scout future star fifa 15 catalogue OR

scout future star fifa 15 catalogue OR

scout future star fifa 15 catalogue

In long-term developments, the leading soccer club Barcelona has been appointed as an advisor for the development of FIFA 16, a new installment in the FIFA series.


The impact of all this may not be massive – players can exceed their potential, after all, so he could reach amazing heights regardless of what his status is – but still, it’s something I’ve never seen before and is a fascinating thing to see. Youth player values have also changed and there is potential for confusion. They are, generally, much lower than on FIFA 13. So if you go to promote a player and his value is only £50,000, for example, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean he’ll turn out to be useless, EA just seem to have toned it down a little this year. Here’s a good example. In my test career I found a GK who came out of the academy rated 62 at age 16. Whilst in the academy he had a very promising potential range, yet when I went to offer him a contract he was only worth £110,000. However, I then went to the squad report page and, lo and behold, he had the ‘Has potential to be special’ status, meaning he could reach OVR 91+. On FIFA 13 players with that kind of potential would be valued at several million pounds when promoted, so EA have clearly reined that in a bit. So as I said, if you played FIFA 13 last year, forget everything about youth player valuations. This year it’s clearly different, so don’t release a load of youth products if their

A At the moment the PS4 is in front on pre orders across Europe and especially in the UK where Sony have asked major stores to notify customers the initial stock is sold out. However BREAKING NEWS from Gamescom 20th Aug – a copy of FIFA14 will be free with XboxOne. So the price of both with FIFA14 is rougly the same now. Also reports that Microsoft stock is larger for pre orders. Both seem set to sell in record numbers so difficult to know how many of those people are FIFA players. The community is currently bigger on Xbox but we believe it will become more 50-50 on FIFA14 nextgen between the consoles. HOWEVER also BREAKING news from Gamescom today – XboxOne Ultimate team legends exclusive to the console. See video below players like Gullit, Bergkamp and amazing players from the past will be in packs. Not available on PS4. (Source: fifaaddiction.com)




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