fifaforums.easports.com)


The first defender on this list recently secured a loan move to PSG after impressing in Portugal. This loan does mean that the Portuguese is unavailable for transfer in season one, but he is a must-buy in season two. Nuno Mendes boasts a 78 rating with 88 potential and can play anywhere on the left side. He starts out with superb pace attributes and high defending for a wingback. 4 star weak foot means he could also play on the right side with no issue. After a few seasons, Mendes will be sprinting up and down the wings and putting in pinpoint crosses

Recently a league champion, Goncalo Inacio played a part in Sporting CP only conceding 20 goals and keeping 20 clean sheets last season. The Portuguese centre back is highly regarded by EA as a future star, being given a 76 overall with a potential of 86. He’s a quick defender with 79 pace which will only improve to eventually make him one of the fastest in a career mode. High long and short passing ratings means that he can be utilised as a ball playing defender, but he will still be a rock with 80 stand tackling and beyond. (Source: www.keengamer.com)


Being a career mode manager in FIFA comes with many challenges. Building a long-term future with a club is one of the most important. As players hit 30 years old and start decreasing in stats, they need to be replaced by younger talent who have the potential to be even better than their predecessors. Sometimes, though, these future stars can go under the radar until they’re worth £100m and near their maximum overall. Signing them while they’re still young and cheap can save you a lot of money. You can also provide your club with a secure future. To save you the trouble of endlessly scouting random players, check out this list showcasing 11 of the best wonderkids in FIFA 22 career mode.


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