scout future star fifa 15 not working OR

scout future star fifa 15 not working OR

scout future star fifa 15 not working

Not working? Follow these friends to find fifa 15". "So my fifa 15 is not working. I’ve been trying to play the game for the past few weeks and it's just not happening. I’ve downloaded the game and everything and I still can’t play it". "Boy, I know what the problem is". "Oh really"? "Yeah, because you still use the old game. You need to download the new game"!


finding good players in any given region). The first number represents the number of stars the scout has for his judgement rating. The next four numbers show the percentage of player qualities each scout will find (bronze being the worst players, platinum being the best). So a scout with 1 star for judgement will have a 75% chance of finding bronze players, a 17% chance of finding silver players, a 5% chance of finding gold players and a 3% chance of finding platinum players. I don’t know exactly how good a bronze player is compared to a platinum player (i.e. where the boundaries are set), but platinum players will certainly be much, much better. Experience, on the other hand, refers to how likely the scout is to find the type of player you’re looking for. So if you just specify “Any” as the player type then the scout’s experience rating doesn’t even matter! Another thing to bear in mind is that sending better scouts on trips will now cost you more money than sending lower rated ones out. Here are some example figures for scouts of varying abilities: 5*/5* scout 3 months: £102,000 6 months: £204,000 9 months: £306,000 3*/3* scout 3 months: £82,000 6 months: £163,000 9 months: £245,000 1*/1* scout 3 months: £61,000

pdfcoffee.com)didn’t see here is that when you use a Scout Future Star catalogue item, you will absolutely have to wait until 1 May of that season. The first one I used, I got a German ST, 55-59 OVR, 89-94 POT, who “wanted out” almost immediately. I signed him to the first team, and of course he was pretty bad, 58 OVR and extremely slow. Several seasons of loans later, and he’s still only a 68. My second Scout Future Star, however, I got a German RB, 42-44 OVR, 89-94 POT, who I kept in the youth squad all year. Come 1 May, he leapt up to 69-73 OVR. When signed to the first team, he was 72 OVR with 95+ sprint speed, accel, agility, and crossing. Three seasons later, he’s an 82 OVR complete forward who would be rated much higher if his position weren’t listed incorrectly (his low defending stats and high attacking stats suggest he definitely should be a RW or RM). So while it’s important for most youth players to keep them in the youth squad for as long as possible, it’s absolutely VITAL if you use Scout Future Star. Reply ↓ (Source:




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